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Tips on How to Read in the Bath

Tips on How to Read in the Bath

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We all love to read in the bath; it's the perfect way to relax...assuming you don't drop the book! So, here are some tips on how to enjoy a book in the bath!


1) Make sure it's not your favourite book ever written

You might be tempted to choose your favourite book to relax in the bath with. But this is not a good idea! If, for whatever reason, you accidently drop said book, you'll be kicking yourself forever more and probably crying tears of rage over that lost gem.


2) Try building yourself a contraption

Don't ask us exactly how to do this, but why not try building some sort of safety contraption to ensure that book stays dry? There's plenty of pictures and hacks online on how to do this! You could put a plank of wood across the bath to lay the book on. Or you could attach bungee cords to the book to stop it from hitting the water if your hands slip.


3) Do NOT read an e-book

Yes, it might seem obvious, but most of us have Kindles these days. And, even if you don't, then you might have e-books on your phone or laptop. Whatever you do, make sure that you don't use said electronic device in the bath. Electronic devices plus water equals accident waiting to happen! And it'll cost a lot more trying to replace than one water-logged paperback.


4) Decide your book before you get in the bath

The last thing you need is to want to choose your book once you're already sinking into the suds; your hands will be wet, you could damage your book and you might have to leave that warm water to find the book. Don't do this. Make sure your book of choice is within reaching distance as you're getting in, and try not to get your hands wet in the process. That way, you avoid getting the book wet and you can relax.


5) Try an audio book

We understand that audio books aren't for everyone, but this might be the perfect opportunity. Assuming that you have a phone or device that can play on loud-speaker (again, see point three about electronics and water), then why not leave the player in a safe location (away from the water), hit play and settle back to enjoy!


6) BONUS TIP: Set a timer

You might want to think about setting a timer. We tend to get engrossed when reading and, before you know it, three hours have passed, your legs have turned to jelly and the water's gone cold! Have an alarm ready to let you know when reading time is up and you need to consider getting out.



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