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I am delighted with the book

It's now a couple of weeks since my first book, published by Vanguard Press, has been shipped by Amazon or sold through Waterstones. I am delighted with the book - from the composite artwork/photography on the cover to the feel of the book itself and the crisp print. As a first time author, it is still surreal to see my name on my book on the shelves in Waterstones or on Amazon. All I can say is "thank you so much" to all at Pegasus; from the editorial team who chose to select my work to the designer of the cover and the printing team. My wife didn't tell me that the promotional copies had arrived so, when I arrived home from work, I excitedly followed a trail of the bookmarks (an excellent idea, by the way!) along the corridor and into our dining room where there was a veritable pyramid of books - MY book! To paraphrase an old joke, you've made a middle-aged man very happy!

Many Thanks
Gary Maile

Thank you.

Many thanks to my publisher, Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie. For all their professional work and guidance, from editorial, production, publication and marketing. The book could not have been in better hands. I have just received my box full of complimentary copies of my book and marketing items.  This being my first published book, the professional help and expertise given by Pegasus throughout the whole process has been invaluable and second to none.  Many Thanks.

Many Thanks
C. J. Burton

Pegasus have treated me so well and professionally

If Pegasus would be happy to go with me again, I would be over the moon. I would really love to be an author full time. But as somebody said to me, It’s not a get rich quick scheme! But the enjoyment of forming a story and naming and shaping the characters gives me shivers down my spine. I currently have 7 outstanding novels and am just waiting for that call to say send us something else in!! Considering that I am an unknown author (so far), Pegasus have treated me so well and professionally, I don’t think that I would look elsewhere.

Many Thanks
N.P. Lumsdale

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