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Food, Culture, Latin America
Matt Simkin

Successfully publishing books for over 20 years.

Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers is an independent publishing house based in the UK with talented authors from around the world.

Having published books from numerous genres and with award-winning titles, Pegasus has established itself as one of the leading publishers for both new and previously published authors.


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Editor's Choice

  • AN & i


    AN&i tells the true story of Ali North, a young girl from a troubled background in Northern Ireland who develops anorexia nervosa to cope with life.

  • The Reversal


    A broken girl struggling to right the wrongs of her father. An angry son fading beneath the glory of the sister he yearns to save. A greedy tyrant looking to spill blood upon his canvas.


"Pegasus is synonymous with quality."

Veronica Ruff


  • Basil and Prune the Pug | Pegasus Publishers

     |  Features

    It’s no secret that we love animals here at Pegasus. We publish lots of books about our furry, feathered and scaled friends, have our very own section on our website for animal related books and very recently we produced a book dedicated to the art (Yes you heard us right, it’s art) of P...

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  • Happy Pancake Day!

     |  Author Life

    Happy Shrove Tuesday. The meaning for 'Shrove' is forgiven for wrong doings. It falls on a different date each year depending on when Easter is. This year Shrove Tuesday is today 5th March, 2019.

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Accepting Submissions

We welcome submissions from both new and previously published authors. If you are ready to publish, please read our submission guidelines.