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Seth Kolach

Successfully publishing books for over 20 years.

Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers is an independent publishing house based in the UK with talented authors from around the world.

Having published books from numerous genres and with award-winning titles, Pegasus has established itself as one of the leading publishers for both new and previously published authors.


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Editor's Choice

  • The Cloud Lasso


    A heart-warming story about letting go of sadness, and seeing the wonderful things that can happen once you do.

  • No Trails to Mawson


    When their yacht hits an iceberg, four friends suddenly find themselves fighting for survival. Having already detoured south to collect scientific samples, they then have to try and sail north to safety.


"Pegasus is synonymous with quality."


  • Robert T. Armstrong - Author Life

     |  Author Life

    Robert T. Armstrong, the author of Full Circle: From Africa and Back Again, shares some details about his life after becoming a new author!

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  • Bookshops 101

     |  Book Nook

    Bookshops all work in the same way. They will only stock the books that are in demand. They do this because they only have a hundred/few hundred spaces to give to newer books; stocking a book they cannot see any reception or demand for, is a risky business move.

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Accepting Submissions

We welcome submissions from both new and previously published authors. If you are ready to publish, please read our submission guidelines.