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  • The Divine Destiny

    Danny Curtis

    A young Templar knight discovers that he is the last of his order. He has been tasked by his dying commander and mentor to deliver three letters to powerful allies in the east. These letters, unbeknown to him, carry the message that he will play a crucial role in saving the world from the evil intentions of Ignus Mare, a brutal and tyrannical organisation. They also tell of an evil that is brewing inside the young


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  • THE WAYFARER'S GIFT - The Chronicles of Wrothlore

    Barbara Longley

    Can Everleigh unlock the fae relic's secrets in time, or will the kingdom of Wrothlore fall into darkness? An ancient fae relic is the only clue Everleigh Westin has to her family's disappearance and the strange happenings in the Kingdom of Wrothlore. If she is to rescue her family and protect the realm from the clutches of a dark wizard, she must learn to harness the relic's magic. When


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  • Ardor

    Mike Oppenheim

    Ardor Agopian is twenty-one years old, working a dead-end job at the mall, and grappling with the fallout of a bad decision. When he stumbles upon an ancient prophecy hidden in a long-forgotten book, he realizes he must master his long-dormant psychic abilities or watch idly as humanity is destroyed by an unimaginably powerful force. To save his fellow humans, Ardor must travel the globe and contend with mysteriou


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  • No Job Too Small

    Geoff Denman

    A work of fantasy strongly rooted in British folklore, this book will draw you into the world of the little folk and their hidden lives, just beyond the veil of the everyday. A discarded dolls house triggers an astonishing adventure for Geoff, as he encounters despots and traitors, mercenaries and turf wars, all at the bottom of the garden! Join Geoff as he passes through the little green door and into the world b


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  • Guardians of the Light: Rebirth

    Amanda Penney

    Ronin, Lillian, Sara and James have to work very hard to fight off the forces of The Darkness. They are considered the Children of The Light and they have very special abilities that help them in the war between Light and Dark. What will happen on their Journey? What missions do they have to complete? Will Darkness reign or will Light reign? Sara and Lillian do not yet know of their capabilities and special gifts.


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  • Fergal's Witch


    For centuries, a powerful curse has lain dormant; suppressed by the royal bloodline. But the king is dying and, so too, is the magical protection running through his veins. Now Luca, a lowly and bitter wood-cutter, begins a race against time to discover the truth behind the dark forces clouding the realm - as well as the unanswered question of his own mysterious origins.


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  • One Year

    Greta Skarbaliūtė

    Ever since she was a little girl, happy in her rural homestead, Karina has known of her destiny to become a writer. It is a compulsion within her, but she waits and waits for a story to evolve. She studies Literature and excels, but still no story presents itself. Each night, she dreams of a girl who is uncannily similar to her and finds a connection that deepens her interest in the soul and the supernatural. Her


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  • Flame Bound Trilogy: The Return of The Phoenix

    Nadyne Lozowski

    The phoenix is a mythical creature, as are werewolves, vampires and witches. Or are they real? It's not difficult to imagine these are real creatures, living amongst us on Earth. What happens when a phoenix, believed to be the only one in existence, has to return to Earth to carry out an ancient promise for a witch? Can she get close to and work for an extremely powerful werewolf, a lycanthrope?


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  • Hollowmoon: The Magic Casket

    J M Drummond

    Young Peter flees from his father's aggressive behaviour one summer when he decides to spend the school holidays with a family friend at Hollowmoon Grange. Yet before he even arrives, Peter encounters several mysterious happenings on his train journey there. These intensify further more when he reaches his final destination and discovers that a strange magic is afoot within the neighbouring Hollowmoon Forest.


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  • Companions Of A Queen


    Cahercasey, the kingdom of the South, is long forgotten. The darkness of the Necromancer and Belladonna rules over the kingdom and stretches towards the North, East and West. Yet, there is hope. If only the Queen of the South would create an army and seek to claim back her throne. In search of the hidden Queen, a companionship is formed by those who believe they can convince the Queen to take back the kingdom and


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  • Cocomolioco

    Jemma Hall

    This could have been a story about a woman blissfully and elegantly following her dream of opening a chocolate shop. It could have been a story about warm liquid chocolate swirling over cool marble surfaces in mesmerising figure eights at the expert flick of a palette knife. About the sprinkling and stirring of delightful additions to enhance the host mixture, the dipping and flipping of truffles, th


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  • The Secrets of Wilderfort Castle

    Jessica Jayne Webb

    Agatha Wilderfort has spent years trying to build a life in the city outside of the sleepy town where her aunt raised her, but is pulled back home when her aunt's sudden death leaves their family manor in Agatha's hands. She arrives to find the castle in grave need of repair and a local nobleman, Lord Caspian, sniffing around, clearly eager to get his hands on her inheritance. She hires several workmen and


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