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  • Phantom: Shadows of Mystics

    Yasaswi Sandunika

    When Kate Adler first encounters Skandar Campbell, she doesn't expect him to be killing a winged beast, much less introduce her to the dark side of Los Angeles, where everything that is meant to be fantasy comes to life. Unexpectedly, she becomes a part of this mystic world, where death is not the worst consequence; where every passing second is a deadly sacrifice... And she'll have to fi


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  • The Children Sang

    Craig G. Barnes

    The closest of friends, James and Sam are more like brothers, although the divisive society they live in doesn't make this easy for them. The bonds of friendship stay with them as they grow, but they come to understand that it is more than this; they are bound by powerful forces around and within them that will set them apart from humanity. There are other children like them across the globe;


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  • Half Light of the Magic Eye

    Jack Lahmodes

    Half Light of the Magic Eye revolves around the adventure of four friends, Rachael, Mike, Charlie and Tom, who while enjoying a nice picnic on a sunny afternoon are distracted by a shimmering bright light, which appears to be emanating towards a particular rock. Charlie, who is not afraid of exploring, decides to investigate, and disappears as soon as he touches the rock.


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  • Beige Angels

    Michael Bolger

    Ever wondered how angels are chosen? Ever wondered how they are trained and tested? Even more interesting - ever wondered what they do after they have been trained? Well, they don't sit on a cloud playing a harp! Their 'lives' are much more exciting. Beige Angels lifts the lid on the life of angels and lets you inside their fascinating world. Mo Mitchel


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  • The Chronicles of Sir Benedict: The Cult of Levi

    Kenton E. Biffert

    Sir Benedict is a modern-day knight in secret service to the Pope. His mission: to fight and eradicate evil in all its malicious forms. In this mission, Sir Benedict is sent to Thailand to infiltrate a rising cult. Despite many warnings, Sir Benedict walks confidently into the darkness. What awaits him pushes his faith to the limit and his body to the edge of death. Hanging by a thread, blood-soa


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  • The Wolves Among Dogs

    A.A. Earl

    In the ancient world of Terravale, kings and nations vie for power. This is an epic tale of conflict, devious plotting, and greed which takes us from the dark, cold land of Vladawhelm, to the warm and sunny Silver Isle, and the warrior women of Nachtholme. Kings and queens plot to secure their future dynasties through their sons and daughters, and a complex web of alliances and acts of treason is revealed as this


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  • Legions of Lilith: Ghosts of the Past

    Deanna R. Sweeney

    Legions of Lilith: Ghosts of the Past takes the reader on a centuries old battle between the forces of good and evil. Throughout her life, including her previous lives, Veronica has lived a lonely existence, being outcast from her community for the special gifts she possesses. After centuries of pain from watching the few people she loved being killed before her very eyes, Veronica is determined to e


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  • The Golden Walls of Heaven

    T.R. Weston

    Journey into the realms of fables told long ago...the worlds of angels and demons and even gods, that stretch out before us like an immense plateau.   Join Mane in his exploits on the Vigrid planie and entrance into Asgard. You will encounter dragons and demons alike in this tale of bygone glories and mythological lore.   Experience the plight of a world overrun wi


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  • Frankie Learns to Fly

    Johann Van der Walt

    Frankie is a worm who wants to explore the world above ground. The other worms tell him that the world is a dangerous place, full of animals and creatures who want to harm him.   But his mother tells Frankie that he can do anything if he wants it enough, and so he learns to climb the Big Tunnel which eventually takes him up to the sunshine and a whole new world. By making friends with some


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  • The Dancing Tree

    Michelle Wasserman

    Trevor is an African baobab tree who dreams of being able to dance. On full moon nights, while his family is sleeping, he watches the people in the valley below dance, twirl and clap around their campfire and he is filled with longing. But Trevor's roots anchor him so strongly into the soil that he doesn't think he would ever be able to free himself. Until, that is, he gets a strange


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  • Burning the Parchment

    Ruth Less

    When Fleur bumped into Mark Basterfield one fateful rainy evening, she would never have guessed how her life, and the lives of those who loved her, would be changed forever. John Basterfield always lived in the shadow of his elder brother, Mark, so when he found the parchment in their late Uncle Benjamin's house, he decided he would start a new game. Later, he wrote seven symbols he found in


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  • The Empty Sky

    K. B. Elijah

    Eight moments in time...eight people experiencing the best - and worst - moments of their lives.   Violence and bloodthirsty carnage is all he's ever known, although residing in hell has taught him not to expect too much. But there's something not right with the world in which he lives and even God himself is not as expected...   &


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