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  • The First Rays at Dawn

    Ellen Macias

    The tale of women resisting oppression is as ageless as they come, and heroines across time and space come to learn that their anger can be sharpened into a finely tuned weapon, and that when they rise up alongside one another, their force is unstoppable. Cala's journey begins when she is turned over to the authorities by her own father for the crime of learning to write as a woman. Havita's anger - just a


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  • Dragon Killers in Avalon

    Phil Harris

    Dragon Killers in Avalon is the eagerly-awaited sequel to Phil Harris's first book Trial by Dragon Fire. Following the fall of Desseley castle, which was destroyed by the giant dragon Blaze, Perkin Trueblood and Vivienne Lachapelle leave the Shire and set out to start a new life in Lake Land. However fate intervenes again, and instead they are forced to journey to the magical Isle o


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    Robert Paul Millon

    Aurumia is a fantasy adventure story about three travelers who discover a lost civilization in the Amazon. Will they make it out alive to tell about it? In the vein of Gulliver's Travels, Aurumia is also a social satire. It satirizes American capitalism, with its corporate greed, social and economic inequities, political corruption, and dysfunctional health care s


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  • Alice Drake and the Crystals of Eden

    Steve A. Day

    Alice Drake and her friends know they are different to the others living in Drake's Village, a tiny Adirondack paradise hidden away from the apocalyptic world surrounding them. The once proud United States of America is in tatters after the right-wing fascist government of the 2020s brought it to its knees some fifty years ago. Now survival is perilous in a country overrun by violent gangs. As the vi


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  • Boreal

    Ingela Karlsson

    Sira is a lonely child whose mother is increasingly distant, so she spends most of her time at her grandmother's house. One day, Sira is on her way to her grandmother's when she suddenly gets lost and finds herself in the magical land of Boreal. She is confused because she doesn't know where she is but it turns out that she is expected. The Queen of Boreal tells Sira that imagination is disappearing fr


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  • Flower Child

    Luke Marshal

    The ancient enemy awakens, and seeks to be free. A mage finds herself caught in the middle, but doesn't know why. The knight, sworn to protect her, hides from his feelings for his mentor. The teacher works from the shadows, to honor a promise from the One God. The Paramount who seeks redemption for a sacrifice most foul. One will save us, one will fall.


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  • The Road Thieves

    Harper A. Burge

    During the ongoing Sudanese-Akkadian war, two orphans discover they have magic in a nation where magic is illegal. Volya, a street urchin and thief, must rise to power to quench his thirst for revenge. Nassa, a reclusive orphan forced to serve her uncle, must deny her magic to preserve her life. When the two unexpectedly meet, they can no longer escape their pasts. They set off to discover their futures in a world


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  • SHADOWzzzzz

    Mo Tritton

    Shadow Charlie ignored the needs of his human and hung around with rogue shadows until he received a dire warning. FLR2 was a shadow that other shadows despised. He thought that humans should serve shadows and not the other way around. The S.A.S. (Shadow Authenticity Squad) sentenced FLR2 to shadow a still life object for not caring for his human. During this time FLR2 discovered he had powers such a


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  • Tales of Havengarde: Creatures in the Dark

    S. Owens

    The world of Havengarde is the lands of many dark and dangerous things, strange creatures, magic and adventure. A small community of Lycans teeter on the edge of survival in a land that is increasingly under threat from the Morlar, a blood sucking, evil creature that thrive in the shadows. When they are attacked by the Morlar, they are forced to flee for their lives, and led by the Lycan twins, William and Xander,


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  • Tales from Utherion: Heavens Stone

    Victoria Rabould

    When Rowan and Alder save a royal party from sure demise, they hardly know they are putting themselves on a path that will change their lives forever. Pulled into a quest that, if failed, will result in the destruction of their kingdom and the world, they set out to find the Stone of Heaven, a mythical stone that gives the user the power of creation. Enemies, spies, and dark magic are on all sides. Creatures that


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  • Lake Laps

    Staci Andrea

    2022 Literary Titan Silver Award Winner 2022 Killer Nashville Claymore Award Finalist- Best Suspense 2023 Hawthorne Prize Shortlist 2023 London’s Page Turner Awards- Longlist 2023 Literary Global Awards Finalist 2024 BookFest virtual writers and readers conference Thriller/Suspense - Third Place Sometimes you have to have the rug pulled ou


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  • BUMP

    Maurizio Biancardo

    A young southern Italian immigrant who moved to England for a better life found it hard to adapt to his new hometown. Tyrannised and bullied by his co-workers along with the tragic death of his father making his last promise to his father 'Proteggere sempre tua madre, translated to, 'Always protect your mother' almost unbearable to keep. Marco always wished to be able to speak English, yet he di


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