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  • Deadlier than a Pandemic

    Ahmed Omer

    Set in the future, Deadlier than a Pandemic traces the fortunes of Robert Freeman, an ordinary boy who, having witnessed the deaths of his parents and sister during World War 3, goes on to be captured and badly treated before escaping to Alaska. Follow his journey as he becomes a general of the Alaskan army and sets out to seek revenge on his captors.


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  • All That Remains

    Andrea Bertignono

    The story begins on a winter's day, when some criminals attack a group of caravans belonging to some of the most important noble houses of Faregil. These caravans were carrying the famous Kill Spirits wine of the county, the main source of income of these houses. Upon hearing the news, these families decide to investigate, already suspecting of one of the local guilds' involvement in the attack.


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  • Lily of Atlantis

    Philip F. Webb

    Life in Atlantis might have seemed pretty normal to some but for ten-year-old Lily, her life is anything but... In Atlantis is a magic portal to ‘The Un-Real World', a monster world where nasty creatures come from and witches and wizards can travel back and forth. One night, Lily is terrified by a horrible monster in her bedroom and she runs away. She comes across an ancient wizard who begins to teach he


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  • Traited

    Matthew Luckhurst

    Kidnappings. Murders. Magic. When Molly joined her new boarding school, The Haven, she expected only one of these things-magic. But she could never have imagined how her life was about to be turned upside down. Having a Trait becomes a blessing and a curse, as Molly and her friends are forced to battle f


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  • The Beta's Bride

    Victoria Gates

    Astrid's life hasn't been easy since she ran away from her Welsh home as a teenager. Now, a tattoo-laden future doctor, with a questionable and mixed-up past, she has no choice but to seek the help of Thomas Sharpe; a strait-laced young lawyer from one of the most recognized law firms in Seattle. With no idea what to expect from the petite, denim-clad woman in biker boots and a leather jacket, he agrees.


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  • The Brotherhood

    Donna Le Roux

    Mia was a born and bred soldier so when she'd finally obtained an invitation into the Elite training facility she knew she'd make it in - come hell or high water. Females weren't usually accepted in, which initially shocked her until the reason for this became clear; if she thought she was shocked before this was downright jaw-dropping. Kieran lived and breathed the Elite and allowed nothing to


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  • The Shade of Highfall: The tale of Shrew

    Mark O'Dell

    An eternal darkness is coming to the world. So say the drug-crazed cult, whose file-toothed adherents proclaim the ramblings of a madman and who journey to the ancient city of Highfall to release their god - the Master of Shades. At this time, a young woman emerges from out of Highfall's slums, known only as Shrew, who must steal to stay alive. Capture is inevitable, and Shrew is forced into serv


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  • Morium: A Land Beyond

    Samuel White

    A realm steeped in adventure, chaos, and a conflict as old as time. When a young village boy is confronted by a bloodthirsty gang of vicious bandits, he must venture out into an unfamiliar world to enlist the support of an unlikely group of heroes. The boy, known as Tenth Maddox, must battle forces beyond his control as he is plunged into a world he does not truly understand. Morium is the stor


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  • The Deadly Forest of Quarrendon

    R. P. Wild

    While one would avoid the trouble in the forest, it is the curse that the folk come to fear the most. The disease of the mind will do its best to bring out the worst in its victims. It preys on the weak and feeds on their secret desires. Once it's taken hold of a fragile mind, it will quickly exploit any emotion, from lust to destruction. The threat of the curse is not the only predator that lurks am


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  • The Sorcerer's Redemption

    Finley Elder

    Melvin was brought up by his uncle after the terrible loss of his parents and his brother's disappearance. But now he lives alone in a run-down shack in South Parena, just getting by. When a puzzling swirling hole opens up in the floor of his home, Melvin finds himself plunged into a different dimension, faced by three mysterious cloaked figures. Offered the opportunity to l


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  • Travelling Light Legends of an Indian Fakir

    Naginder Sehmi

    Go along with Baba Nanak, an Indian fakir of the fifteenth century, who travelled through strange lands extending from Arabia to Tibet and Afghanistan to Sri Lanka for twenty-four years. He encountered demons, magicians, cannibal-kings, magician-queens, thieves, and malefactors of all kinds and taught them how live correctly. The real hero is his companion Mardana, who is funny and entertaining and always finds hi


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  • Goode Oliver Dooley and The Palace of Keepers Book 1

    Gerrad R. Bohl

    Among the Clovercomb Mountains of Northern England, a mysterious kingdom of migrating forests, carnivorous plants, and curious green bees lies hidden, protecting the world from dark forces and guarding a treasure more precious than gold. Goode Oliver Dooley, a frail and neglected young boy, finds solace in gardening. Unbeknownst to him, he has been given a death sentence: placed in the care of the diabolical Mr. a


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