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  • The Legend of The Damn Cross Wearer (The River of Tears Saga)

    Stephen of Sardis

    Thomas Cream is an unsettled man. Despite apparent successes and an abundance of prosperity, still he struggles and is never quite satisfied with his life. Deep down he is obsessed with the idea of something more... haunted by an innate awareness of a greater reality, something beyond the physical world, through the Veil that he can sense. What Thomas doesn't know yet is that the Veil protects us. So


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  • Virgo

    W. D. Boateng

    Following a fierce battle that left Virgo a pile of desolate ruins, Nazaat left home with the hope of finding freedom; a journey that led him to a simple life as a sailor in Aries. However, when the enemy rose again, she rose with all others on her side, while Virgo remained the traitor and the envy of all kingdoms. With Virgo's triumph largely resting on his shoulders, will Nazaat defy the odds and fight agai


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  • The Whispering Pearls

    Lucas Davey

    A shaft rat too skinny to fit into her own clothes, a young ‘witchblood' more inclined to sing his enemy into submission than slay them with his spear, and a monstrous herder whose appetite for human flesh seems to have been ousted by an insatiable craving for fruit... You might be forgiven for thinking this the most unlikely of trios ever tasked with saving a land cursed with so ancient and ineradicable


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  • Journey Begins

    Lily E. Junes

    Do you remember when we last saw each other? It feels so long ago. I have thought about you every single day. Not an hour passes without you. You are the only constant in my life. The world may fall but you stay. I do not live in this world but we live together in our dreams. Some day you will appear and I will know you immediately. That's when I realise that all the fears and doubts were in vain. It wasn'


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  • Domains Series: Being Purgatory

    Tina D. Greig

    In a dramatic, fantasy adventure, the powerful rulers of heaven, hell and purgatory clash in herculean battles to harvest the souls of the dying. Purgatory (‘Tory' to her friends), representing her own domain, seeks to rescue and relocate souls to their deserved resting place but is challenged in her task by the fury unleashed by Abraxos and Lucifer, her antagonist angel and demon rulers, who fight tooth


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  • The Soul Watcher

    Katie Hetherington

    Dear reader, please forgive me for the tale I intend to tell. It's a ghastly one in which my blunders led to the escape of the seven most frightful creatures from the Hollow - a place created to house the monsters that dwell in your darkest nightmares. Our story begins in Manchester, 1868. Poverty was rife, infecting many lives, including our protagonist, Jonah Heizium. He wasn't destin


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  • Goodbye Lullabies - Destined

    Mishka Gounden

    ELISE keeps herself to herself, trying to be invisible at school, patiently waiting for graduation. Everything changes on her seventeenth birthday, when she learns that she's a high priestess, trapped in the middle of an eternal war between the Gods of Light and Darkness. Death lurks in the shadows and demons stalk her every move. Will Elise master her powe


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  • A Dot You Are

    Manjula Wediwardena

    A compelling story about a man's journey to self-discovery set in the preternatural landscape of Sri Lanka. To marry Threesa, the woman he loves, Anthony must first find his father, and learn about his origins. He embarks on an arduous journey in search of answers to his elusive past, and finds himself on the island of Baththalangunduwa. Antony meets Addin, his aloof father, a prominen


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  • The Honeymoon

    Kat Bailot

    The Honeymoon, a scary comedy, includes the story of Submagine, the life of a child interacting with marine life, and living on a submarine. In the second part, human sized bats act as shamans and befriend some cats, after a frightening adventure, who join in a band on their honeymoon at Eophis Waterfall, which is blessed by a snake magician.


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  • The Girl with Many Names

    S. Knight

    The girl was not born with a dark heart, although darkness may have been her destiny. Mistreated and labelled a changeling, she finds her own path, but her journey is paved with fate and revenge to corrupt her heart and challenge her morality. Burdened with regret, she navigates through hapless encounters that lead her to the bitter truths of identity, redemption, and the ultimate confrontation with a fated advers


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  • Tayna Chronicles: The Secret City

    Sara Škrobo

    Sofija lives in a totalitarian state with her grandparents and works as a clerk in the city hall. Her parents were killed in the last war, fighting for freedom. When Sofija's grandfather becomes critically ill, she has to risk her life to obtain an illegal travel permit to another province to get medicine for him. On her travels, she meets a strange band of mystics, who take her through a p


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  • I Don't Want That in My Ice Cream!

    George Fratton

    Sophie, ten (but she might be eight and a half or nine and three-quarters) puts on her mummy's shoes and clip-clops into disaster and guilt. When her ‘best-est' friend Jessica is on holiday, Sophie is so desperate for someone to play with that she ends up at the home of the weirdest girl in her school, who has a morbid interest in funerals... for soft toys. As for their invented language, n


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