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  • First time dad

    David Vais

    First. A dog or a cat is no substitute for a baby. Second. Parenting is the most fulfilling thing in the world and the greatest challenge you can experience in life. And third. No one is born a good parent. You have to become one. Step-by-step. It hurt me a lot; it may hurt you a little less. Join me in the twelve-month transition from modern man to functional, loving dad and partner. Read about the most challengi


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  • Life Zest

    Tika Spijkerman

    This is a truth-based story about Tika; a twenty-seven-year-old woman who is single, independent, minimalistic and happy. She works for one of the largest tech companies in the world, in a huge office that looks similar to a playground. But, when the pandemic starts in March 2020, the office is replaced by the wide world and the bicycle for a campervan. She leaves for three months and works from the van. On her wa


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  • My Letters to the Butterfly

    Dr Haneesh Khani

    "At the first sight, these are reminders; and at the same time these sayings have their own depth, plunging into which, everyone can find in them what they are looking for. These are signs." Mikhail Zheltikov Kirov. Russia. Focussing on inner peace and personal growth, Dr Haneesh Khani has compiled over 100 sayings to improve one's life and grow closer to the Almighty


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  • Just Go Sell!

    Colin Knowles

    Do you ever get frustrated when your prospects walk away as non-buyers when you know your product was perfect for them? Do you get too many clients walking away needing to think it over, then never return? Do you sometimes wish that building relationships with your clients was a little easier? Do you get disappointed when one too many clients suffer from buyers remorse and cancel their order a few days later? Are


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  • Everyday Baking for Gluten Free People

    Andrew A Hesling B.Sc

    This is a cook book for people with coeliac disease or have been diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten, who find that they are unable to eat cakes, muffins, tarts and all the other baked goods that they used to enjoy before they were diagnosed. The book contains 40 recipes that I have made and through a process of elimination and experimentation created alternative versions that coeliac people and gluten


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  • Sala's Authentic Ghanaian Cookbook

    Sala Snook

    This is a Ghanaian cookbook with a difference. Born in Ghana, my recipes go back generations including family staples like waakye and tuozaafi, some of Ghana's most popular street foods. It is my pleasure to share my recipes and bring Ghanaian cooking to your kitchen for, whether you are a novice cook or more experienced, and looking for recipes full of flavour and colour or simply something exciting


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  • You Have to Choose How You Live

    Michelle Mitchell

    This second book by the incredible Ms Michelle Mitchell is a shining light amongst the murky waters we've been wading through these past two years. Continuing her journey from her first literary hit, Girl Got Game, Michelle shares her perspective as a CEO, podcaster, author, brand creator and marketing coach whilst diving into raising a teenager in the LGBTQIA+ community, covering parenting a neurodiverse chil


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  • The Baghdad Cookbook

    Alan Boyd with Robbie Stevenson & Scott Grieg

    This is a powerful book that beautifully describes the tension, bravery, and honour of security contractors working and living in the most dangerous area on earth at the time: Iraq. Added to the action-packed and hair-raising danger of the authors' work as security operators(PSDS), CPOs, guards or transport workers in Iraq are the delightful recipes created by the contractors themselves and enjoyed duri


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  • How to Lose Weight...In your Head

    Marzena Doran

    Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry. It includes diet plans, training, meal replacements, supplements, cosmetics, weight loss surgeries and many more. However, it can also leave a person with more stress and anxiety instead of their goal of weight loss. And even if one is able to lose weight, their enthusiasm often fades and eventually they go back to old habits. This is where Marzena Doran comes in...


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  • Art for Art's Sake

    Maria Tippett

    In this collection of short stories, the author invites us behind the scenes to the backrooms of the art world - into the artists' studios, the gallery offices and other out of bounds areas - to meet a diverse group of characters creating, acquiring, selling, forging, discovering and appreciating art. Set in places that Maria Tippett obviously knows well - Berlin, Vancouver, London, Chicago, Paris, Rome


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  • TRANSCENDING LIMITATION How to Start Where You Are and Create Your New World

    Jennifer Lauren

    Jennifer's son, Ethan, was born with the neurological disorder, spina bifida. The idea of a ‘miraculous healing' was unheard of in the medical community so they set out to challenge the dismal diagnosis Ethan had been given from the start. As Jennifer states, Ethan taught her ‘to put down my sword and warrior up by being the change that I wanted out there'. This book is about the ‘tru


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  • Reaching the Heights: The Trail Above

    Tony Woods

    He was known only as Friend. Responding to God's invitation, he was told, "Follow the trail, for there you will find Me." Loaded with only a few essentials, Friend set out. Obedience soon cost him nearly everything he held dear: family, friends, even creatures from demonic realms seemed determined to convince him to give up the quest. But, as the weeks turned into years, he discov


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