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  • Buying a House or Flat

    Peter Glover

    Peter Glover, a qualified Chartered Surveyor, who has inspected over fifty thousand properties in his career on behalf of banks or building societies in the UK has compiled a very comprehensive guide for all those who intend buying a house or a flat, in England or Wales, which will hopefully help to eliminate all the pitfalls and stumbling blocks that get in the way of a successful purchase of such properties, and


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  • Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring

    Pauline Malkoun and Rick Sgambellone

    Sneaky Puss is a curious cat who can find fun in any place. With each turn of the page, Sneaky Puss finds something extraordinary. Join him as he explores his home and see what he gets up to.


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  • TimeSpan

    Hilary Downey

    TimeSpan reflects on the changing lives of people as they age. Everyone remains important because collectively all people shape society, the best of what is within them contributing to the advance of our current civilisation. Spiritual philosophy helps make sense of the world. It seeps into the consciousness like drops of water trickling into a pool, becoming real when applied to life which then changes.


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  • Ripples in the Pond

    Paul Harman

    Every year, thousands of little children are snatched from their families, brutally raped and murdered, or thrown to the savagery of the sex trade, abused and destroyed. The ripples are the knock-on effect of the terror and the anguish felt by these families, their humiliation, degradation and despair. Once, and only once, in a hundred blue moons does a story about a miraculous


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  • Origin of Mime and Dance

    Mikhail Berkut

    Mikhail Berkut is a critically acclaimed choreographer, stage producer and professional ballet teacher. Berkut has produced several videos on dance for adults and children. He has written many articles on dance for leading international magazines and is the author of several books, including his memoirs of his early family life and career in music and dance in his native Russia, North America and Europe. Origin of


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  • The French Way

    Lorraine Thomson

    The historic pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela dates back to the Middle Ages and now attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year from all over the world. This story follows Lorraine's path along ‘The French Way' from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Roncesvalles and then on to Santiago de Compostela through the cities of Pamplona, Logrono, Burgos and Leon. With beautiful


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  • The Good Society

    Andrew Gosney

    Few question seriously whether or not we live in a good society. Fewer still dare to delve in and ask those awkward questions which belie answers that we perhaps do not wish to hear. It is frequently taken as read that the goal of this identity is to render happiness to the maximum number of citizens. But are the values on which it bases its endeavour conducive to such a state? If so then why do so many complain o


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  • Voices of the Soul: the Forgotten Truth about Dementia

    Hans Siepel

    This searing memoir, written by a son about his mother's dementia, is set in a town in the Netherlands but the issues reflected are relevant anywhere. The family are devoted, but the mother's decline reveals undercurrents in their relationships. We hear of the conventional medical approach to this difficult area of care but the family reject the medication so frequently prescribed to control patients. For


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  • The Morning Tree

    Claude Randall

    The discovery of a manuscript written by a Tibetan monk reveals the Morning Tree - powerful esoteric knowledge that can transform people's lives and lead humanity to a golden age.   The Morning Tree, protected for centuries, now needs to be released - but dark forces are determined to destroy it.   The manuscript tells how Thaza, a Mongolian horseman with his o


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  • Know Yourself, Understand Others

    Jane Newton

    Self worth is everything!   Lack of confidence can affect many areas of your life. Personal expectations or those of others can increase self doubt, and it is often difficult to find a way which is right for you. This book will give you the opportunity to explore your own feelings and help you to know yourself. You may be comforted to find that your ideas are OK after all.  


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  • Food, Culture, Latin America

    Matt Simkin

    A love for food and travel, but riddled with apathy from a mundane routine; surely there's a way to be happier and combine the things you love in life?   The dull working life inspired this enticing travelogue on how food and culture influence the varied regions across Latin America with a backpacker's voice. Travelling from Mexico down to Patagonia in Argentina, Simkin takes a pro


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  • Aurora

    Heinz Frommann

    A great lover of trees, and indeed a tree surgeon himself, Jonah comes to a deep appreciation of their symbolism in a magical voyage. An accident puts him in a coma but he is given the opportunity to find out more about himself and the life-enhancing properties of trees of many varieties in an extraordinary journey. Each tree type has its own special benefits but also dangers, which give Jonah a heightened awarene


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