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  • How to Die

    Dany van der Sterre

    This book will help you face your life and eventual death. It'll mix some cynicism, humor, philosophy and a set of dead-serious questions for you to answer. Through exercises and experiments - like visiting a graveyard, burning stuff you don't need or want, and deciding who you want to hang around with in your life - you'll find out for yourself what you deem most important, and who or what is worth sp


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  • Wolves In Our Houses

    Tina Marie Sargent

    From the largest hound to the tiniest toy dog, we all love our pet pooch. But they are not what they seem. They may be bred for domesticity but deep inside their DNA is a wolf, a wild animal.


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  • Social Injustice

    Lindsay Leigh

    Having recently qualified as a child practitioner, Lacey applies for a job as a local authority foster carer, a post she has long dreamed of. Her application is successful, and she looks forward to embarking on her new adventure, excited at the prospect of making a difference in one child's life. However, nothing could have prepared her for the challenges she would face and the battles she would have to fight


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  • Shine Baby Shine

    Antoniella Del Vecchio

    SHINE, BABY, SHINE 7 Steps to Energetic Self-Empowerment is an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow self-help book which allows the reader to gain understanding and awareness of what is happening within them emotionally, as well as energetically. There are integrative strategies and exercises that the reader can utilize to become stronger and healthier emotionally and spiritually. Reading the book and follow


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  • The Way: A Penetrating Insight Into the Mysteries of LIfe


    In The Way: A Penetrating Insight Into the Mysteries of Life, renowned spiritual psychotherapist Bazza provides a compelling story of his life's goal: to help others achieve spiritual awareness of themselves as Divine Beings. Bazza recounts some of his own spiritual journeys and experiences, and then takes the reader through the steps required to help them achieve Self-knowledge and experien


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  • The Twilight Years

    Jonathan Tromane

    The World's population is aging and thanks to advances in medicine, people are living longer; many however still contract various major medical conditions in different stages of their lives. This is a lively, personal account of working as a Caregiver in the Australian Healthcare System. Jonathan describes his experiences caring for a variety of people with a range of physical and mental disa


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  • Relationships


    An impressive piece of work by Bazza. An inspirational journey, delving deep into the nature of God, and the Cosmos with comments on various religious systems, definitely critical of all forms of dogma. The author is a practising psychotherapist who has put a lifetime of research and experience into this comprehensive and coherent explanation and possible solution to the thorny issues of our time. He pro


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  • Letters to My Child


    In Letters to My Child, spiritual mentor, Bazza, reflects on what he has learned over the course of his life through penning a series of letters addressed to his child. He presents a range of topics, including the nature of God, the Soul, reincarnation, and how one should conduct meaningful relationships with others. Throughout his writing, Bazza draws on multiple spiritual experiences and traditions


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  • The Undoing of Everything

    Bark Eurich

    Dogs don't need to be trained how to think or act like dogs, they do it naturally all by themselves, and have done so for tens of thousands of years. Whether today we modern humans choose to understand them or not can only ever be down to each of us as individuals. But a reward for taking the time to understand just how to be at one with our closest link with nature, is that in getting to know them,


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  • The Memory Thief

    Zara Ahmed

    Dementia affects a large number of the population, whether they have dementia themselves or are caring for someone with dementia. With advice, anecdotes and reminders to lose the guilt, laugh at the funny moments and not take it all personally, Zara Ahmed helps you navigate the complexity and truth of dementia.


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  • Mamils Behaving Badly

    Aiden Heke

    In 2009, five friends cycled from London to Paris for a worthy cause, unwittingly starting them on a path of bipedal enlightenment and adventure. Nearly seven thousand kilometres and ten years later, they have seen most of France, Italy and Northern Spain, rediscovering the joy of good, clean fun. While many of us enter middle age with some trepidation in anticipation of physical and mental decline, the Whiskey Bo


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  • It will be OK


    reassurance for parents and a humorous reflection on haphazard parenting of four kids from birth to adulthood  


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