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  • Sala's Authentic Ghanaian Cookbook

    Sala Snook

    This is a Ghanaian cookbook with a difference. Born in Ghana, my recipes go back generations including family staples like waakye and tuozaafi, some of Ghana's most popular street foods. It is my pleasure to share my recipes and bring Ghanaian cooking to your kitchen for, whether you are a novice cook or more experienced, and looking for recipes full of flavour and colour or simply something exciting


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  • You Have to Choose How You Live

    Michelle Mitchell

    This second book by the incredible Ms Michelle Mitchell is a shining light amongst the murky waters we've been wading through these past two years. Continuing her journey from her first literary hit, Girl Got Game, Michelle shares her perspective as a CEO, podcaster, author, brand creator and marketing coach whilst diving into raising a teenager in the LGBTQIA+ community, covering parenting a neurodiverse chil


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  • The Baghdad Cookbook

    Alan Boyd with Robbie Stevenson & Scott Grieg

    This is a powerful book that beautifully describes the tension, bravery, and honour of security contractors working and living in the most dangerous area on earth at the time: Iraq. Added to the action-packed and hair-raising danger of the authors' work as security operators(PSDS), CPOs, guards or transport workers in Iraq are the delightful recipes created by the contractors themselves and enjoyed duri


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  • How to Lose Weight...In your Head

    Marzena Doran

    Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry. It includes diet plans, training, meal replacements, supplements, cosmetics, weight loss surgeries and many more. However, it can also leave a person with more stress and anxiety instead of their goal of weight loss. And even if one is able to lose weight, their enthusiasm often fades and eventually they go back to old habits. This is where Marzena Doran comes in...


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  • Art for Art's Sake

    Maria Tippett

    In this collection of short stories, the author invites us behind the scenes to the backrooms of the art world - into the artists' studios, the gallery offices and other out of bounds areas - to meet a diverse group of characters creating, acquiring, selling, forging, discovering and appreciating art. Set in places that Maria Tippett obviously knows well - Berlin, Vancouver, London, Chicago, Paris, Rome


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  • TRANSCENDING LIMITATION How to Start Where You Are and Create Your New World

    Jennifer Lauren

    Jennifer's son, Ethan, was born with the neurological disorder, spina bifida. The idea of a ‘miraculous healing' was unheard of in the medical community so they set out to challenge the dismal diagnosis Ethan had been given from the start. As Jennifer states, Ethan taught her ‘to put down my sword and warrior up by being the change that I wanted out there'. This book is about the ‘tru


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  • Reaching the Heights: The Trail Above

    Tony Woods

    He was known only as Friend. Responding to God's invitation, he was told, "Follow the trail, for there you will find Me." Loaded with only a few essentials, Friend set out. Obedience soon cost him nearly everything he held dear: family, friends, even creatures from demonic realms seemed determined to convince him to give up the quest. But, as the weeks turned into years, he discov


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  • Compression of Depression

    Tom Wilkins

    One man is making a stand. Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet all too often, it is overlooked, neglected, and rarely discussed. In Compression of Depression, Tom Wilkins openly shares his experiences of depression and offers help and advice to others that may be walking the same path. No two journeys on the path-that-no-one-wants-to-tread are ever the same; however, the bigges


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  • Sew

    Rachel Tidcombe

    Aimed at beginners with no previous experience, Rachel introduces you to the tools, techniques, tips and tricks you need to get you started. The thirteen projects – for both hand sewing and machine sewing – are simple and achievable, and will gradually develop your sewing skills, helping you to grow in confidence.


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  • How to Die

    Dany van der Sterre

    This book will help you face your life and eventual death. It'll mix some cynicism, humor, philosophy and a set of dead-serious questions for you to answer. Through exercises and experiments - like visiting a graveyard, burning stuff you don't need or want, and deciding who you want to hang around with in your life - you'll find out for yourself what you deem most important, and who or what is worth sp


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  • Wolves In Our Houses

    Tina Marie Sargent

    From the largest hound to the tiniest toy dog, we all love our pet pooch. But they are not what they seem. They may be bred for domesticity but deep inside their DNA is a wolf, a wild animal.


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  • Social Injustice

    Lindsay Leigh

    Having recently qualified as a child practitioner, Lacey applies for a job as a local authority foster carer, a post she has long dreamed of. Her application is successful, and she looks forward to embarking on her new adventure, excited at the prospect of making a difference in one child's life. However, nothing could have prepared her for the challenges she would face and the battles she would have to fight


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