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  • Avoiding the Autobahn

    Tony Straw

    Returning home after years away, a reunion with old friends leads to newly-retired Kiwis Lee and Tony Straw setting off on a journey to Central Europe. The plan is to visit those friends in Berlin, but New Zealanders don't travel such long distances for just a single destination. So the journey grows. And grows. Their meanderings take them through San Francisco to Germany and several countries sharing a


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  • The Unraveling of the Dawson City insider, 1997-99

    Christopher Ross

    Government mistrust and corruption. Bear attacks. International border disputes. Captured outlaws. Economic collapse. All the stuff of big city newspapers and deep-rooted journalism, right? Wrong. Step back into the world of the Dawson City Insider, the Klondike's first weekly newspaper in over forty years. This true tale captures the e


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  • Becoming French

    Lisa Webb

    Moving to a new house is stressful enough. Imagine, then, moving to a new country. That's what Lisa and Kevin did. A job transfer to France meant leaving the familiarity of Canada for life in a foreign country. Not the easiest thing, especially when you don't speak the language. At first reluctantly and full of doubt, Lisa arrives in Paris with Kevin. Mourning the distance of family an


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  • My Psychic Life

    Marianne Green

    This book delves deep into the paranormal world as seen and experienced by Marianne, an extraordinarily psychic individual. She shares her astonishing and humbling eye witness encounters with those from a spiritual energy dimension close to our own Earth plane. Marianne describes her unusual paranormal upbringing and later development as a well-known psychic-medium. She introduces her intuitively gifted


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  • Seeing, Feeling, Hearing and Being with Spirit

    Tiffany Beese

    Part spiritual guide, part self-help and part social, religious and political commentary channelled through the author by beings from Leberia, a distant planet in another universe. They answer planetary distress calls and have been working with Earth for thousands of years. Beese channels the wisdom of these higher beings and guides the reader through dealing with the stresses of politics, the workplace, ne


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  • I Love You to the Universe and Back Mind, Body and Soul Wedding Guide

    Kelly King

    The beautiful ring, the butterflies, the excitement of sharing your big news with friends and family. You're walking on air, madly, deeply in love, and ready to say ‘I do' to the love of your life! But then comes the reality and pressure of planning the perfect wedding, whether it's a casual gathering or a no expense spared extravaganza. And this is where things can get a little


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  • Outside the Wire: A Foreign Service Officer in Southern Iraq

    Danny Toma

    Not everyone who serves in wartime wears a uniform. Outside the Wire is a story of one of these men, Danny Toma, a veteran Foreign Service Officer, who spent sixteen months with the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Basra, a joint State Department-U.S. Military operation in southern Iraq. Carrying out his duty alongside the 1st Infantry Division, and later the 36th ID, Toma describes in great de


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  • I Am Calling You

    Unnamed Woman

    Doodle in me... draw, scribble, highlight, colour, write. It's time for your creative soul to play, to express, to live. I Am Calling You is an interactive shared journey. I share with you my poetic Before, During and After experience of walking the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. You are invited to express and explore your Camino of Life story by being creative with the reflection que


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  • Catch it, Bottle it and Paint it Green

    Gwilym Davies

    Folk music is universal, found in every country in the world and popularised here by performers such as Joan Baez and Steeleye Span. English folk song collectors, Cecil Sharp and Ralph Vaughan Williams, spent many hours noting the music, and in this book you will hear how the author has enthusiastically continued the work, discovering hidden gems of our heritage, recording folk songs and tunes, mainly from souther


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  • Memoirs of a Country Doctor

    Peter Paterson-Brown

    Learning on the job as a newly qualified doctor, unsure of many aspects of my role, meant some problems with communication and I encountered births and deaths and in between found my feet. Patients, young and old, delightful and difficult, and colleagues presented challenges to be met, both medical and otherwise. From a toddler with a mysterious illness, to a young rascal with a hook in his hand from poaching, a p


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  • On The Roof: A look inside Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish

    Samantha Hahn

    A look inside Off-Broadway's Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish, the ground-breaking, award-winning musical. Samantha Hahn, the youngest member of the cast, tells the story of how "Yiddish Fiddler" came to be. Samantha has interviewed the cast, crew, and creative team - each with a unique take on the show and the impact it has had on their lives - for a behind-the-scenes


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  • 100 Days of Positivity, Hope and Growth

    Suzi Sung

    Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up - this is a self-help book without the long chapters, for people who want quick and useful tips on how to deal with the punches that life throws at them. From break-ups to regrets, daily self-doubt to loneliness, this book will provide fresh perspectives on how to look at a situation more positively and tackle things more proactively. This book is not long,


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