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  • Five Riveting New Reads

     |  Book Nook

    November has been and gone, which means that we made some fantastic additions to our roster here at Pegasus. Today, we wanted to spotlight five (just five, you know we'd spotlight all of them if we could) books from our roster that you absolutely must pay attention to. 

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  • The Wellsprings of Inspiration: An Interview with Lance Cerff

     |  Author Interviews

    We had the privilege this week of speaking with Lance Cerff, author of 'Orca's Revenge', to speak about his Peter Benchley-esque novel, the number of books he has authored and his words of wisdom for budding writers. 

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  • Reading Remedies for Seasonal Blues

     |  Fun and Games

    'tis the season to be jolly indeed, but 'tis also the season when we could really do with taking a leaf out of nature's book and hibernating to stave off the mental stress of living in the dark and cold.  Reading can really be a shining light in times like this, and today, as we sit huddled in blankets, we'd like to share with you exactly why. 

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  • Five Winter Reads

     |  Book Nook

    Daylight savings has struck! Which means that we are now cold and largely nocturnal. Hurray.  Not to worry though, one of the best ways to stave off the woes of seasonal affective disorder is to delve into the comforting pages of a good book. We have a handful of cosy reads that we think you'll like, and today we're counting them down. 

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