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  • Mental Health Awareness Week

     |  Features

    Here at Pegasus Publishers, we would like to celebrate this week by reaching out to some of our authors and discussing their experiences with their mental health and the importance of discussing it…

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  • Short Stories Are, To Me, More Impactful - An Interview With Meenakshi Kumar

     |  Author Interviews

    We spoke with Meenakshi Kumar about her choice to write in the short form, the benefits of doing so and the influences which inspired her when writing.

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  • #ThrowbackThursday | May Releases

     |  Book Nook

    Over 20 years, we have published books from a wide variety of genres and from many talented authors around the world. Pegasus Publishers continue to publish new titles every month as we strive to share stories and characters from our authors to our readers. As we begin to look forward to our upcoming May releases, let’s take a moment and look back at May releases from year’s past:

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  • An Interview with Steven Ogg

     |  Author Interviews

    To celebrate the upcoming release of Catharse-is, the debut poetry collection from artist Steven Ogg, we caught up with him, asking him questions about his life, his desire to write and the making of his book.

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