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  • 5 Books to make you feel like you're on holiday

     |  Features

    Are you constantly dreaming of catching flights? Ticking a place off your bucket list? Craving the warmth of the foreign sun, relaxing, with a cocktail in your hand by the pool?   Luckily books have the ability to transport you to a different world or place and because of the dreaded word...

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  • Happy Pride Month!

     |  Features

    To celebrate Pride month we have put together a list of books you should put on your reading list!

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  • A book for every Dad

     |  Features

    To find the best book to give this Father’s Day (and one he probably doesn’t already have), we’ve put together a gift guide and found a book for many multitudes of dad. We’re sure you’ll find a book to suit his unique personality!

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  • Black Lives Matter Feature

     |  Features

    With the #BlackLivesMatter movement rising to prominence around the world, we’re working hand in hand with our authors, team, and contacts to shape a plan for better representation of black authors and books with topics of black culture, not just for now but for forever.   ...

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