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Pegasus Blog articles capture all things happening
in the world of books, writers and literature.

  • Physical or Digital?

     |  Features

    Physical or digital? The two decade-ish old conversation that transcends various different kinds of entertainment, from music to film, and with the advent of the Kindle, books and literature!

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  • Atypical Authors: Celebrating Neurodiversity in Literature

     |  Features

    Join us on this annual Neurodiversity Celebration Week as we highlight neurodiversity in the literacy world!

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  • International Women's Day 2023- Celebrating Women in Literature

     |  Features

    The rich history of literature is paved with the writings of female authors, and it would be an understatement to say that it would look thoroughly incomplete without them. From the expertly penned prose of Jane Austen to the firebrand feminist writings of Margaret Atwood, women’s perspective in literature has been crucial in shaping and transforming its vast and varied landscape since the beginning.

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  • Upcoming January Releases

     |  Features

    This week will be our first publication day of the year, with around 40 new books coming out on Thursday, January 26th. Today we are looking at some of our other books releasing on Thursday. We have picked out a book from each genre to spotlight on our blog today.

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