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  • Helpful tips about social media platforms!

     |  Features

    With technology advancing enormously over recent years, we are more reliant on our phones and computers than ever before. What feels like many moons ago, to promote yourself, you put your name in the local paper in an attempt to make yourself more popular. But, with relative ease, you can now promote yourself much more easily and better than before due to the success and innovation of social media.

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  • World Homeless Day

     |  Features

    We have an awareness day for the homeless to respond to the homelessness from around the world. The aim of the day is to encourage everyone to get involved and respond to the problem we have with a proactive approach.

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  • National Poetry Day 2020

     |  Features

    With the working week nearly at a close, we would like to say a big happy poetry day to all the esteemed poets who have written some fantastic poems over the years! National Poetry Day is designed to get readers of all ages into not only writing poetry, but reading it too. Here at Pegasus, we have some incredible pieces of poetry published with varying topics and drama throughout.  

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  • Books to read as Winter creeps up on us!

     |  Features

    With the end of a very eventful summer coming to a close, be prepared to bring out the extra layers, wrap up warm and get the hot chocolate ready as the Winter quickly approaches. As it begins to creep up on us, it brings with it a perfect opportunity to relax and read a book.

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