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  • You Can Now Open Your Eyes

    D.R. McMillan

    This is a tale that tells of love. A tale that tells of loss. A tale of a married couple's life together. A life of joy. A life of everlasting sorrow. This is the story of you. Of me. Of us. It touches on the happiness and heartache that many experience in this walk of life. This story will make you laugh and cry. It will make you feel. It is yours. It is mine. It is ours.


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  • Written In The Stars

    Ruth Brooks

    What if you met your idol? A chance meeting on a plane. Two people's destinies collide. Flight attendant, Amy Armstrong, is infatuated with Zach Hayes, the lead singer with Sovereign X. When he appears on her flight, she's blindsided; can she keep her emotions in check? Can she make a lasting impression? Two years later and now a journalist, Amy encounters him again with a new


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  • Kirsty's Temporary Marriage

    C.M. Bryden

    Needing to be married for his role in his company. Edward Blake asks Kirsty to be his temporary wife. He knew the first time he'd seen her that he'd fallen in love with her; she has the same feelings for him. But their marriage is going to be tested beyond breaking point when they are involved in an accident and another woman has come onto the scene, intending to replace Kirsty.  


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  • Florio and Biancofiore: Peripatetic Lovers

    Rocco Blasi

    Florio and Biancofiore is set in the mid-eighth century when holy wars were uprooting people, cultures and social orders. As in biblical times, dreams could be visions and prophesies; seers and wizards were still consulted and feared. Travelers and troubadours reported miracles and magical phenomena. The old gods survived as long as people believed in them. This is the story of two


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  • The Finding

    Alan M. Keef

    Flying back from her African holiday, country girl Jennifer Suffram has failed to find herself but did find a nice man, David Wear; and as she tries to settle back down into her rural life and work, she increasingly finds that she cannot get him out of her head. Dare she really break with her fiancé and head deep into the North Country on some wild manhunt on the strength of a hasty letter, o


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  • Moonflower


    Sam and his band, Galaxy, were big names in the music world and Sam himself was a heartthrob to the young generation of music lovers who gathered en masse for every live show. Sam's professional success was not matched in his private life. He and Sarah, the love of his life, took each other for granted and Sarah moved on. The rest was just destiny....unusual.... and unexpect


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  • Keep Them Close

    Betty Rose

    Born into a hard-working, loving, rural Irish family, the adored and protected Robina, only daughter of Mary and Michael Moran, moves to Liverpool to study nursing and spread her wings. Her innocent beauty captivates Moses, a strikingly handsome man of Jamaican descent, who has a past steeped in betrayal and rejection, so different from Robina's. They fall hopelessly in love and dream of the perfect life as th


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  • Passionate Intention

    Belinda Vale and Felix Foreman

    Robbie lives in London with his parents. His mother is a recovering alcoholic who one day meets a lovely young woman, Anna, in a nearby park. After a friendly chat, she invites Anna back home for tea and when Robbie comes back from work, he meets her. The two are instantly attracted to each other. Anna is a Swiss national and has been working as an au pair in London, but her contract is shortly to come to a


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  • Arietta

    Kevin McGann

    Three complete strangers arrive at the beautiful island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.   Arietta, a successful businesswoman, is going through a crisis in her life; she knows what she has to do but isn't sure if she has the strength or courage to see it through. Scared and confused, she has fled Manhattan to the solace of the island.   Several years ago,


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  • Stay With Me

    Bryn Kadunce

    When it all began.... Imogen is young, naïve, high schooler. Ashen gray hair and violet eyes like amethysts. Beautiful. An aspiring young flutist with dreams of Juilliard. Dylan is a new-comer. Raven-haired with eyes like rain. Closed off from the rest of the world.


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  • The Telltale


    Robert and Katy meet when they are teenagers and become childhood sweethearts. Though they may have different ambitions for their careers, they love each other very much and want to spend their lives together, starting with university. Afterwards, their differing careers mean that they spend more time apart but are still very much together. Robert becomes a dedicated and successful teacher who cares about his stud


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  • The Carousel of Time

    Alex Charlton

    A curse links two pairs of lovers who live over a thousand years apart. For centuries, it has slithered through the idyllic Kent village of Ashward, spoiling lives and destroying people. When Kate Summers arrives in Ashward, disillusioned with her London life and her marriage to Mark, she is determined to make a new start and focusses all her energies on the restoration of their beautiful Tudor manor hou


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