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Historical Fiction

  • The Adventure Galley - Volume 2 Henry Morgan, the Knight of Jamaica

    Marie-Helene Therrien and Steve Garvie

    Captain Henry Morgan, once vilified, was now being held in honour by the King and noblemen. All Henry wanted was a life of adventure, not one of conformity, but it had all been ruined and was meaningless since the death of his beloved, Elisabeth. Will the Captain successfully navigate the treacherous world of politics as he did the high seas? Despite the King's mandate, will he find the desire to accept his vo


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    Jon Matthews

    I wrote this book because I wanted to convey a sense of reality, by taking the reader into a spiritual dimension where demons and angels reside to manipulate and control our natural world. I hope this book will help you understand why certain things happen in life and how unseen forces play a major part in our everyday lives. My intention is that hav


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  • End of the Beginning

    Ron Wilkinson

    Captain Alan Lee, has survived the sinking of his beloved HMS Preston. He reports to the Admiralty for a new, more dangerous, and challenging post. Will the demons in his head return?


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  • When Brothers Fight

    Oliver J Dobson

    The western front 1915. As the war drags into its second year, Charlie and Arthur Green find themselves in the thick of the fighting raging through Flanders. After Arthur haplessly finds himself accused of treachery and cowardice, he desperately tries to prove himself on the battlefield. But with enemies on both sides of the barbed wire, will Arthur's gallantry be enough to convince his brother?


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  • A Smuggler's Tale (e-book)

    Andy Clancy

    After fighting for their country and their lives at Waterloo in 1815, Sergeant Major Daniel Sibson and his lifelong friend Corporal Ralph Masters return to their hometown of Hastings hoping for a heroes' welcome. However, they return to find a very different Hastings from the one they had left.   In their absence, smugglers now ruled the town and everyone was in on it, except the resid


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  • The Worchester Chronicles Book 1: A Fragmented Land Unites

    Dennis Hunt

    Out of the chaos of war emerges a new and inspired people. As their power grows so does their legend. Before long the welfare of the old peoples of this land rests with this new and innovative culture. As the Vikings push for total dominance of Britannia only the English from the city of Worchester stand in their way. One young man must lead the fight in this fictional tale of Angles, Vikings, Picts and Cel


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  • Aubrey

    Mariel Gates

    Aubrey gives an intimate look at the world of Division I athletics and a woman's experience with trauma and mental health issues at the Division I level. Mariel Gates renders this harrowing and trying world in an honest and beautifully tragic narrative. The main protagonist, Aubrey, is a runner at an elite university. She is trying to maintain her place on the team, the right body shape for a distance runner,


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  • The Scots of Dalriada

    Rowena Kinread

    THREE BROTHERS Fergus, Loarn and Angus, Princes of the Dalriada, are forced into exile by their scheming half-brother and the druidess Birga One-tooth. THREE FATES Fergus conceals himself as a stable lad on Aran and falls helplessly in love with a Scottish princess, already promised to someone else. Loarn crosses swords against the Picts. Angus designs longboats. TOGETHER A MIGHTY POWER


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  • Tomorrow Would be a Good Day Today

    Mike Musgrave

    Errol Cosgrave is a self-taught design draftsman. This is his story: how he is defrauded out of his own business; how his wife deserts him and his four children; and how he rebuilds his life and a successful career in major civil and structural engineering projects after an emotionally raw custody hearing.


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  • Terrestrial Shadows

    Dr Jackie Ferris

    Moses never existed. Nefertiti led her people out of Egypt. These shocking secrets were uncovered by Jazz and Francisco in The Ghost Reapers. A stunned world held their breath, until the Vatican and other super-powers regrouped. Branded as cyber-terrorists out to destabilise the world, they were quickly discredited. But there was no denying that the ancient Egyptians, the first true masters of spin, were th


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  • The Ceremonious House

    Elizabeth Cottrell

    In 1966 when Aulis Price leaves her Welsh home and her teaching job to marry Staffordshire farmer Martin Peverell, she looks forward eagerly to her new life at Abbotshall, the beautiful Georgian farmhouse which is the Peverell family home. Aulis takes as her role model Martin's elegant and competent mother, Mollie. But the young bride soon finds that Abbotshall and Mollie are not all that they seem. Beh


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  • A Breed Apart

    Neil Robin

    This book is based on events in the life of the author's grandfather, Ted Robin, from just before the start of WW1 until just after the end of WW2. While based on experiences of its main character, it is not intended to be an accurate historical record - but rather a story of joy and despair on both sides of the Atlantic during this significant period in history. It follows Ted's early years


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