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  • The Autumn Murders

    S.J. Ridgway

    Autumn 1888, the time of the Whitechapel Murders when five women, all prostitutes, are murdered in a similar manner, and in some cases, their bodies mutilated. It is the most unsolved murder mystery with the serial killer responsible being given the name of Jack the Ripper. The file on the murders remain dormant for over a hundred years. That is, until Detective Superintendent Cadema Sharma sends DC Marr


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  • Sea of Deception

    A.D. Burlace

    Set in the early eighteenth century, this tale of loss, love, betrayal and revenge follows the journey of Jack Leighton. As a young boy from Hastings, his fateful meeting with the infamous pirate Red Beard sets him on a path of no return. Full of twists, turns and bloody battles, this is a swashbuckling adventure set primarily on the high seas.


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  • Lady Leah of Lygeton

    Christie Moore

    Can a woman be a knight? For that matter, how long can any woman fend for herself in medieval times without a father, husband or brother? Times when other women are only too glad to take her castle, lands and livelihood from her? Yet before Lady Leah of Lygeton's father died, he taught her how to fight. Lady Leah has the steel and the steed to stand her ground. Yet does she have t


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  • A Smuggler's Tale

    Andy Clancy

    After fighting for their country and their lives at Waterloo in 1815, Sergeant Major Daniel Sibson and his lifelong friend Corporal Ralph Masters return to their hometown of Hastings hoping for a heroes' welcome. However, they return to find a very different Hastings from the one they had left. In their absence, smugglers now ruled the town and everyone was in on it, except the resident magistrate, S


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  • Catelina

    Judy Rankin

    The loyalty of a once-proud nation exploited by a pact it must honour; a war that divides families, friends and communities. Catelina Marés, a stubborn, beautiful and fiercely proud Catalan woman must fight for all she loves and holds dear while the twists of history and fate intervene. Will she find what her heart cries out for?   And what of her childhood friend, grown into a man


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  • The New Sam Daggett

    Wendy Gill

    The birthday of Sadie's father is the moment in which Sadie's privileged and happy upbringing is turned upside down. Sadie and her father become victims to the notorious criminal, Louis Challis. However, her father's death releases Sadie from the clutches of Louis Challis. For her safety she is advised to travel to Westfield Lodge.   On her journey she makes unexpected friendsh


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  • Hugo's Gift

    Suzanne Singleton

    It is a 1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, a perfection of craftsmanship and engineering; a birthday gift to Isabel Kane from her husband, Hugo. Isabel appears to have it all. She is beautiful, with a loving husband who is successful in business, children, a lovely home and no financial worries.   That is until the car accident and in an instant her life is changed. She believes the family is


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  • The Warrior's Grandson: The Manninghams Trilogy

    Cyril Cook

    Let the Manningham family introduce themselves and, if you will indulge them, they would like to take you on a saga that spans three continents and three generations, holding a conversation with history with cocktails of love, class and conflict on land and sea, from the peaceful prairies of Canada to the wartime terrors of the Western Front.   For, unbeknown to the Manninghams, fate has w


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  • Lische

    Wynn Johnson

    Lische, the second book by Wynn Johnson, reads like a novel but the people we meet and the events that take place were very real. The author relates in detail how his ancestor, Lische, establishes his farm after staking his claim in the wild lands of Kentucky in 1857. He marries his childhood sweetheart, Sally, in 1858 and, almost against his original idea of leading a simple, self-suffi


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  • A Bond To Serve

    Alan Paisey

    It's 1931 and Mark Coltishall is young and ready to embrace the world of work. When he takes up a clerical position at a local north London factory, he meets Eve, a colleague who is as attracted to him as he is to her. However, despite their relationship, the pull of the sea is strong for Mark and he goes on a ship, eventually training as an engineer. L


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  • Worlds Collide

    Peter Woodhead

    Britannia AD 78. Roman feet thud through the land as an army of occupation. Cadeyrn, a young native aristocrat, passionately hates the invaders led by governor Agricola. Cadeyrn fears for the safety of his sister, who lives far away, and sets off to go to her despite warnings from his father and brothers.   But he does not get there.   Instead, he is thrown into a


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  • Harry's Boys

    Richard Barker

    At the outbreak of the Second World War, German troops are storming through Europe. Englishman Harry, having settled in Brussels, has to get away... fast! But what of his two young Belgian born sons, Paul and Stephen?   They head for the northern French coast but are unable to cross the English Channel to safety. They eventually find themselves holed up in a small fishing village in southern


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