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Science Fiction

  • The Meaning of Life

    The Very Raving Mr P

    A member of an intergalactic time travelling alien species gets bored one sunny afternoon, and decides to seek the meaning to life. Quite a large task for anyone, you might say. And this is especially true when that particular thruster is Mr P, a bumbling buffoon eager to solve the mysteries of the ages, but without the brainpower to understand it. Still, undeterred, and with a note b


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  • Immortalised

    Robert C Marsh

    Sergeant John Sommerville of the Royal Scots Guards is accidentally caught up in a top secret scientific experiment at a weapons research facility. A computer error sends him, as well as scientists and technicians, into different worlds, galaxies and time zones. A trained fighter, John has to use all his military knowledge to survive. Occasionally encountering the familiar face of a fellow involuntary time travell


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  • Antinomy of Truth/Lie

    Anabelle Leigh

    When genius scientist Damien Durand wakes up in the year 2673, having fallen asleep in 2018, he is astonished to find himself in an alien, hostile and senseless futuristic world. With only a matter of months to find out if his brilliant intellect can help in this new reality, he finds his life is at stake as he is surrounded by untrustworthy creatures and has to fight for his ideas before it is too late.


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  • Time Warp to Eden

    Billy Gordon Henderson

    Nicola has been fascinated with hot air balloons since she was very young. She has studied hard and worked hard to reach the very top of the field and is excited when an American company, developing a new type of balloon, ask her to join them. On the maiden flight, not everything goes to plan and Nicola and her crew find themselves on the greatest adventure of their lives.


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  • Time, Light, and Other Myths

    Mikki Palti

    Welcome to the sprawling metropolis that is New Devon, where the sun rarely shines, it rains almost constantly, no one lives past thirty, and nothing is what it seems. Teddy, a near thirty-year-old petty criminal who has just escaped from prison, hopes to turn his back on crime and see out his last days virtuously. Rosie is the teenage heir to the Hewgood fortune but spends her


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  • Eden Incorporated

    Jasmine Watts

    The year is 3034, and things have changed. The State has merged with big corporations. When the effects of global warming were ignored, the chosen ones were invited to live under a gigantic Dome. The State looks after their every whim, sustenance, clothing, shelter and employment. Everyone, once they qualify, can have the perfect family; anything is possible; nothing is too much trouble. The day the trouble


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  • The Day Like Any Other

    Anthony V. Zeid. LLB (Hons)

    As he woke that morning, little did Tony know what was about to unfold. He thought he'd experienced everything life had to offer, but how wrong he would be. His life was about to change dramatically. Not only would the events of that day take him to places and situations where there were many more questions than answers, but they would ultimately involve him in matters... of epic importance.


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  • The Cro-Magnon Archipelago: Atlantis Reborn

    Ernest Warner

    Atlantis was a legendary city first mentioned by Plato. It was the imperial capital of a mighty naval empire which had conquered much of western Europe. However, through a sudden twist of fate, the entire metropolis was swallowed by the vast Atlantic Ocean over the course of a single day and night, leaving no survivors. Throughout history, many explorers have searched for the lost city, hoping to discove


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  • Perceptions of the Les Demoiselles d'Avignon

    Göte Nyman

    A young, talented scientist, Johan Ek from Finland, is excited to move to the famous Stanley University in Palo Alto, California to work with the best brains of theoretical physics. As a beginning researcher, with his own peculiar views about science, he faces unexpected career problems and an amazing journey begins. It takes him to an unfamiliar environment, and life with artists and other new friends. The painti


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  • Legacy of Seconds

    Edge O. Erin

    "Crux of a whipscrew!" A chip of red coral found a gap between Claire's shield and work-shirt, and it stung like a bee. But that discomfort paled in comparison to the invisible sliver that steadily wormed its way into her mind. Her very own family and the Ghan elite were using her dearly departed sister as a vehicle to achieve global rule and facilitate a colonisation mission to a distant w


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  • Martian Hermitage

    Blair Wylie

    Martian Hermitage is the sequel to Wolf Slayer, and the second book in the six-book Master Defiance sci-fi series. Earth continues to decline, and natural calamaties wipe out the last vestiges of civilisation. The people in Moon Base are stranded, but they have been secretly preparing for an exodus... to Mars. Mars is a dry, sterile, hostile place, but it has more lif


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  • The De-Callen Chronicles

    C.R. Clarke

    Two worlds exist at the same time but only one of these worlds knows this. Karl and Tom suddenly discover that although they live on Earth, they were sent there many years ago to keep them safe from those who wished them great harm. But they have been found and their uncle must now get them back, with the sister they never knew they had, to their own world. Adventures, good and bad, follow them as th


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