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Science Fiction

  • The Satyr

    Zackary Maxwell

    In The Satyr by Zackary Maxwell, readers are taken on a thrilling journey through the frozen landscapes of a distant island. The story follows a Satyr that can save the Universe with his special gifts as it were, he has a loyal aid, a Sprite, and they navigate through treacherous territory, all the while trying to avoid the patrol that is closing in on them. When they stumble upon a cave with a


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  • Through the Wall of Time

    Pier Marr

    Herculaneum, 79 AD - On the day of the historical Vesuvius eruption, some unusual artefacts were hidden within the mysterious Villa of the Papyri. They remained buried for centuries beneath a thick layer of mud and lava, until the mid-nineteenth century, when a young archaeologist named Oleg excavates them. The discovery changes his life, making him into a famous magician known throughout Europe. But at the height


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  • The Order

    Donald Cimmino

    Ruther is fed up with his life in his peaceful galaxy. Peace is not conducive to making money. But his quiet life is about to be shattered. An unthinkable crime has been committed by the ruling government of one galaxy against another and the universal balance has become disrupted. The Order have no choice but to intervene.


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  • Trial By Fusion

    Robert E Potok

    Steven, along with nearly five hundred other humans, has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. An advanced alien species known as the Pic have proposed a test to see whether humans and Pic can bring their two societies together for mutual benefit. Steven will spend the next thirty years of his life on the Pic home world, first studying at a university created for joint human-Pic classes, then living and work


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  • The Van Gogh Incident

    Roger Tessier

    A home invasion robbery is a terrifying ordeal - unless, of course, your home is secretly protected by something even more unexpectedly dangerous... The violent theft of a priceless Van Gogh from a seemingly quiet retired couple sets into motion not only a search for the stolen painting and its murderous thieves, but also an international pursuit of the owner's enigmatic feline that was loose


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  • The Root Of John's Happiness

    Michaila Oberhoffer

    John never questioned why things happened around him the way they did -why everyone wore the same shade of grey, why every lawn was manicured to be exactly three quarter inches. He especially didn't seem to notice the small little detail that he, and everyone else in Meno for that matter, were always and without fault smiling, yet nothing significant ever occurred. That, however, was all about to change when a


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  • The Specter of Psyche

    Blair Wylie

    A catastrophe shuts down an innovative but risky metallic asteroid mining venture worth quadrillions of dollars. A talented young NYPD detective is recruited to solve suspected murders linked to the catastrophe. And a beautiful and talented artificial intelligence genius must ensure that no more misdirected artificial meteors will endanger people at the receiving end on Earth's Moon. No one suspects that the m


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  • Many Worlds Collide

    Maria Price

    Zeta always knew there was something different, something special about her. She could commune with her planet, Jet, and thus, when the time came, she knew he was dying. Gathering the clans of her world, she urged them all aboard the ship, X-an, to find the safety of another world. But Zeta's journey is just beginning as she discovers the mystery of her conception and birth and, with the support of X-an and th


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  • And Death is not the End

    The Very Raving Mr P

    It was just another day for Mr P as he tried to find the cure for death. Until he happened upon the information that his good friend is to be murdered in the most brutal of ways. And he wanted in. He reckoned that being a part of an unsolved murder is pretty cool. And being a part of the unsolved murder of his friend is utterly intriguing. But to be involved in an unsolved time-travelling murder mystery! We


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  • Chasing Faith

    Stephen James Boyd

    It is 2052 and the world is not as we know it. Artificial-Intelligence robots have usurped mankind and there are hasty plans for humans to evacuate the Earth to establish new colonies on distant planets. Humans and new races collide culturally and politically and wars are raging. Will the Reverend Sinclair and his wife manage to leave Earth, with his flock, and find salvation? Will Deb Sinclair ever find he


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  • My Clone and I

    Maria Angelica Maoddi and Maria Teresa Fiumanò

    My Clone and I could be defined as a noir science fiction novel, born from the imagination and professionalism of a psychologist and a neurologist-psychiatrist. The protagonist, Laura, is a scientist who is cloned and raises her clone as a daughter. When the last-mentioned discovers her origin, she flees to a city in the United States and here she turns to a laboratory where she ends up a victim of o


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    James Stenhouse

    Richard is faced with death knocking on his doorstep and is approached by a woman who offers him the opportunity to go to a new dimension when he dies and be given the gift of living again but on a condition that he helps save the Earth from evil people doing evil things. And so he takes up this offer. They give him a position in Concordat as it is called. What is his role in Concordat? And this dimension, how doe


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