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  • So I Let It Be

    Sindhu Rajasekaran

    Kayal is a young Indian girl on the cusp of womanhood. She moves to a new neighbourhood in her small village. She meets and befriends the mysterious and unconventional Damini, who turns her world upside down. Mehr is a conventional Muslim woman, married to Ahmed who cares for her but cannot communicate with her. Mehr's life changes after a short trip to Paris. What is the price we pay for fre


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  • Russian Keys

    G.A. Ross

    Ian was unsure whether to attend his father's funeral, they'd hardly been on speaking terms, but he decided he must. He could never have imagined what he would get into when Major James Anderson, also known as the Leper, told him his father had been murdered and gave him a USB stick explaining his father's life. As the journey progresses and with the help of his trus


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  • Alarm Clocks in Hell

    J.P.W. Cornish

    Louis Cumberbatch has always lived his life in an ordered fashion, with exactly the same habits each day. He lives alone and his dull but reassuring routines are set precisely to time, which is important for his equilibrium. He avoids too much socialising or any advancement at work, and finds other people puzzling and their motivations incomprehensible. He never questions his mode of existence, until one day he wa


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  • The Fisherboys

    Terence M. Channell

    Tom McArdle feels like something of an outsider compared to his classmates, in small-town Australia. That is, until he meets Eddie, and a lifelong friendship is born. Together they navigate through the hurdles and setbacks littering the path towards their ultimate dream - that of owning their own fishing boat. But not everything is plain sailing as both friends face their own problems and challenges - Eddie's


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  • Seven Daughters of Eve

    Deborah Williams

    Seven different women, each with their own story to tell, but all are connected. From Annie, a trainee journalist looking for her first big scoop when a body is found in the local quarry, to Jaclyn, friendless but terrified to go home lest her big secret is revealed. Then there's middle-aged, embittered Eliza whose only interest is corresponding with a famous film star; and Eleanor whose pampered lifestyle cha


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  • More About Tim and His Parrot Carolina

    Elizabeth Love

    Follow the next adventure of Timothy and his pet parrot, Carolina. Tim still loved the enchanted wood and the wonderful flowers, plants and animals it held. He marveled at the beautiful girl, Amy, who had become his friend. He had become strong and intelligent since his discovery and was no longer the weakling his parents had known from birth. As he grew stronger, his parents fe


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  • When the Devil Drives

    James Lythgoe

    Love, infidelity, blackmail and deceit litters the emotions of three friends as they journey through the trials of life in different directions across the world. Former Royal Marine Eddie journeys to Southern Africa to join the Rhodesian Light Infantry in an effort to start life afresh, but his chance meeting with Jenny turns his life upside down. Striving to succeed as a profes


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  • Triumph Over Fear

    Thomas E. Lightburn

    After witnessing the sinking of his ship HMS Watchful, and seeing the officers and men he knew so well dead and dying, Commander John Hammond suffers a nervous breakdown and is admitted to hospital. Following extensive psychiatric treatment, he is finally considered fit to return to duty. However, doubts remain in his mind if he will ever really recover from the past. This is soon put to the test whe


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  • Ellie Hopeson 91

    Muriel Freeborn

    Muriel Freeborn has given her heroine, Ellie Hopeson, the same age as her own, ninety-one. We can safely anticipate from the surname, ‘Hopeson', that Ellie is a woman of fortitude and hope with a loving and forgiving nature.   Ellie accepts the slower pace of life her age demands and uses the time released to contemplate her past. She remembers her husband, Norman, parents and si


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  • Le Cadeau De L'amour

    Steven Sullivan

    Three families, all very different. They had moved into the new build houses on the estate at the same time, one child born to each family, and had become friends from the beginning. Barbeques, holidays, days out - they were all involved and went everywhere together, sharing many happy times and fond memories. But things changed the day the three children - Tommy, Louise and Sophie - now in the


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  • Laura, Come Back to Me

    Michael Dowle

    It's 2004. Jack and Laura meet at sixteen, falling in love while running her father's antique business. Ten years on, they decide to marry...within an hour, Laura saves a boy's life on the train tracks, being hit in the process. Jack loses his soul mate. Laura passes away, in his arms! With Jack spiralling into grief, his mother tells him they can bring Laura back. Thinking she'


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  • How Did He Know?

    Bill Smith

    Gerhard's magnificent scheme to pilfer five sacks of diamonds from an Amsterdam company, then lift two priceless Gutenberg Bibles from a German museum, upset the ingenious frozen pea strategy of two retired Detroit school teachers with the same idea. But in the end, which thief out-thieved the other?


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