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  • Living the Question

    Sandy Goulding

    Selena has two massive secrets. The first is a blessing from the past as she reaches "the big 50". The second isn't. And how will her partner Edmund, daughter Tania and best friend Kate react to both bombshells, as time marches inextricably onwards to an end which none of them want...or can stop?


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  • The Little White House

    Natalia Sheppard

    "I thought of all the people who had lived within my embrace, and the emotions they had expressed that had unconsciously permeated every inch of my being. I may not be 'alive' in the Human sense of the word, but I was very much alive because of the energy that had seeped through my walls, my floor, my ceiling, as if the breath of others within my rooms, had breathed life into my very soul..."


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  • The Buick Stops Here

    John Duignan and Ian Hopkins

    In the sequel to Skelp The Aged, Mungo and Ethel Laird return from the Algarve for medical reasons. Mungo is suffering from chronic insouciance but has been assured it is nothing to worry about; Ethel has a mysterious liver condition.   Instructed by Ethel to ‘find a project' while she is in hospital, Mungo finds himself the owner of the only loss-making bookmaker i


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  • The Comedian

    Branka Krstevska

    Shae O'Hara works in a pub as bartender but dreams of more. She wants to own the pub, not just serve drinks, and buy herself a house and settle down instead of living a lonely life in her messy apartment. Her life consists of drinking and smoking with her best friend Bear. Not the future she imagined for herself.   When the pub struggles to find night entertainers for its patrons, Shae


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  • The Anniversary Man

    Edward Figg

    This novel, set in current-day Britain, covers the exploits of the officers from the Kingsport Police Station in Kent. The small team is challenged when faced with a sick and violent serial killer. They learn to trust one another and themselves, as they move deeper into the investigation and start uncovering layers that will eventually lead to his capture.   This is a good, solid police pr


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  • The Carolina Gold Highway

    Travis Leonard

    A fascinating story about a slave plantation in the middle of nowhere, completely cut off from the modern world, where slavery has been practised since the American Civil War.   Avery Pine, an American college student, writes his final exam, followed by a "big blowout party". After being dumped by his online girlfriend who he is on his way to visit for the first time, he goes int


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  • Thanks, Eve, For The Apple Thing

    Dan Meakin

    Don, a thirty-something-year-old man, is away on a weekend bender with a group of friends when he spots Beth, the woman he'll come to want to spend the rest of his life with. After a tentative start, their romance blossoms and life couldn't possibly get any better.   With alternate weekends spent at Don's flat in London and Beth's cottage in Norfolk, Don's world is near


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  • Private Gestures

    Michael Cumiskey

    Malcolm lives with his two sons, Harry and Jason. He was invited to attend Mary's funeral up North. His decision to go, was more for hopefully meeting his ex-wife Julie. Mary had been a great friend for both and was a supporter for them in their difficult needs. So, of course, Julie would attend the funeral, right? Would Malcolm get a chance to talk to her? Maybe patch things up with Julie?


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  • The Punknowle Plot

    Tony Phillips

    After having been asked to leave his previous teaching position, Sebastian Punknowle needs to find himself employment. Several unsuccessful interviews later, he takes desperate measures to secure the Head of History position at Lord Bilgebury College for Boys. Punknowle soon assesses the competition in the other members of staff and lines himself up with a useful ally in the student bully.  


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  • Paradise

    Carol Ann Cole

    Such a decision for a sixteen-year-old girl. Should she stay within her adoptive family, and with Thomas, her boyfriend whom she has known all her life, or give it all up to follow her long held desire to become a nun? Paradise, in secret, finally leaves her family and joins the convent. She takes with her another secret, the result of the love between herself and Thomas. Cut off entirely and subject to


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  • Collisions

    Janet Austin

    On a visit to her sister, Eve has confirmation of what she already knows - that her sister, Rose, is not in a happy marriage. While trying to enjoy the break with her sister, Eve finds it hard to put up with her difficult brother-in-law. It's not long before the situation comes to a head. Meanwhile, teenager Perry's own home life is also not a


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  • Lucky Ruby

    Ruth Flynn

    The Scots called him "Big Jock". Hailed throughout the UK as one of its most popular prime ministers and lately ennobled as Lord John Campbell of Lockerbie, his illustrious career is now heading for a well-earned retirement. Yet when the King of the Chat Shows, Mark Henderson, interviews him live on TV the public are amazed when they get more than expected - and never mind how personal he gets.


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