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Contemporary Fiction

  • The Not So Silent World of Danny Valentine Rocker

    Mitchell Levene

    Having lost his hearing completely by the age of ten, Danny Valentine-Rocker's extraordinary lip-reading skills are employed simultaneously by the British Government's MI6 to obtain sensitive information in the interest of national security, and by a glossy gossip magazine to appease the general public's insatiable appetite for controversy (as well as that of his fame-obsessed mother). His talents also


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  • Tristan

    Analina MacEwan

    Isobel, full of dreams and ready to embrace the adventure, moves to the other side of the world with her new husband. Years later, a divorced single parent and mourning the loss of her partner, she meets Tristan and her life changes completely. Tristan is tall, handsome, twelve years her junior and in love with her. Isobel allows herself to believe that this time her dreams really can come true, but Tris


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  • My Sisters Maid-of-Honor

    Landyn Prescott-Miles

    For Celina Woods, weddings were timeless traditions. Images of a beautiful white dress, a warm summer day and colourful flowers filled her head, until her sister announced her engagement. Suddenly, the traditional trimmings Celina and Mimi spent their childhoods recreating become a thing of the past, as Mimi creates her own path to the altar. Celina has to decide: either let go of tradition or risk ruining her sis


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  • Charlotte and the Fairies

    Wendy Beasley

    Charlotte was just five years old when she moved to a new house with her Mummy and Daddy, Morgan the dog and Billy the budgie. Although she liked the new house and loved her new bigger bedroom, she still felt sad leaving her old home and a little bit strange in the new one. That was until she discovered the garden, and then everything changed, with new friends and exciting adventures. Charlotte knew about fairies


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  • Jonathan

    Thomas Pass

    "Her twinkling green eyes were looking out upon the field, at the squirrels dashing across the trees and the rabbits wiggling their noses, whilst her fingers coiled around her pen, sharply slashing small lines into the page." Jonathan has been drawing since he was a young boy sitting beside his mother, etching rabbits and trees into his notebook. Throughout his youth, he created storie


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  • In Extremis

    Janet Austin

    Stephanie's and Ruth's lives couldn't have been more different. Ruth and her husband were academics at a local university. Stephanie is a trophy wife to Roger whose role was to entertain his business associates, to shop and to always look her best. However, as the government slowly slips into a dictatorship, and the world becomes unsafe for dissenters they both find themselves on the streets as


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  • Across the Hall

    Millwood Thomas

    Dragged up in a run-down apartment by a mother whose earnings are immoral, Lilly never dreamed she had a secret admirer, as passionate as only the pure feelings of first love can be, yet one whose fear of rejection is hardly his only reason for his bashful anonymity. For Adam has many demons, and how could any woman find him worthy until he overcomes the obstacles in his way? Will Lilly escape


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  • Another Amy

    Joanne Mitchell

    Amy and Daniel are very much in love and have a baby on the way. Their future looks even more perfect when Amy's brother, Marcus, announces his engagement. But then tragedy strikes, and Amy suddenly finds herself in a very lonely place. Amy can't bear to go back to the house she shared with Daniel, so she moves in with Marcus and his best friend, Dean. Dean is gorgeous - and he knows it; his repu


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  • The Burning Man

    Edward Figg

    Drugs, arson and armed robbery send the investigating officers of the Kent Street CID down a path that, in the end, leads to death and destruction. They set out to track down a merciless killer who leaves his victim to be devoured by fire. As they probe deeper, it leads them to yet another of the killer's victims and then down into the dark and the sinister world of drug trafficking. A separate inves


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  • Table Manners

    Maureen O' Brien

    La Jazz Café and Restaurant is an institution in town. It's watched three generations grow, develop, leave and return, and it could write a book of stories. Oh wait, it did! It can tell you about Arthur, about to complete his circle of life. And it could tell you about Jas, who sometimes feels like a circus juggler with all the responsibilities she has to constantly shuffle. It could tell you about Cyri


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  • The Next Stop

    Dimitris Politis

    The mundane everyday cycle of our lives keeps repeating itself, unstoppable, tiresome, often relentless. We wake each morning, pass each day in the same way, sleep in the same bed each night, only to get up and to begin an identical day the next morning. We simply try to survive, from one day to the next, creating the illusion that we do not belong anywhere. Out of fear of rejection, we build strong silos and barr


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  • The Undertaker's Apprentice

    Geraldine Oliver

    Dartel was going to be an AB*, a living legend, until the accident that killed his best mate Peejay. Peejay's death changed everything. Dartel found himself working for the undertaker who took charge of Peejay's funeral. This wasn't the future he'd dreamed of! Instead he was trapped in the wrong life, with his used-to-be-famous, now drunk mother, Mita, his wannabe Mobster brother Buddy and his


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