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  • Collisions

    Janet Austin

    On a visit to her sister, Eve has confirmation of what she already knows - that her sister, Rose, is not in a happy marriage. While trying to enjoy the break with her sister, Eve finds it hard to put up with her difficult brother-in-law. It's not long before the situation comes to a head. Meanwhile, teenager Perry's own home life is also not a


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  • Memory of a Fish

    Suleiman Olimat

    Memory of a Fish offers a series of vignettes into the early career of Mamdouh, a self-aware young man growing up in rural Jordan. Life is not always easy for Mamdouh and his community, who are dogged by bad luck and corruption within government circles, but Mamdouh deals with each setback in a humorous, honest and fatalistic fashion. We meet this engaging protagonist on the day he graduates from h


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  • Lucky Ruby

    Ruth Flynn

    The Scots called him "Big Jock". Hailed throughout the UK as one of its most popular prime ministers and lately ennobled as Lord John Campbell of Lockerbie, his illustrious career is now heading for a well-earned retirement. Yet when the King of the Chat Shows, Mark Henderson, interviews him live on TV the public are amazed when they get more than expected - and never mind how personal he gets.


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  • There is None So Queer as Folks

    Joan McCrory

    A bunch of village busybodies concoct a story about a murder. A family find their Cornwall holiday home invaded by spooks. Mary - a nurse - replies to a job advert that will change her life. Pegs the Labrador becomes surrogate mother to an abandoned baby hedgehog.   A long-suffering husband who finally plucks up the courage to ask his c


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  • Her

    Sandra Dosdall

    Only a select few can remember their own birth, learn a new language in the space of a lunch hour, or speak to the dead; She is one of them. She is an extraordinary child with a huge heart and wisdom that goes beyond anything that most adult minds can comprehend. Circumstance takes Her and her family on a journey far from everything She knows; there She tries to adapt to a new life. She soon meets Mary Mack


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  • Western Daughter

    Jay Joseph

    Do Muslim girls living in the West belong to their faith or to their society? Nadia's parents seem to think she belongs to them. Already they have subjected her elder sister to female genital mutilation and married her to a devout husband. What chance does Nadia stand? Wanting to share the lifestyle and opportunities of her school friends, even her preference for a secular education awakens suspicion


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  • The Rents

    Simon Butterworth

    School is out, summer has officially started and the next thing on the list is the family summer holiday. At the age of sixteen, Jim is sure that this year's holiday is going to be the last one he goes on with his parents (The Rents). In his mind there was nothing they could do to stop him making this holiday one to remember - what were they going to do? Send him home? Two weeks, summer sun, what's


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  • Risk it for a Biscuit

    Linda M. Tegerdine

    Biscuit is a dog with a difference. She relates her own story to us of life in a normal family. From a bewildering start of hearing things she does not understand, she moves to an increased comprehension of new words and events. Sometimes we wonder what limits there are to her perception. Biscuit takes us smoothly and imperceptibly from her initial world of unfamiliar sounds and behaviours to one whe


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  • You Can't Have Everything

    Edward K. Norris

    To achieve a lifetime ambition is most people’s dream, but retired athlete Peter Harrison knows his may never come true. His son, Joe, as keen an athlete as his father, also has the dream from his young days, and Peter’s ambition becomes Joe’s ambition. America is their next step forward and so the two of them, along with Joe’s live-in girlfriend, Vicki, make the move to an all-Am


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  • Escaped From Syria

    Sarah Hussain

    Escaped From Syria is an emotional and heartbreaking story of a girl who has lost her family in a chemical weapons attack in Damascus. When bloodshed and rioting break out in her hometown Latifa is raped by a masked solider and left feeling vulnerable.   She is a strong-minded woman from an educated Syrian family and understands that she has to travel many miles across many border


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  • South Coast Son

    Claire Merchant

    You would think that living in a ‘castle’-like house, being waited on hand and foot and being the best player in minor league football with the potential of signing to major league, would be every university student’s idea of heaven. Not in the case of Samuel Saber.   Between the scandals and bad publicity involving his father, to the complication that is his love life, S


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  • Whilst I Was Out

    Sara Stewart

    As a much-abused working mother of three, Alice begins to suspect what is wrong with her marriage. Her husband. Already a few fries short of a Happy Meal and more interested in cycling than Alice, he goes even more bonkers when she wants out. Alice deals with it the only way she knows how - by reaching for the bottle. Falling head over heels for someone new, and that someone's a w


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