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  • The Golden Calf

    Terry Dressler

    Elysium is the last town created on the southern coast of California. It was a fitful and difficult birth and resulted in a community of unique beauty, wealth, and privilege. Yet still, despite the apparent perfection of the design, the architectural refinement, the whole enforced ambience of the town, it is not immune to drama and tragedy, conflict and poverty. A working-class District Attorney Investig


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  • The Castle of Perfection

    Katerina Tsitoura

    Once upon a time, in a far corner of the world, Judge Compulsion, the most perfect of all the perfect ones, made a decision to create the Castle of Perfection-a place which would only welcome the chosen, elite, unsurpassed minds of society and exclude the unbearable, run-of-the-mill, mediocre masses. After all, a perfect society should only be comprised of perfect people, should it not? The rest is just history, a


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  • The Lantern Balcony

    Paul Curtis

    Dr Bartlett is an unlikely candidate for romance. In spite of a successful career in psychiatry, he feels a failure. He has so little gravitas that he is often mistaken for a patient. He irritates his peers by analysing everything and everyone, even their dreams. But worse: on the solid ground of his speciality, he assumes authority with patronising pompousness. To the groans of his colleagues, he produces a resea


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  • Cloud Cuckoo Land

    Louise Stradling

    In 1985, the injustices of apartheid in South Africa, bubbling beneath the surface for over forty years, broke cover to unleash a storm. The storm broke in a little backwater dorp called Uitenhage. On a hot, windy March day, the blood of innocent black people soaked into the orange clay-nothing would ever be the same. That day would change the face of South Africa. Winston is a young Xhosa man


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  • Time Spent in Lockdown

    John Carter

    Time Spent in Lockdown The good the bad and outright stupid outlook on daily life during the Covid 19 pandemic. Time Spent in Lockdown, is a light hearted look at life in a series of cartoons taken from news items day in day out through this sad time. My thoughts go out to all who have suffered losing family, friends and loved ones. I hope this book puts a smile on


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  • The Buick Stops Here

    Ian Hopkins and John Duignan

    In the sequel to Skelp The Aged, Mungo and Ethel Laird return from the Algarve for medical reasons. Mungo is suffering from chronic insouciance but has been assured it is nothing to worry about; Ethel has a mysterious liver condition.   Instructed by Ethel to ‘find a project' while she is in hospital, Mungo finds himself the owner of the only loss-making bookmaker i


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  • St Chinian University Comes of Age

    Patrick Masterson

    The French university of St Chinian has an unusual and somewhat controversial student population. Although there are the typical young undergraduates, the majority are mature, part-time students, keen to indulge in the academic and social aspects of university life, post-retirement. Growing tensions between the disparate groups reach a head when it comes time to elect a new president of the student union. With a c


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  • Hannah

    Beverley Latimer

    Hannah meets Philip Turner when she is only fourteen. He is twenty-one. Philip is very much attracted to the young girl with the blonde hair and shapely figure, and Hannah quickly becomes infatuated with him. Hannah believes Philip is in love with her, and so, when he promises to look after her, and give her the future she deserves, she has no reason not to believe him. They mar


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  • The Weed Man

    Nicola J John

    Look out! Look out! There are weeds about. Following his retirement as a top-ranking Secret Service agent in Her Majesty's government, Professor Gethin David Weedall becomes bored with the tedium of everyday life in suburbia. He misses both the glamour and the danger associated with the assignments which took him to virtually every corner of the globe. 007 had a potent rival.


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  • Dancing the Skies and Falling with Style

    Calvin Shields

    At the dawn of the Jet Age, flying was romantic, exciting and exclusive. Drab post-war austerity surrendered to a less restrained, less politically correct, more vibrant era. Britain prospered with a newfound sense of optimism, business flourished and airlines expanded. Colin Fairdale, an insecure public schoolboy, stumbles into a career as a pilot with BOAC at the end of the Swinging Sixties. He is a bo


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  • Lucky Lucy

    Coleen Moore-Hayes

    Dr. Lucy Fallon has been looking forward to a long-overdue holiday with her best friend, Jessie, at their childhood home of Cape Breton Island. The stately Keltic Lodge would be the perfect place to put all her cares behind her while enjoying the fabulous food and majestic scenery the area has to offer. But along with her bathing suit and beach blanket, Lucy has also packed a secret; one so painful and private tha


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  • Fernando's Harvest

    Ronald Plante

    In a country embroiled in strife and conflict, a young Nicaraguan boy must find his place in his family's cigar making enterprise, a world rife with hardship and tradition. For three generations, the Ruiz family have worked their land in Esteli to cultivate different types of tobacco and produce premium hand-rolled cigars. The Ruiz family is particularly fond of the criollo plant, which they harvest in five di


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