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  • Precious Gems

    Sue Brady

    Pearl and Ruby - two precious gems - are friends for life. For eighty years, from the very first day they are put together in school, Pearl and Ruby are firm friends, through all the weddings, children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. The world around them may change but their friendship remains strong. We first meet them, aged nearly ninety, dealin


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  • Life Force

    John Nickson

    Martin Morgan says goodbye to his family for what he believes to be the last time. A diagnosis of cancer in its last stages has left him with two choices: to tell his family and let them care for him in his last days, or to not tell his family and instead take a last trip to the mountains where he'll go to die. Martin chooses the latter. Having booked into a hotel in the Scottish Highlands, he sets out


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  • The Veiled Thread

    Stephen Twartz

    In 1914, twenty year old Eiric is droving for his father with his brothers, Ted and Joe, and Jimmy, the farm hand who always looks out for them. The boys yearn to break free from their controlling and aggressive father, but his manipulations stand in the way. Could the war in Palestine be a way for them to gain freedom? Interwoven with the past is the present day story of Harry who discovers he


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  • Fergus Speaks

    James Hodge

    A blending of Gaelic and Cymric mythic traditions, this tale follows the birth, life and death of a figure who combines the characters and adventures of CuChulainn, the greatest hero of Irish myth and Gawain, one of the greatest knights of Arthur's British Round Table. From the Cattle Raid of Cooley, pitting all of Ireland against Ulster, to Arthur's resistance against the massive incursions of Germanic tr


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  • A Glutton-Free Diet

    I.D.C. Hopkins

    In this satirically comic novella, three men and two women become increasingly entangled in a too-long weekend on the Scottish isle of Arran. The men are trying to find the fourth member of their golf fourball to decide their tied annual series. The women are on a secret and illegal mission involving local plant life. One of the women takes the chance to settle an old score against one of the unsuspecting men. Gen


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  • The Road to Peace

    Terence O'Shaughnessy

    James Clifford-Harris, a disabled veteran of the Great War in his mid-thirties, leads a lonely and miserable existence. Plagued by recurring nightmares and lumbered with selfish family members who are ill-equipped to deal with his needs, his attempt to escape his surroundings is made possible following an encounter with travelling Gypsies, Challenor and his daughter Mary. Learning the details of their tragic past


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  • Justice Delayed

    Pat Marlow

    Kate Meredith was about to witness a post mortem on a mutilated body found in strange circumstances. Not her favourite part of the job as a detective sergeant, but it had to be done. The dead man's past uncovered an historic abuse case involving vulnerable boys at a children's home. Something unspeakable had been happening and Kate was about to uncover the sordid and sinister details. A c


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  • To Sit in Solemn Silence

    Sue Woodcock

    When senior detective Saul Catchpole takes his family to a production of the Mikado, he has no idea that soon he will be investigating a gruesome murder on the stage and finding out that within the operatic society things are seldom what they seem. Soon the enquiry is delving into the history of several members of the cast with surprising results. Not only does it challenge him and his team, as he introduces a new


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  • The Dragon Rider

    T. J. Weekes

    "My name is Abagail Stone, and I always wished I could be a Dragon Rider and often dreamed of serving the kingdom." When a rare dragon egg was stolen from the sacred Cave of Noelle, the dragons' immense power vanished along with the hope of a mass dragon army. And over the past few years, the amount of Dragon Riders has fallen. Few men have been chosen to mount the fierce yet magni


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  • Only He Who Understands Is Sad

    Colin Wallace

    Nelpin is a government official with a complicated background. Orphaned and brought up by another family, he finds people who he can manipulate, and disposes of them when they are no longer of use.   Moskar comes from a wandering tribe of the Lagerian desert. Happily married and hoping for a child, one day changes his whole life in the desert forever.   Nelpin'


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  • Where There's Life

    David C. Ayre

    For more than two years, Alan and Kirsty have been developing a highly sophisticated robot which closely mimics both the physical and intellectual properties of human beings. After some false starts, they design and build two prototypes - Jack and Jill - and decide to test their credibility as human by visiting an old friend. The test is a success, and they also find that the learning potential o


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  • Be Careful What You Wish For

    Amie Rasar

    It was a dream come true! Everyone always said they wanted to win the lottery and when it actually happened to him, he thought all their prayers were answered.   How wrong he was! How could the best thing that had ever happened to them be the worst? He longed for his family back, for the happy family they were, he even wanted the hard times back!   No one could pre


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