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  • Fate or Fortunate

    Alan Riches

    Fate or Fortunate relates to five real life occurrences that inspired five very different fictitious short stories.   Numbers: Some people live in hope of their lottery numbers coming good, but would that actually make their life complete?   Voices: Sometimes voices in our heads need to be listened to, no matter how strange a request


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  • Just for ME

    John Martin

    Following a traumatic start in life after the sudden death of his parents, David Lane slowly turns things around. He becomes a champion for those less fortunate and a spokesman for many good causes, while in the shadows there are those determined to undermine his charitable efforts and destroy his hard-fought reputation.


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  • Oregon's Hidden Gold Found

    Spencer Friese

    Deep in the backwoods and badlands of Oregon, there lurk many mysteries.   Can all the prints be of human feet or are they too big? Can there be gold in them there mountains or under the valleys, or is all that just an old joke now? The Indians are long gone and they were no miners, so who made that saucer-shaped hollow in the ground?   Or what?  


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  • Pink Gins Under a Mango Tree

    Joanne van Driessen

    Life is a series of dramas and, big or small, they should all be remembered. Pink Gins Under A Mango Tree spans two decades, set in the tropical Gold Coast of West Africa during the colonial days before independence and then in the newly independent Ghana. This is about the life and dramas of a middle-class family, the father, a Dutch Resistance fighter and survivor of Dachau, his strong willed


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  • The Rock Band II

    T.D. Morley

    T.D. Morley continues the story of the lives of the famous rock band, The Peacocks. In a tale wrought with emotion and trauma, the band members must face the toughest challenges of their lives and come face to face with the Devil, who has hunted them for years and refuses to leave them alone. Bent on destroying their happiness, the Devil is unable to rest until his mission is complete. Elements of the su


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  • The Flower Cart and the Road

    Monte Jaffe

    Asher, part Cherokee and part Jewish, was born in Tennessee to parents who wanted only the best for him; that is, to marry a nice Jewish girl and settle down to a secure life. Asher had other ideas. He wanted freedom. He thumbed to Florida, where he drifted along doing odd jobs and discovered his talent for painting. He decided to try life in Europe and ended up in Germany, where he met his future wife.


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  • Salt and Pepper: Unearthing Taboos

    Maria Akhanji

    Salt and Pepper reveals life as experienced by a young Bangladeshi girl, Ranya. She is six at the beginning, living in Dubai with her doctor father, singer mother and older siblings. We follow her trials and tribulations at school and at home and her moves to Bangladesh and London. Her family life is disturbing. Ranya is at times treated as a slave and suffers abuse from her father; her mot


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  • Starve or Kneel

    Jamal Abozaid

    Once again, it was a time of war. Ali al-Halabi, a rebel leader, had been captured by the regime and was now being tortured into joining it and killing his fellow rebels by the notorious Major Hider Nizar. Would Ali succumb to the will of the regime? Ali had witnessed the atrocities which the Syrian people had endured and the state of the refugee camps to which they were forced to flee. He had seen child


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  • The Gander Club

    C.P. Burrows

    "World War Three has already started, Mr McLain, but most of the world doesn't know it yet." Following the brutal murder of his brother in Afghanistan, businessman Harry McLain reluctantly returns to Kabul where he becomes a suspect in a car bombing incident and involved in a cybersecurity operation. Hassled by the police and with his passport confiscated, he is unable to


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  • After the Storm Was Over

    A.T. (Mac) McTavish

    Meet Josie, the narrator of this novel, who is thirty-nine years and fifteen months old! She, Sarah, Anne, Helen and Beth comprise the First Wives' Club. They are young single women with troubled personal histories now ready for a fresh start and adventure. The novel is set in the West Country. It is from there, early in the novel, that these friends set off in ‘The Saucy Sally' for, purpor


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  • The Knotted House

    Ruth Skrine

    Meena is the narrator of this absorbing novel, a primary school teacher, divorced and bereaved following the death of her mother. She has intense personal struggles of a psychosexual nature, which she seeks to resolve through her relationship with Quentin, her lodger, and through her exploration of childhood memories and old family histories. A tension between present and past grows to a climax


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  • The Dragon and Saint George: A Fairy Tale Novella

    Rod Giblett

    The story of Saint George killing the evil Dragon is well-known. It's in books and statues and on coins. But what if this story was untrue and the Dragon was good? What if Saint George was misguided by stories of heroes killing dragons? What if, instead of Saint George killing the Dragon and saving the Princess, something else happens? What if Saint George was foolish and the Dragon wise? What if the place whe


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