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  • 24 Days of Wuhan

    Amir Vaziri

    Relocating to Wuhan, China, for his job as an architect, Daniel Verhagen and his family are sought by the Chinese police due to events they don't understand. Helped by new friends but unsure who to trust, they go from prison to the home of a refined Chinese official. Why can't they just go to their embassy and sort this whole mess out? Behind the scenes, there are conspiracies at play which could have far-


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  • The Australian Dynasty

    Bob Phillips

    Ron & Bettina Taylor headed an Australian family who lived on a small idyllic seaside country property. The oldest of five children, Trish is blessed with movie star looks and destined for stardom. Under her mother's guidance she battles through a kaleidoscope of amateur model quests to become Miss Australia and went on to a bizarre career as an international super model on the world fashion stage. As she


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  • Women of the Guild

    Darleen Innis

    Evelyn North quits the Tea Basket quilt guild in a snit over their decision to raise money for cancer research via an auction of small quilts. Evelyn thinks she can form a guild to raise more with a raffle and thereby win the incentive prize, a very expensive longarm quilting machine. She systematically raids the Tea Basket members, using flattery, coercion, bribery and blackmail. Her efforts cost the Tea Baskets


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  • Audit, Angel, Antipodes, Admiral and Antmen

    Desmond Collins

    A quirky anthology of five different, but positive short stories. Based on a caring sense of family and community which will appeal to many from different walks of life.


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  • The Island of No Return

    Antonio Lavieri

    The Washington Department of Justice decides to confine the convicted inmates to an island from which they cannot return. Here the marginalized, close to the nature of the place, find unexpected happiness by discovering human values that have now disappeared in the advanced society. Love stories, a spirit of communal life, adventures, and new passions intertwine. All of this disturbs the American government and pu


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  • The Illegal

    Nadya Dukhina

    Ekaterina leaves Russia to pursue her education in the United States. She falls in love with the country and overstays her invitation. She becomes an illegal immigrant and tries to find her place in a society alien to her. She makes new friends, finds different jobs and comes across new love interests but nothing seems to help her with her immigrant status. Meanwhile, tragedies befall her and hope fa


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  • The Bitch

    A. I. Gomez

    A family of five - a wife, a husband and their three children - are living their happy ending in a north Texas suburb, complete with a dog and enough acreage for their growing brood to run around on and add more pets. It's an idyllic life. Until...the husband has an affair. Rather than leave her husband, Annie, the wife, decides to make him suffer. To make him pay for his betrayal. Annie begins a


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  • The Seven Ladies: The Black Lady

    Clara Cabrera

    ‘What are you up to?' Es asked with narrowed eyes. Gweren lifted her chin with a strange glint in her eyes, dangerous, deadly. ‘I want you to do some work for me,' she began slowly. ‘I want you to make sure that the people I point to you disappear.' Es crossed her arms, nodding coldly. ‘You and I don't exist,' she repeated. ‘It's the


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  • The Seven Steps

    Tony Bury

    Poor Harry... He thinks he is a pretty good human being, until one day he tangles with an ambulance and ends up in a different place entirely. This place might sound like heaven, but it's about to teach him a few life lessons... and not only human ones. It's a dog's life, Harry. But it's much more than that. It's practically a menagerie!


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  • Taken

    Alex Stone

    Pulmulla is worried her vision of the future will come true. Biligiri just wants to get home. Besides, he's in love for the first time, and will be a father in 22 months. Tant-Meisie is lonely and going around in circles. She meets famous and eccentric people though. Hannibal Solo thought he was retired - until Carroll came along, and she's hard case. On top of this, he


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  • The Cattlebridge Charabanc

    D. M. Quillman

    Who would travel across France and Spain in an old bus on a quest to trace the origin of an ersatz whisky bottle, with two female companions, neither of them related to him? Hugh Stebbingfold would. And did. How it all came about, the pleasures and hazards of a 1250-mile journey and its outcome - and much more besides - are recounted in these pages. "A kind of Don Quixote for anoraks" -&


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