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  • Estrellada

    Anne Bueno

    Spanning four generations of one family, Estrellada follows the lives of Gwen, Moira and Estelle.  As their travels take them across Europe, they must find their own paths through life, love, loss and betrayal.


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  • Rendezvous With Fate

    Thomas E. Lightburn

    This is the story of HMS Dawlish, a type 23 frigate and the dangers she faces on her way to the Persian Gulf. Among her 126 crew is a committed Al Qaeda terrorist. Using a secret explosive concealed in his kit, his mission is to blow up the ship and kill her ship's company. However, due to circumstances beyond his control, this initially becomes difficult, especially when, despite his fanatical religious belie


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  • Flawed Jade

    Elizabeth Margaret

    How can a child fall through the cracks of the very system that is meant to safeguard her?   How can a child disappear into a dark world of drug addiction and prostitution?   How can a child fall prey to organised paedophile rings that consist of, and are protected by, the highest in the land?   All too easily, that's how. &nb


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  • Counterpoint

    Peter B. Martin

    We often search for clues, but sometimes there are no explanations for the mysterious ways of life... These eight short stories fulfil the idea expressed in the above quotation which is taken from the final paragraph of one of the stories. In all the stories the characters appear to live fairly straightforward lives, although the circumstances of their lives are not necessarily normal. W


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  • Irene (Relationships Redefined)

    Albert Wessel

    A profound analysis by Albert Wessel of what comprises a fulfilling life.   Mary, a middle aged single woman is traumatized by her most recent breakup with her on again/off again, married boyfriend Peter. This relationship is extremely sexua


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  • Return to Yellow Dykes

    Valentine Jones

    Tom Steelpens returns to Yellow Dykes with one mission in mind: to take back what rightly belongs to his family. With the help of his cousin Josephine, Tom delves back into the past to trace the reasons behind the confiscation of his ancestors' land, and uncovers corruption on a huge scale.   Return to Yellow Dykes highlights the corruption and greed of those in power, th


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  • Yr Gobaith: The Dragon's Lair

    John Dawson

    A chance and memorable encounter in a hotel foyer. Three days of passion leading to that eventful holiday. Is she a witch? That strange tale of Gwyneth sending their children searching for that mystical Welsh Red Dragon. Gold? How one word prompts our two inept villains to give hot, hilarious pursuit. Frantic parents, just why are their children running away?   And so the chase begins, ove


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  • The Eye of Kuruman

    Ian M. Evans

    Ever since her grandfather told her stories about the famous David Livingstone, Alex Gordon has been fascinated by Africa. When offered the opportunity to work there as a public health nurse, Alex is excited. But bringing Western maternity medicine to rural Botswana and South Africa proves complicated. Alex faces unanticipated challenges: personal rivalries, water shortages, resistance, and the hidden toll of hist


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  • The Lily and the Rose

    Nick Morrice

    As young Ben turns seven, all he thinks about are the legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. And yet, as he grows up, it slowly dawns on him that his own life appears to be running parallel with that of Sir Gawain, the hero of his favourite medieval poem. Ben's life changes dramatically, but how does he end up in Nepal and Bangladesh, helping a young man fulfil his own ambitions?


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  • Harder Yet!

    Andrew Brasher and George Smith

    Teenagers, Ed and Harry had no idea what to expect when they joined the Tinkers Hill Force as Police Cadets, or what was in store for them when they left the comforts of home in the early seventies. They were catapulted into a cauldron of regimental discipline, all action exertion as well as the thrill of trying to outwit the ever watchful Inspector Broadhurst.   Sometimes as funny as Poli


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  • The Mad Hatters' Tea Party

    Francis James

    Those words ... ‘Sectioned under the Mental Health Act'. However, being detained in a Mental Health institution, will probably mark the start of the road to recovery for many.   This is a novel about relationships, fears and feelings as it traverses the sometimes long road to good mental health. Compassionately written, it provides an insight i


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  • JustTin

    Steve 'Loopy' Newhouse

    JustTin is an eight-foot high robot with many remarkable powers, including the ability to be extremely rude to people. He has been built by Dad Trotter with the help of his clumsy ten-year-old son, Barry, and Barry's best friend, Zed.  


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