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  • Shine: A Mountain Family's Survival

    Larry Linder

    John Taylor tragically lost his wife giving birth to Julia, now the youngest child of seven, leaving his eldest daughter, Louise, to raise the family. He was well known in the area for supplying the best ‘moonshine' around and ran the illegal business with the help of his sons. When John disappeared on a moonshine run leaving no trace, his family thought the worst and were left to fend for


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  • The Colourful World in Nickolai Gold Volume II

    Lela Sara

    Through the filters, their wanders edge. Indeed, Gold and Plumpy Pout cross the barriers of existence once again. Where solvents have been poured. Where solutions have been stirred. And where emulsifiers have been blended. They have rhymed themselves with Harmonica's beatings. In the parlour at Corpses' Crescent, they seek the script for Miss Amber Littlehead's treat. At the


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  • Implausible Tales of an Erstwhile Conveyancer

    D. M. Quillman

    "... an interesting legal topic to research: is a will apparently signed in the course of an out-of-the-body experience and witnessed by a cat valid?" Just one of the peculiar legal situations that arise in these Implausible Tales of an Erstwhile Conveyancer. A variety of stories lightly combining different aspects of land law with a sense of the great unknown.


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  • The Lolly Box

    J. Roland

    Chester Malcreef is a simple piano teacher whose life has always been safe and clean. He avoids touching others, eating spoiled food and has impeccable hygiene. Never in his wildest dreams would he imagine being forced into the new reality TV series, Bumscape. Suddenly he is homeless, waking up in an old, filthy car. He has no money or friends and is forced to survive using only his wits while be


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  • The Third I

    Ian Hickman

    As the third identical male triplet is born at the Doctors Without Borders encampment in Ubatu, it is against a cacophony of small arms fire, as the camp is overrun by insurgents intent on expelling all foreigners from their land. Doctor Rene, midwife Larry and the camp pastor, Father O'Connell, desperately rush towards the impatient, evacuation helicopter, each carrying one of the triplets. The mother,


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  • Shadow of Exposure

    Jeremy Moran

    Collette is a young computer engineer desperate to escape her life in rural Maine. In search of a new beginning, she heads to New York to start work at an up and coming media company where she learns her former college professor is at the center of a deep cover up. With blind allegiance she sets out in search of answers and quickly finds herself chasing a story that sheds light on powerful people who are willing t


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  • 19 Years

    Ellie Thompson

    When Ellie marries her childhood sweetheart, Curtis, she believes she has found her happy-ever-after. Soon, however, cracks begin to show and Ellie realises that Curtis may not be the man she thought he was. On the surface, all appears perfect for the family; children are born, careers progress, and loving relationships with family and friends develop. Only Ellie knows the truth about her increasingl


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  • An Immigrant's Commitments

    Sam Lingayah

    This is a biographical novel. It is written from the pen of an experienced social worker, driven by compassion and empathy, who embarked on the migration trail with too many dreams and goals to achieve. However, no reader would remain unmoved and not share the long and often traumatic journey of the child labourer's do-or-die commitment. This led him to join the British Army, travel to India, failing to return


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  • The Totara Tree

    J. A. Hobson

    When you make a stand, when you draw a line in the sand and say, 'I will fight'. Choices become hard, life changing even... At least that's what it was like for Jonny Reid. He will fight for something he can't comprehend and doesn't understand. Can Jonny make the hard choices? Follow Jonny and his best friends, Rus and Ronald, as they laugh, fight and stagger


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  • Negative Intimacy

    Christine Le Gardé

    Ariel is clever, alluringly beautiful, kind, professionally accomplished and financially comfortable. Near perfection in every sense of the word. Most bachelors think she is way out of their league. She is courted online by Dante, a charming psychotherapist who lures her into his web with intimate, erotic dalliances. They marry and have a child. Then the mask is torn off, exposing a man with one of t


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  • My Usual Table

    Charles Lander

    Customers with their usual table at a restaurant have more than their fair share of problems. The manager Leo can help. These interconnecting stories, clever and intriguing, follow the fortunes of the customers and how they and their families react to the issues they face. A father who dies leaving a dysfunctional family with a problem they alone can solve - will they find the right solution? An over


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  • Control Freak

    Sean McGlynn

    Josephine was a typical young woman looking for something to spice up her life, adventure, excitement, love? But that meant finding that special someone. She did, she found him in John. Not on a dating site, not on social media, not on the internet. She found him in the personal ads in her local newspaper. But then it doesn't matter how you find someone, it just matters that you do. He was the perfect gentlema


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