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  • Tainted Family Portrait

    V. Seraphim

    Charlotte has a close Anglo-Italian family. Her family motto is simple: follow our laws and all shall be given. Simple until you break one. Charlotte has followed the laws to the dot: maintain a close relationship with your grandmother, remember all birthdays, and do as they say but not as they do. More importantly, never bring shame unto the family name. With so many laws changing, it's hard to keep


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  • Evanescent

    Emily Steele

    Mollie grew up in foster homes and was always being thrown from place to place; all she wanted was to fit in and have a real family. When Maria and Dominic came to meet her one day her life changed forever. No story is without struggle or complications, and this one is a real and raw look into how a young girl rebuilds her life, but just as she finds herself, it's time to pack up again


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  • And So It Was

    Marian Smith

    A spiritual medium, Ellen O'Hare, lives in Ballygo in the north of Ireland. She is married to Fergal but the two have been drifting apart for years. The effects of this distance are felt by Ellen and her sons, Matt and James. However, Divine Providence is never asleep, and Ellen soon meets a new friend, Rose McGrath, who feels like a spiritual sister to her as well as a friend. The two wome


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  • A Buried Treasure

    Sean E Boye

    There have been many books about the Irish experience in England, but none about the children of Irish immigrants, especially those born in the 1960s and early 1970s, who fundamentally changed the general view of ‘Poor Paddy' in British culture. Now, Aiden Baxter is desperate to change that, and together with his nemesis, Jimmy Sheehan, he leads us on a journey from the working class Catholic c


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  • It's Time to Finally Come Home

    Michael Dowle

    When his parents Peter and Helen returned home in 2011 after seeing family and friends in Benidorm, Ronnie Johnson told them about the final vision he'd had after a recent accident, seeing his Grandma Brenda... but she had passed away many years before! His Grandad Jim knew there was more to it, Ronnie and he sharing an incredible secret about Brenda. What was the secret? In 2016, a road tr


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  • Salt and Pepper: BrideMaids

    Maria Akhanji

    Ranya, a young British Bangladeshi Muslim, is due to marry Fahim, a handsome, seemingly sensitive young man and family friend. She is optimistic about her marriage, her future, and her new family of in-laws, whose house she'll be moving into. However, things aren't what she expected, and no matter how hard Ranya tries to be a dutiful wife and daughter-in-law, she can never do enough for her new family. She


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  • The Symmetries: Book 1 Poetic Symmetry

    Pippa Bartolotti

    The first part of the trilogy - The Symmetries - starts in Tibet in 1988. The author uses first-hand testimony as the basis to tell the tale of a young monk caught up in the celebrations of the Dalai Lama's birthday. The story moves across the years to 2030, London, where a young woman, Firenza, is trying to come to terms with her seemingly pointless job in an advertising agency. Taking a ru


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  • To Set the Stone Trembling 

    John Moss

    To Set the Stone Trembling is a dystopian novel about the terrifying genius of language to define the limits of human experience. It is both a compelling literary exploration and a challenging intellectual thriller. Book One, The Library of Enduring Dreams, opens in a recognizable Toronto with Anna Winston, a young widow desperately avoiding and pursuing her own identity, in flight from


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  • The Golden Calf

    Terry Dressler

    Elysium is the last town created on the southern coast of California. It was a fitful and difficult birth and resulted in a community of unique beauty, wealth, and privilege. Yet still, despite the apparent perfection of the design, the architectural refinement, the whole enforced ambience of the town, it is not immune to drama and tragedy, conflict and poverty. A working-class District Attorney Investig


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  • The Castle of Perfection

    Katerina Tsitoura

    Once upon a time, in a far corner of the world, Judge Compulsion, the most perfect of all the perfect ones, made a decision to create the Castle of Perfection-a place which would only welcome the chosen, elite, unsurpassed minds of society and exclude the unbearable, run-of-the-mill, mediocre masses. After all, a perfect society should only be comprised of perfect people, should it not? The rest is just history, a


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  • The Lantern Balcony

    Paul Curtis

    Dr Bartlett is an unlikely candidate for romance. In spite of a successful career in psychiatry, he feels a failure. He has so little gravitas that he is often mistaken for a patient. He irritates his peers by analysing everything and everyone, even their dreams. But worse: on the solid ground of his speciality, he assumes authority with patronising pompousness. To the groans of his colleagues, he produces a resea


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  • Cloud Cuckoo Land

    Louise Stradling

    In 1985, the injustices of apartheid in South Africa, bubbling beneath the surface for over forty years, broke cover to unleash a storm. The storm broke in a little backwater dorp called Uitenhage. On a hot, windy March day, the blood of innocent black people soaked into the orange clay-nothing would ever be the same. That day would change the face of South Africa. Winston is a young Xhosa man


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