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  • Bookshops 101

     |  Book Nook

    Bookshops all work in the same way. They will only stock the books that are in demand. They do this because they only have a hundred/few hundred spaces to give to newer books; stocking a book they cannot see any reception or demand for, is a risky business move.

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  • Emotions & Fiction: What Are Mental Consequences Of Reading A Good Book?

     |  Book Nook

    There is nothing like spending a free evening getting immersed in a good story. The means by which the narrators connect with their audience have changed drastically over the last decade. Movies and video games are as popular as books ever used to be. But that doesn’t mean reading is out of the picture. In fact, there are some aspects of it that simply cannot be replaced.

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  • The Perfect Reading Spot - Does it Exist?

     |  Book Nook

    Where is your favourite place to read books? Is your favourite reading spot in the library, on your bed or in a comfy chair in your own book corner? Why don’t you take us on tour and let us know what’s so special about it? Why is it your perfect reading spot?

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  • The Perks of Being a Bookworm

     |  Book Nook

    There's nothing better than curling up with a great book. And being a bookworm definitely has its perks!

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