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  • Copyright Exhaustion – What it Means

     |  Author Academy

    After Brexit, the UK is looking into changing to a lesser know intellectual property framework known as “Copyright Exhaustion”.

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  • Helpful tips about social media platforms!

     |  Author Academy

    With technology advancing enormously over recent years, we are more reliant on our phones and computers than ever before. What feels like many moons ago, to promote yourself, you put your name in the local paper in an attempt to make yourself more popular. But, with relative ease, you can now promote yourself much more easily and better than before due to the success and innovation of social media.

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  • How to Promote Through Social Media

     |  Author Academy

    We get a lot of authors come to us with questions regarding how best they can use social media to promote their books, so we thought we would share some tips on how to maximise your use of your social platforms.

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  • How to Promote Children's Books

     |  Author Academy

    You wouldn’t market children’s books to a book club for thrillers, would you? Different genres require unique marketing strategies. But what are the main differences? 

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