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  • Running Hard

    Meredith Vivian

    Joe Marshall is loved by the residents of the care home where he works but, as Victoria Court is about to find out, he is no ordinary odd-job man.   Victoria is a highly-principled headmistress who


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  • Under the Rope

    Clive Venables

    "A sideways look at fifty years of farming." Seen through the cloudy and cracked mirror of retrospection, our lives are more journeying through relationships than places, through happenings not histories, more what took place on the train than the destination. More poetry than prose. My journey through late twentieth century farming, from suburban austerity dominated Nottingham, throu


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  • Justice Delayed

    Pat Marlow

    Kate Meredith was about to witness a post mortem on a mutilated body found in strange circumstances. Not her favourite part of the job as a detective sergeant, but it had to be done. The dead man's past uncovered an historic abuse case involving vulnerable boys at a children's home. Something unspeakable had been happening and Kate was about to uncover the sordid and sinister details. A c


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  • The Dragon Rider

    T. J. Weekes

    "My name is Abagail Stone, and I always wished I could be a Dragon Rider and often dreamed of serving the kingdom." When a rare dragon egg was stolen from the sacred Cave of Noelle, the dragons' immense power vanished along with the hope of a mass dragon army. And over the past few years, the amount of Dragon Riders has fallen. Few men have been chosen to mount the fierce yet magni


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  • Conversations, With Clocks

    John Goddard

    The tides of change are lapping at the doors of the college, forcing decisions and bringing personalities into conflict - yet whose decisions? And which personalities will prevail? Parslow, the headmaster, is all for change. Can he ease others out, including a long-serving deputy? And can Doug Anderson, young and idealistic, retain his zest for teaching amidst challenges to his job and even to hi


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  • The Alchemy of Winning the Lottery

    Kwezi Kimber

    This engaging novel, set in South Africa, follows the fortunes of brothers, Jabu and Sipho. They come into possession of a lottery ticket worth thirty million rands! Jabu's boss and ‘Fat Man' are prepared to kill the boys for this ticket. In fact, Fat Man is killed and the boys flee their home under suspicion of murder. After various adventures they find refuge in a Catholic


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  • To Sit in Solemn Silence

    Sue Woodcock

    When senior detective Saul Catchpole takes his family to a production of the Mikado, he has no idea that soon he will be investigating a gruesome murder on the stage and finding out that within the operatic society things are seldom what they seem. Soon the enquiry is delving into the history of several members of the cast with surprising results. Not only does it challenge him and his team, as he introduces a new


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  • The French Way

    Lorraine Thomson

    The historic pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela dates back to the Middle Ages and now attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year from all over the world. This story follows Lorraine's path along ‘The French Way' from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Roncesvalles and then on to Santiago de Compostela through the cities of Pamplona, Logrono, Burgos and Leon. With beautiful


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  • Reg

    Ian Napier

    Jasmin is a twelve-year-old Adelaide girl of Aboriginal descent. Her parents, both doctors, have volunteered to work in the Middle East for a year, so Jasmin will stay with her aunt and uncle in tropical Darwin for that time. The prospect is both very exciting and saddening, but to help with the sadness of missing her parents, Jasmin will be allowed to get a dog - her very first one. At the local


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  • The Good Society

    Andrew Gosney

    Few question seriously whether or not we live in a good society. Fewer still dare to delve in and ask those awkward questions which belie answers that we perhaps do not wish to hear. It is frequently taken as read that the goal of this identity is to render happiness to the maximum number of citizens. But are the values on which it bases its endeavour conducive to such a state? If so then why do so many complain o


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  • How to Succeed as Dictator

    John J. Mulhall

    The Dictator holds both a fascination and a revulsion for humanity. He - and the dictator must be male - commands a place in society that few democratically elected leaders can attain. He gets his picture on the front pages of influential magazines. He can murder his own people and get away with the crime. He can enrich himself on the backs of his people, and not only get away with the theft, but find that they tu


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  • Now't But Drippin'

    Julie Howard

    Take...Three generations of a family torn apart by tragedy. Ma, a feisty Yorkshire grandmother, Bert a grieving husband and Jennifer a young talented violinist. Put them together in a decaying house and watch the sparks fly. Spice it up with humour, factory scams, bullying ... add a rogue or two and you'll have a lively slice of Yorkshire life in the Sixties.  


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