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  • Over As Much Land

    P J George

    A new housing development offers its residents affordability and tranquillity in a quaint village setting close to the sea. As buyers keenly sign on the dotted line, the Evergreen estate is soon populated by happy residents. Among them is Barney, returning from London to the village of his childhood. Yet after a while, Barney begins to experience troubling dreams, and the apartment is permanently freezing c


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  • The Dream Merchant

    Darren Turnerhurst

    Daniel Greenway is a petty thief, desperate to escape his life of crime and build a respectable life with his beautiful next door neighbour, but in the year of 1997, in a small town called Mayfield, he stumbled upon the dream recorder in what should have been a routine burglary job that will turn his life upside down. With the inventor of the dream recorder dead, his daughter, Lydia, will stop at nothing to


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  • White

    Patrick Sean Kelley

    The woods on the O'Connors' land is dark, eerie and rumoured to be haunted, which makes them the perfect place for an epic camping trip at the close of the boys' eighth grade school year. Grandpa O'Connor has warned them plenty about keeping away from those woods, but it's just too tempting and Ben, Franky, Sean and Eddie take off for their first of summer's bigger than life adven


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  • The Testament of Abigail Williams

    Rosanna Moss

    Some things are best left buried.... When a wooden doll, a vase which has a strange mist inside it and an old journal are found in a trunk buried in the garden of the Williams family, fifteen year old Abi is surprised to learn that she is the only one able to read the book. Written by Abigail Williams of Salem Village, it gives an account of her life before, during and after the Salem Witch Crisis of 1692. However


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  • Perditus

    J. J. Coleman

    His heart bleeds for the world, just as the sky bleeds with its rain. He weeps for his Lord, just as his Lord weeps for him, for his path is the most paramount of any man since His resurrected son. What he is to do is end it all, which will in turn birth a new; birth a silent world that will not hear sound of wisdom, nor know the minds of those that penned the scripture. Forever naïve and forever lost, a path


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  • The Chine

    Peter Storm

    The offer of a job over the closed winter season, taking care of  The Chine, seemed the perfect escape Justyna needed. Leaving a violent breakup, this was the chance to start again, save money and distance herself from her past. She accepted the offer without hesitation, unaware that The Chine hid a dark, historic evil; one so sinister that the Church helped the estate owners hide for generations. Justyna soo


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  • Night of the Octopoid

    David Elliott

    Steve and Lynn are looking forward to their trip to the charming Suffolk coast, to look for new spider species in a little village by the sea. But it won't be the fun free holiday they're expecting, as they instead find themselves trapped in a web of horror beyond their worst nightmares.


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  • All The 7s

    Sarah Harrington

    Night-time. Sleep. The dreams come. And then the nightmare begins. With an outwardly normal life, she manages to hold it together and keeps it close to her chest that prophetic dreams and visits from a dark entity plague her nights. But the visits start to increase, beginning to morph into her waking life. The messages to her subconscious take an ominous turn so, with a sense of increasing urgency, s


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  • Fear The Night

    Sean Bunce

    Imagine lying in bed, paralyzed, knowing there's someone in your home who means to do you and possibly others harm, but you are unable to do anything to stop them. A hooded, evilly grinning person who taunts you in your weakness. Would you close your eyes and hope it was a dream? In this world, your dreams are the last place you want to be. Based on a true story, this tale is one of fear and control in the rea


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  • Inverted Crescendo

    Alexander L Malmros

    Sylvester had it all; a decent job, a nice enough girlfriend and a passable home. But, he also had the interest of Diana, a young student seemingly determined to lead him into ruin. As Diana nestles her way into Sylvester's life, things starts to go awry. He's forced to face the fragility of life, and withstand the increasingly blurred outlines of reality.  


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  • Horror in the Dells

    Stuart Barlow

    After their teacher takes the 'Super Sleuths' and their classmates to the nearby dells as a stimulus for a creative writing project, the Sleuths become intrigued by something Ms Salmon told them. Something about a mysterious plume of smoke rising from the dells at midnight on Halloween and what it might portend. Although Ms Salmon only wanted to get their creative juices flowing for the story they were to


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  • Psychic Children

    Sandrea Mosses

    Psychic Children gives a first-hand account of the experiences of children and their lives tormented by unwanted entities. Through the retelling of the many times that she and her team have been called upon, Mosses shows us the terrifying lengths that some phenomena will go to make their presence felt. This book details several encounters that Mosses and her team had when visiting the homes of the children


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