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  • Rapturous Men

    J. J Coleman

    In a momentous move, all the most formidable warriors and gangs from around the world have been summoned to the Sparks borough in Victorian London. Their challenge is to find and kill the infamous monster stalking the area - he is known as Long John. Although there is a generous reward on offer, each of the fighters present know that there is more at stake than money. Each wants to claim the fame and leg


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  • The Demon Who Prays

    Carlston B. Maglangit

    I was accused of starting this pandemic, a disease with no cure. I fell in love with the devil's offer to make me beautiful. In return, I offered him seven souls-a pact I was not completely ready for, because the seventh soul is the one I truly love, Miguel. I broke that deal, and the devil was not happy about this. And then, he started to collect the souls himself, by spreading the disease that started in the


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  • The Small Shoe Society - Book 1

    J.P. Bailey

    Old Admiral Fleetwood departs the world and the Fleetwood family home, Falsefoot Ferns. Mr Dreadful, trusted attorney to the family, must carry out the old man's final dark request. Can a tiny pair of red shoes, buried deep in the walls of Falsefoot Ferns, be the key to unlocking the hidden door of an unspeakably evil society? Dreadful follows carefully the creeping tendrils of old sin that stretch far


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  • Enlightenment

    Paula Jane Rodgers

    A number of years have passed since Lisa Brook moved to the Lake District with her son, Peter, and her mother, Elizabeth, who has gone on to marry a wealthy man. It is during an out-of-body experience that Lisa witnesses a winged entity try to take her grandfather's soul, but her ‘Curator Angelus' intervenes. Before a fatal accident, she receives an unexpected message via the intend


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  • Heartbreaking Revenge - Three Little Words Chapter Two

    J.M. Robson

    Two years have passed since the soul devouring demon had been slain and everyone's lives seem to be returning to normal, or so David Sanderson thought until out of the blue he is contacted by a journalist from Boston, Donna Fieldhouse. Another demon is feeding on the souls of the broken-hearted in Massachusetts, killing innocent people and leaving death, despair and heartbreak in its path, bu


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  • The Haunting of Hill 60

    Charles Tucker

    Hill 60 protected the railway to a German Naval port on the Belgian coast. British Forces had to capture Hill 60 to prevent German submarine domination of Atlantic convoys. A young village blacksmith had become besotted by a beautiful, strange young girl. Elder relatives took desperate steps to end the evil tryst, severely beating him. Morosely, he joined the Army. Drafted to Passchendaele, the b


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