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  • Fear The Night

    Sean Bunce

    Imagine lying in bed, paralyzed, knowing there's someone in your home who means to do you and possibly others harm, but you are unable to do anything to stop them. A hooded, evilly grinning person who taunts you in your weakness. Would you close your eyes and hope it was a dream? In this world, your dreams are the last place you want to be. Based on a true story, this tale is one of fear and control in the rea


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  • Inverted Crescendo

    Alexander L Malmros

    Sylvester had it all; a decent job, a nice enough girlfriend and a passable home. But, he also had the interest of Diana, a young student seemingly determined to lead him into ruin. As Diana nestles her way into Sylvester's life, things starts to go awry. He's forced to face the fragility of life, and withstand the increasingly blurred outlines of reality.  


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  • Horror in the Dells

    Stuart Barlow

    After their teacher takes the 'Super Sleuths' and their classmates to the nearby dells as a stimulus for a creative writing project, the Sleuths become intrigued by something Ms Salmon told them. Something about a mysterious plume of smoke rising from the dells at midnight on Halloween and what it might portend. Although Ms Salmon only wanted to get their creative juices flowing for the story they were to


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  • Psychic Children

    Sandrea Mosses

    Psychic Children gives a first-hand account of the experiences of children and their lives tormented by unwanted entities. Through the retelling of the many times that she and her team have been called upon, Mosses shows us the terrifying lengths that some phenomena will go to make their presence felt. This book details several encounters that Mosses and her team had when visiting the homes of the children


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  • Abandon All Hope

    Kerrin Doward

    The stories of the derelict cottage that sits high on the moor, among the menacing granite rocks, are dark, gruesome, terrifying... and intriguing, especially to three unlikely friends who are unable to resist the challenge of spending the night there. Their teacher's plan to scare his pupils away from the inhospitable moors, where many visitors are injured and even killed in the harsh terrain, has backfired.


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  • Weaver

    Maria Zaman

    The Nephilim have returned en masse. We are now faced with a full-blown attack of the Marias to contend with. Sounds like an appalling 1950s' B-movie, right? Or a euphemism for an unmentionable digestive complaint? But seriously, we have reached a pivotal point in humankind's continuation, and this time, they don't intend on departing without what they came for. Then hand it over and be d


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  • The Yearning of the Yew

    Margaret Armstrong

    Happily married Beth and Martin accept a life-changing offer from Martin's employer to relocate from London to the north east, where their dream of building their own home becomes a reality. But were unforeseen forces at work to draw them to the site of the derelict farm with the ancient, lone yew tree; the place where the much abused young Bessie Elliot met her end over a century ago? Can the marria


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  • The Third Generation Transfusional Train

    Gaetan Battaglia

    Professor Cosmo Io wants desperately to find a cure for cancer before he dies. After finding a spell book, Cosmo discovers that he can extend his life by switching bodies with someone else. In an act of familial betrayal, Cosmo forces his grandson, Stelios, to be his unwilling participant. Driven mad by the side effects of body switching on his brain, Stelios is hospitalized. His death while still inside


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  • The Vampire of Portsmouth

    Otto Redman

    Struggling to cope with the accidental death of her father and her mother's terminal illness, Hellen Oswold is trying to get her life back on track by attempting to return to her academic career by attending an interview at the prestigious King's College in London. She accidentally misses the last train home and by chance meets with the mysterious and charismatic Adam Decker. From that day on, her life gra


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  • A Monstrosity Among Men

    Frank Leon

    Generations of abuse and mental illness contribute to the development of a homicidal humanoid that either kills or psychologically damages anyone who comes in contact with it. This is the story of a descent into madness for this once normal person, and now for the psychiatrist who will make the journey with him. One psychiatrist will sacrifice all to be able to treat, manage or kill, and risk becoming a monster hi


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  • Temper's Twilight Tales and Treasures

    Sharon Eberhardt

    A witch flies around where she shouldn't be and startles the neighbours; a group of shady vampires gather in a small airfield; a little girl in a white nightgown always appears at scenes of fires; and many a love that cannot and will not die... All this and more in this treasury of twilight tales. A collection of thrilling short stories and poems, that are haunting, thought-provoking, heartbreaking a


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  • Rapturous Men

    J. J. Coleman

    In a momentous move, all the most formidable warriors and gangs from around the world have been summoned to the Sparks borough in Victorian London. Their challenge is to find and kill the infamous monster stalking the area - he is known as Long John. Although there is a generous reward on offer, each of the fighters present know that there is more at stake than money. Each wants to claim the fame and leg


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