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  • The Sabbath Project: Stories and Poems of Transformation

    J. Robert Schott

    In this collection, the fourth book written by poet and author J. Robert Schott, the road is all about soul exploration. The author takes us on a spiritually enlightened journey using powerful prose and poems. Within their power is a very light and gentle hand, so that we feel led rather than told. In his writing, the author does not shy away from his own pain, failings, and shortcomings, which makes the


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  • Cotidie

    Iván Echeverria and Moringa Nosoyplaga

    An unusual team of two unusual creatures explore the confines of their home through photographs and verse. What was first, the word or the image? The poem or the light? The mission or the discovery? It is up to you to decide on these matters.


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  • The Rapture of A Winter Harvest


    Poetry across the ages often emerges out of a deep and abiding attempt to communicate about the ways in which the timeless and eternal have chosen to call on our most personal and intimate inner revelations. It is in this spirit that j. l. lyons' The Rapture of a Winter Harvest is written. This collection of thirty-seven poems guides us along a veritable odyssey of sacred unfoldment, at time


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  • My Inner Voice

    Liz Gillespie

    Poems are just stories written in a rhythmic way. This book is another collection of my own poetic stories gleaned from my personal and family life and from my observations of the world around us. Sit back and enjoy these stories and see if you can relate to any of them.  


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  • Living Chaos


    Life is a beautiful thing, but it is also a chaotic string of lines traveling from one place to another. Feeling lost and alone, or strong and put together. You may feel you will never escape the torment of your soul. You may think there is going to be nothing better than this moment right here and now. Everything may feel like chaos, but you are living for every tender second. The morsels in your hand melting awa


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  • From one heart... for that of the many


    This book contains 81 poems, all viral related. Many non-viral poems are included... these are of a varied nature. In total, there are 131 poems penned! The title of the book is: From one heart... for that of the many The title is such because the poetry is written from my heart. It is my attempt to put into words, the emotions that so many are enduring during viral time


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    Chris Baball

    In his first collection of short stories and poems, set in Rio Claro, a small town in the developing country of Trinidad and Tobago in the 1960s, Chris Baball explores themes which include food, escape, sex and death, often viewed through the eyes of a young boy.


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  • From The Edge of Europe to Yankee Stadium

    Michael McTague

    MICHAEL MCTAGUE has been studying poetry for many years before he started creating poetry. He completed his doctoral dissertation at the University of Iowa by comparing translations of Beowulf. His studies span medieval and modern literature as well as Old Norse, Dante and Latin works. Over the years, he has taught many courses in literature, writing and business. He is the author of The Businessman in Literature:


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  • 50 Days of Poems

    Trisha Doherty

    Trapped during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, struggling with the mental health issues associated with restrictions about meeting family and going out, Trisha Doherty accepted her partner's challenge to write a poem every day. This snapshot of her experience of those four months of lockdown is the result.


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  • The Life of Koko

    Jeff Keniota

    "There comes my rose Take my hand and move close I am not afraid to die, I am afraid to live It has been painful, I have to leave My body is done but your love kept me going I give you back my love knowing That you've got the double courage Take it as a leverage For your life is mine Everything is going to be fine." The


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  • The Looming

    Cath Morris

    Other poets' comments about After the Fall Cath Morris's poems are resolutely anti-trendy. But the poetic trend today - linguistic virtuosity cut off from any lived reality - needs to be challenged. In After the Fall, alarming cries - "Stars for Sale!" - "Sometimes I feel like a motorless replicant" - break from a poetic vision where human love and nature itself


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  • Of Coming Home

    Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei

    Held within these pages is the story of trusting oneself, of finding truth in the discomfort of trauma, of putting one's healing above the comfort of others. It is a story that echoes the narratives of so many who stay silent when wading in the waters of assault, loss, trauma and mental health. Of Coming Home is representative of the rebirthing of oneself while struggling against the fo


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