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  • Thinking of Santorini - Poems 1974-2015

    Andy Godfrey

    Beginning with a sunrise seen from the plane to Australia, to noticing shadows on the way by bus into Hamburg, this collection spans four decades. A remarkable journey - in both space and time. As an outsider in both Australia and Germany, the author avoids the merely descriptive, giving us a profound understanding of her keen observations and emotions. What is striking is not only the breadth of experience


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  • Through the Leaves of My Tree

    Liz Gillespie

    Poetry is a unique craft of words driven by the inner thoughts of the poet's personal experiences. In this collection by Liz Gillespie most of the material is gleaned from her personal life and family. The enjoyment of poetry is not only to absorb the subject but to read it... unfettered with grammar and punctuation conventions. If you have a musical aptitude, you will automatically create your v


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  • Is This Reality?

    DJ Macleod

    Filled to the brim with laugh-out-loud poems, this book is like no other. Macleod shares personal stories in the form of humorous, educational and emotional poems. Each poem gives us an insight into the life of the author and a lesson about life we can all relate to. Full of character, charm and amusement, each of these poems will teach you a little more about human nature, the world around yo


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  • Willy Worm

    Colin J Nicholls

    My name is William Wormsworth Worm, I am three inches long I am a slithering, dirty worm Who loves to sing a song.   Willy Worm is a fun-loving worm who couldn’t be happier than singing a few songs in his shed or watching the kids play in their gardens.   But if only life were that easy! Follow


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  • Dragonflies Have A Problem

    Andrew Neil Blewitt

    Dragonflies Have A Problem is a further collection of humorous, well-crafted poems from Andrew Neil Blewitt. His inspiration comes from all aspects of humanity, nature and the classics. We meet unsuccessful athletes, noisy neighbours, an easily-shocked spinster and an inveterate moaner – not to mention royalty –and poems to make to you smile, or to make you think. Blewit


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  • A Millipede with Gout

    Andrew Neil Blewitt

    What do a tipsy aunt, a buxom nurse, an impious choirboy, a none-to-clever clairvoyant, a cheeky tearaway, a pompous city gent, a crabby war veteran and a blasé lieutenant have in common? All provide ideas for these comic poems – a mixture of gentle humour and intelligent observation. Inspiration comes from classic poetry, war, weird and wonderful creatures, flora and fauna, fairy tales, the absurditi


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  • Kaleidoscope - A Profile Of Poetry Of A Country Loving Woman

    Elizabeth Love

    This is a lovely collection of poems consisting of observations of nature, reminiscences, views on topical matters and everyday subjects, experiences, sensations, ideas and emotions; a true and fascinating profile of a country loving person. The reader will immediately be able to identify with these subjects and appreciate the sentiments so clearly expressed.


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