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  • Seasons

    Chiara De Cillis

    The captivating journey of a fifteen-year-old in poetic form as she finds her way through the tangled branches of depression to the clean, fresh air of recovery. These poems lay bare the author's soul as she spills her innermost thoughts, feelings and her soul onto the paper.  


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  • The Apolliad I: Le Chanson de Soleil

    Haythem Bastawy

    After an episode of mysterious turmoil, an ancient god is resurrected to complete a task he had initiated in a previous life. The Apolliad narrates the story of how he completes this task. This is the first book in the series.  


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  • Selected Works

    Keith Woodhouse

    An amazing work of art, life-enhancing and unique, these poems will thrill and chill you. Dark and interesting, vivid and passionate, varying between the apocryphal and the divine, colourful and full of bouncing metaphors, the work was written entirely within the walls of a psychiatric hospital. An acerbic sense of alacrity crossed with hard hitting truths and a supersonic clarity. As an artist as well as a writer


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  • Committed

    B.L. Matthews

    She I know she's there, because I buried her myself. Shovel full by shovel full, I search. Regretting this decision more so the deeper I dig. She didn't deserve this. I was the one person she trusted and I've left her in the dark, all alone. She'll forgive me, even though she shouldn't. She is far too kind to stay angry long.


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  • The Playing Fields

    Mary M

    This collection of poems, varying from simple light-hearted children's sing-song rhymes to some deeply profound, thought-provoking verses, is intended to challenge as well as entertain. In The Children we encounter the protagonists, each unique in their human expression of their Divinity. The Playing Fields symbolises the setting. Fallen from a state of pure perf


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  • Gleanings from My Musings and Dreams: A Bouquet of New and Selected Poems

    Bimal Ghosh

    In this collection of his old and new poems, Bimal Ghosh reflects upon a rich variety of topics-as he had in his previous volume, Through the Eyes of My Mind (2015). The poems are grouped into six clusters: yearnings for a better world; self-portrait and introspection; twilight in life; death and darkness; the beauty of never-ending change; and anniversary wishes from a loving


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  • As Below, So Above

    Julian Collins

    As Below, So Above is a book of poetry meant to instil a postmodern sense of Greco-Roman self that can sustain the reader through an emancipatory struggle. Delving into the depths of the Classical Underworld, author Julian Collins takes the reader on a visceral poetic adventure from the depths of Hades to the cockpit of a kamikaze pilot. From the betrayed voice of Lady Liberty to the napalm-covered f


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  • The Finger of Suspicion

    Edward Jacob Chaplin

    Edward Jacob Chaplin presents a collection of short stories and poems, whose themes include modern life, hardship, revenge and ghosts.  


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  • Expressions of the Soul

    Denis Blake

    As an author, I love words, descriptive, poetic, lyrical. To express my feelings in rhyme has a certain rhythm, a cadence to it. It's almost like music, fingers delicately poised upon the scales, drawing out the magic of the written word. It's not always that it has to rhyme, sometimes it is not needed... but at other times? I go with the flow. Wherever the thoughts come from, it is, I feel, truly magical.


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  • A Crying Shame

    Caroline Parkes

    WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD, AS WE KNOW IT?? These are questions that Caroline Parkes is asking in her poetry. Everything she writes is aimed at making people think about the world around us, the problems we face today, the difficulties we are leaving behind for our children. She believes that we can still make a difference if we pull together,


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  • Say It Fearlessly

    Jon Fielding

    Say It Fearlessly is Jon Fielding's debut collection of poems, inspired by the turbulent events in society during recent times. Confinement, solitude, abandonment and discontent, in political and social structures: unusual feelings, once uncommon, felt by the few, are now so prevalent, felt by so many, as the world around us changes. The enlightenment of a future of hope, light at the e


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  • Eighteen Moments of Poetry

    D.W. Mapps

    18 Moments of Poetry collects together poems - with the themes of love, God and nature - each with an essay explaining how the poem came to be written and the events, journeys and thoughts of the author at the time.


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