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Crime & Thriller

  • The Medusa Image

    Gordon d'Venables

    Rhys Curtis is a decorated soldier and part of a special operations unit in the defence force; as far as he is concerned, the unit has a membership of one. Curtis has recurring nightmares of his father physically assaulting his mother. Whilst on holiday in Thailand, Curtis is instructed to join with an MI6 agent known as ‘The Rat'. Their immediate task is to protect a woman aspiring t


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  • Five Days in May

    m.d. newcombe

    "Sometimes what you least expect is just what makes life interesting, like opportunity knocking. If you're lucky, it'll only knock you for a loop. Then again, it could knock the door completely off its hinges as everything blows up in your face, trigger a sudden turn of events, an unsuspecting chain reaction and the last day of the rest of your life-interesting!" Welcome to Mick Lannigan&#


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  • Adsum: Mission and Passion

    Mark Durman

    Peter Chambers is eighteen when he is summoned to serve two years' compulsory military service in 1959. He deliberates whether to defer or serve his country. After some tough infantry training, he is commissioned as a young officer and sent to join the Nigerian Army far away from England where he grew up. Peter is thrown in at the deep end and becomes immersed in combat operations in the Cameroons and the Cong


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  • Hooves and Hands

    S.V. Brown

    Enter the Shadow horses and life is never the same again for the Lawsons. Maria has a wonderful vet nursing career, the farm, her younger sister and her family. A little excitement she can handle, but she likes things simple and doesn't do complicated, especially men. What she gets isn't always what she wants. The son of new wealthy neighbours becomes her boss and so much


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  • Gideon

    Grant Rosenberg

    Every path has a beginning. Every life, an end. Dr Kelly Harper lives the good life. She has a dream job working alongside her father at their urgent care clinic in San Francisco, and a longtime boyfriend who is a Homicide Inspector with the SFPD. But everything suddenly and drastically changes when her father, a well-known and much-beloved physician, is murdered. As Kelly tries to pick up the


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  • Red Hawk Rising

    Peter William Hall

    It's the 60s during the Cold War, and Corporal Andy Hill is posted to RAF West Sanby as part of the technical team evaluating the new British surface to air missile programme, Red Hawk. While there, however, he has higher-authority additional orders to covertly investigate systems and personnel involved in the programme and to close down security weaknesses which had already resulted in leaked information to t


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  • High Spy

    Ray Saunders

    High Spy is a tense spy thriller about the adventures of the indomitable Matt Sands, an Englishman not yet past his prime, and with a taste for fine food, drink and women. Whilst taking a European holiday, skiing in the Swiss Alps and looking for action of a different kind, his confidence and bravado cause him to stumble upon and become caught up in an international kidnap plot involving murderous pr


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  • Lucid

    Muriel Cooper

    Successful criminal lawyer, Rick Peterson, puts his newfound ability of lucid dreaming to work to create a nostalgic dream destination, Wellstone; a perfect country town where it's always 1959, until a grisly murder shakes his lucid world. To save his sanity, he must find out who the murderer is. With the help of his investigator and girlfriend, Lisa Armstrong, he sets out to uncover the truth about Wel


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  • Brave New Woman

    Chris Bean

    It is 2050. Jason and Amanda are top professionals working on an offshore drilling rig involved in the capture of methyl hydrate from the bottom of the Aleutian Trench. They find themselves sole survivors of a catastrophic break-up of their rig, brought about by unprecedented movements of the earth's tectonic plates. A consequent tsunami and triggered volcanic eruptions decimate the planet, wreaking hav


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  • The Lost Flower


    ‘Dear Father James, At the right corner of the rear end of the graveyard, Lucy is waiting for you. Thank you.' Twenty-four hours ago, Father James had watched as Lucy was viciously kidnapped by four unknown men and bundled into a van. Her screams muffled, her loyal friend looked on in horror with Lucy's five-year-old son, Peter. Upon finding Lucy's bloodstained body in the


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  • A Stone for Maddie Green

    Eben Beukes

    Four months after she was taken, there is still no word on the disappearance of Maddie Green, daughter of international supermodel, Sarah Green, and the police search has stalled. Disturbing images of a young girl start appearing on the Dark Web; could this be Maddie? Riad, a homicide detective with PTSD joins the search, but he has problems of his own and other cases to work. As details of Sarah'


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  • Zodiac

    Mark Ashthorpe

    Zodiac is the sequel to Chameleon and is the second book in the Leeston CID series, reuniting familiar characters. The Zodiac Club is a group of like-minded individuals, all seemingly respectable, whose lives are now at risk because of certain events from the past. An accident sparks an investigation for Leeston CID, drawing them inevitably to the club. Now, these past ev


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