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Crime & Thriller

  • Lives on the Line

    Kathryn Pana

    Sergeant Falco faces unfamiliar territory when a Captain joins the unit on a temporary basis and Captain Bridge heads out of state. A threat to the NYPD SWAT unit from within sees Will, Kathy and alpha team step up to protect it. But will Captain Bridge make it back to New York? When they are pushed to their limits Detective Park steps in to help once more. But who will pay the ultimate price?


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  • How Hard Is It To Kill?

    Mac Alexander

    It's not easy being a hitman for a secret organisation. Cat-loving Niko enjoys the work and the ensuing lifestyle but the underlying worry is ever present. A perfect assassination is the job requirement. No mess; no fuss; no mistakes. DCI Stanley Wood has been in the force for a very long time. He knows a thing or two. His new side-kick, Verity, brings a certain verve to his life, as well as a fresh


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  • Obsession

    Richard Ned Lebow

    Inspector Khan of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary investigates the murder of a serpent-tongued Cambridge professor whilst fending off the romantic overtures of an interfering local reporter. An escalating cat-and-mouse game develops between the police and a murderer who cannot control his impulses. It leads to a dramatic and humourous denouement in Berlin. This is a classic English murder mystery with the twist th


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  • Tessa and the Second Icon

    Mel Carnes

    Tessa Banner grew up on a cattle ranch near Missoula, Montana, and graduated Pre Med summa cum laude from the University of Montana. Engaged to her childhood sweetheart, her life seems mapped out. But the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor changes everything. With her fiancé away fighting, Tessa enlists in the navy and attends OCS, and her unique skills soon find her on a top secret mission. She


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  • The Ashamed

    Mark John

    The Ashamed is an addictive page-turning crime thriller focusing on historic child abuse criminality. Although a work of fiction, the author has brought to life the realism of a prolonged serious and complex investigation, dealing with both multiple victims and high-powered members of society. Introducing the seasoned and likeable detective, Charlie Oscar, he guides the reader every step of


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  • Lurking In Shadows

    Ina E. Shicoff

    A horrific night brings three women together. After a vicious attack by an unknown man, three women try to get on with their lives. But it could never be that simple. Karen, Ann and Addie each have a different way of coping, and big life changes might be on the cards for each of them. Addie's career in the media, Karen's situation as an unhappy wife and Ann's happy work and home life could no


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  • The Hellfire Club Part 2: The Cleansing List.

    Christopher Bolsover

    Liberty Bell, investigative reporter, is expelled from the UK when her report of a high-level paedophile ring is falsely exposed as a fraud and her work visa cancelled. She is determined to get retribution and publish her big story. There are twelve videos filmed at the notorious Hellfire Club, and they reveal the darker side of politicians and high society people on both sides of the pond. DCI Ea


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  • Trapped

    AJ Stuart

    Sir Andrew Brown is a futurologist. He has designed a post-covid society that can be self-sufficient in times of crisis. A society that respects human and nature. In 2041 his only child, Sam, opens the sixth Vertical Village, New Horizons, the epitome of Sir Andrew's designs. Over the next few years, Sam faces numerous challenges but then a number of crises collide and Sam, as mayor of New Horizons, has


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  • The Norwich Murders

    John Reid

    What connection is there between two police officers who are savagely beaten to death in East Anglia and the headless body of a young woman, found washed up in the Thames? DCI Burt must travel to Norfolk and work with the Norwich police force to assist them with their investigations. The Commander, Alfie Brooks, has purposefully arranged this so that DCI Burt can experience the area and meet Callum Rober


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  • Living in Maine Will Grow on You

    Lawrence Bartlett

    Sally Brown is a genius. She is not happy at being uprooted yet again. Her father's new job as lead engineer at Billings Shipyard means a new town, a new home and a new school. But soon, Sally teams up with IT geek, Henry, and budding journalist, Shelia, and life takes a turn for the better. However, not all of the staff at Billings Shipyard are as they seem and soon her father, and in turn Sally, are embroile


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  • The Doll Man

    Edward Figg

    It's December. Despite heavy falls of snow and freezing conditions shutting down much of Britain, the officers of Kingsport CID are looking forward to having Christmas off... until the naked and frozen body of six-year-old Mary Chalmers, missing from Manchester for over a year, is found. Why has the dead child's face been painted like a Japanese doll? A child goes missing from the Kingsport Mall


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  • Adversary Mine

    Tony Angus

    In this sequel to the thriller, Redemption Mine, embattled alcoholic PI, Callum Thomas, must locate Tania, the missing sister of a police detective. But, when an old flame dies a horrible death before his eyes and


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