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Crime & Thriller

  • The Island

    Maria Ian

    Human rights attorney Craig Malcault thought he had seen it all after his many successes with difficult clients. That was until the assassination of a close colleague whose valor was at the heart of political struggles in a war-torn country brought Craig face to face with his own breaking point. When a mysterious female client with connections to his deceased friend hires him to work on her behalf, neith


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  • Night Pictures

    Kurt McGill

    A voice from the dead. But who speaks from behind the veil? Phil Sparrow. Needle-name of Blackwell Wren: writer, pornographer, sex outlaw, tattoo artist who would "tattoo anything on anybody anywhere." Intimate of Gertrude Stein and Thomas Mann. College professor who flushed his PhD diploma down the toilet and descended into a cutthroat world of sleaze, cheap vulgarity, skid row. The world of tattoo. In


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  • The Chameleon

    J. D. Throon

    Jack always just wants to fit in with everyone else; always doing what they do rather than conquering the fear that stops him finding his own way in the world. Always questioning his place in the world, he turns to alcohol, drinking more and more until his work at the bank suffers. After an evening's drinking in his local pub, he is on his way home when he finds himself in the wrong place at the wron


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  • Chloe's Catch

    Cori Melvers

    Kathy Doe, a retired naval officer, works for a US agency in South Florida responsible for solving crime. Kathy meets Sarah Sandling, a University of Miami professor in the College of Medicine while working out at the local gym. Sarah studies plants to determine their medicinal properties. Her recent acquisition of a German shepherd puppy leads her to a run in with Dirk, a businessman who owns a robotics company.


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  • The Watchers

    John Reid

    Sometimes it isn't just good police work that catches criminals. Sometimes you just have to watch them. This is the strategy DCI Steve Burt uses when presented with two different and equally baffling cases. The DCI takes on a case unofficially as a favour to an ex-colleague that involves the disappearance of an official of the Bank of England and the theft of gold bullion from the bank. The other is


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  • Hingston: Smoke and Mispers

    Decima Blake

    As the first door on the Advent calendar is opened, DS Hingston attempts to save the life of a teenager in a crowded London café, but ultimately fails. Seventeen-year-old Leanna Snow chokes to death. Days later, a girl from Leanna Snow's school is missing and another misper is found dead: his body hanging within the iconic Egyptian Avenue at Highgate Cemetery. Working under the bomba


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  • The Spanish Claimant

    Andrew Ostrer

    A Spanish family seeks redemption after being responsible for the loss of Gibraltar in 1704. Pablo Diego de Salinas finds a letter in a bundle of documents purporting to be from General Franco to his grandfather, containing startling information about a rumoured agreement made between the general and Churchill during the Second World War. Nick Simpson's Spanish wife has been abducted and he


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  • Blood Falls

    H.G. Wilson

    New Antarctic lands are discovered, new forests have grown, new habitats develop, from long-dormant seeds once sealed in ice. Global warming has happened. The continental landmass of Antarctica has emerged. Only a residual dome of ice remains. Those scientists who predicted the worst implications of devastating climate change find themselves astonished. Something unexpected happens: nature fights


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  • Sometime Angel Full Time Devil

    Jerry Baggett

    Marine Captain Dammit McGowin first encounters the beautiful Robbi Goodrich in a beachside bar. An instant connection soon blossoms into something more. However, Robbi is the sole heir to her family's extensive wealth and the death of her grandfather means her having to face responsibilities she was not prepared for. It also means her prized medical degree and her work as a doctor have to be


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  • Joshua's Trumpet

    Steve Harper

    Jimmy and Arthur have been friends since they were cubs in 1926. Life is good until their friend, Mr Zimmerman, is attacked at a football match and viciously beaten by three fascists. Two of the assailants are caught and sent to prison; the third escapes punishment until the boys discover his identity. Forgiveness is not an option. They only meant to knock him out, but half of his skull is neve


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  • The Syphilis Artist

    Per Olav Verås

    In a tale of stark colours, contrasts, and emotions, we follow the Norwegian artist Andreas Olav Hansen's at times terrible and tragic life as he negotiates his way through his own private hell of blindness and solitude. Obsessed with a girl called Mia Miraja, and not sure whether she is real or a fantasy, until she appears at the door of his grandfather's house in Southern Norway, his life melds


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  • The London Hero


    A severely injured woman, and sole survivor, is found underneath the rubble after a disastrous terrorist attack in London. The bombing has left forty-seven dead and the country in a state of panic. Interpol's Special Agent Curtis is the investigative lead and there is no doubt on his mind: the survivor is former Special Agent Vanima, his ex-colleague. Alexandra Vanima was not only one of his best, sh


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