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Crime & Thriller

  • Old Crackers

    Peter Bates

    A young boy's body is found, with zero evidence to help the investigation into his murder. As gang rivalry accelerates, Blackpool's underbelly is growing ever darker and more violent. Chief Inspector Norman Pendleton and his force face increasing restrictions and rules for investigations; their hands are tied. Four retired coppers, however, can operate much more freely, but can they really so


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  • Box

    Charlie Summer

    Mansoor is a happily married, honest and successful businessman. As he leaves for work one morning, waving goodbye to his wife, Haleefa, he never anticipates their extended separation. He has no reason to suspect that this day will not end like any other. Nothing has prepared him for the events that will unfold. In the city, a band of petty street criminals are seeking their next mark. They need


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  • Killian Spooks Mysteries: Spirit Jumper

    Jake Ridge

    The normally quiet town of Windy Vale is suddenly in the grip of strange and deadly events. These weird happenings are way beyond the comprehension of Chief Inspector Daniel Hathaway. So, reluctantly, he replies to an advert in the local paper and hires Killian Spooks. Who knew that Windy Vale held its own wizard detective? Killian jumps at the opportunity to solve these crimes, especially, as this time the


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  • Woven Web of Revenge

    Sharon Brummer

    What happens when beliefs are interwoven with personal revenge? After a terrorist attack on a café in London, Clint Maitland and Ben-Zion Mahmudi, both CIA agents, face Zaynab Kahn, widow of the terrorist. Having been brought in for questioning, Zaynab's interview begins a cat and mouse game of strike, retreat and revenge amongst the three of them. The hunt starts in London, progresses


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  • The Soviet Comeback

    Jamie Smith

    In 1981 the Soviet Union is failing, and in a country where racial tensions run high, nobody would dream of a black Russian spy, least of all their Cold War opponents, the United States of America. At least, that is the logic of Colonel Andrei Klitchkov when he steals Nikita Allochka, the teenage son of Nigerian immigrants, away from his loving family. Nikita must survive years of rigorous and of


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  • Indigo Seas

    Samantha Novak

    Strange purple clouds, sea monsters and nightmares: Maurice wasn't expecting any of it when he and his family set sail for Madagascar. The fourteen-year-old, together with his little brother, Patrick, and photojournalist parents, listen to the stories of the eccentric Captain Frake on a voyage that grows ever stranger. As they head into the Mozambique Channel, known for its choppy waters and terrifying


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  • Shadows Beneath the Long White Cloud

    Richard V Frankland

    When a North Korean deep-sea trawler runs aground on the shores of Okinawa, what is found onboard links it to possible illegal gold smuggling. On being shown a partial SatPhone message, British intelligence services suspect there may be a connection between the trawler's cargo and the disappearance of the UK prime minister's niece whilst she was in New Zealand conducting research for her doctorat


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  • Gold War

    Terry Dee

    Seventy-five years after the Second World War, Samuel Plant's great grandson, Sebastian, makes an interesting discovery while rummaging in his father's loft. At the same time, good Samaritan Tom Paige, working for a charity, makes the same finding but from another source. Could the two of them work together to solve the mystery and possibly gain unimaginable wealth? Love, greed, jealousy, ple


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  • Fit For Purpose

    Julian D. Parrott

    Former soldier, Tom, and skilled actress, Nia, are forty-somethings, both emotionally bruised by their differing life experiences. They don't realise how lost and lonely they are until they accidently meet in a first-class cabin of a transatlantic flight and are immediately and irresistibly drawn to the other. They embark on a relationship, bouncing between Nia's bohemian life in London and Tom's tranq


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  • Alfie's Place

    Michael G Franks

    Imagine a catastrophic event in your life, one so emotionally traumatic that to escape the pain of it you descend into a deep coma. What if, in that state, you enter a strange dreamlike existence and find yourself in a different world; one which appears to be every bit as real as your conscious world. You resist all attempts to try to return to consciousness because you find you are now in a place where there is p


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  • Truth or Lies?

    A. I. Gomez

    Psychologist Dr. Isabel Langley is used to navigating the courts on behalf of children who are testifying against their abusers, but one of the witnesses in her latest case has been murdered. Due to her connections to the victim, the FBI assigns one of their agents to protect her. Isabel finds herself deeply drawn to the gorgeous Agent Joshua Rockwall, and he in turn is fascinated by her. Their relationship deepen


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  • No Trails to Mawson

    Max Cutcliffe

    When their yacht hits an iceberg, four friends suddenly find themselves fighting for survival. Having already detoured south to collect scientific samples, they then have to try and sail north to safety. With a hole in the hull and insufficient fuel in the pump, they are blown far off course, until they are wrecked on the Antarctic coast, on Scullin Monolith. Their only hope of survival is to make the one-h


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