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Things Mums say and do that we can all relate to.

Things Mums say and do that we can all relate to.

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sun 31 March) and in honour of Mum’s out there we have put together a list of things Mum’s say and do that we bet you can relate to.




‘I’ll tell you when you’re old enough to understand’ – (and we still don’t)


“As long as you live under my roof you’ll do as I say”


“I’ll turn this car around and go straight back home” – (We all know she isn’t turning the car around)


“Do you think I’m made of money”


“LOL means ‘lots of love’” – (Getting texts from Mum like ‘Sorry you had a bad day, LOL)



“Could you help me with…” – (We already know it’s a technical related question)



“Because I said so that’s why”



You tell her friends are coming over next thing you know the hoover is out





Mum’s are without a doubt the best


This Mother’s Day why don’t you treat your Mum to a perfect little read…


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