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The struggles of being a bookworm every bookworm will understand

The struggles of being a bookworm every bookworm will understand

 |  Author Life



Finding a comfortable reading position

Sit down or lie down? Side, back, tummy? Curled up or stretched out?



Locating that blooming bookmark

Somehow, it’s gone walkies down the gaps of the sofa, the side of the bed or tangled up in the duvet. But most of the time you’re just sitting on it.



Sleepless nights

One last read of a chapter becomes reading half the damn book because you want to find out what happens next!



Post book sadness

After reading a fantastic book that you’ve been hooked on from the start then finally getting to the end sometimes feels like a crazy book hangover! (seriously)



Finding your next read

It may sound easy, but it isn’t, am I feeling fantasy this time? A thriller? A sweet chick flick? Science fiction? The options are endless




“You have too many books.”

You know you have a real problem when you have more books than clothes and shoes combined.



The Emotional rollercoaster

The sudden death of your favourite character you’ve been so emotionally invested in hurts more than a breakup (The feels are real)



Resisting the urge to go in that bookshop you’ve just passed is real

You always tell yourself you’re only browsing but end up spending half of your paycheck on books anyway



Coming back to reality 

You’re just so invested in that book that you’ve escaped reality and went into your little world. You’ve finished the book and reality hits, you still haven’t washed last nights dishes!



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