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Our Top Five Children's Books

Our Top Five Children's Books

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Children's books come in all different shapes and sizes; they cover a wide range of topics and some can even portray a deeper message. So, we thought that we would list our top five children's books for your little ones to read!


1. The Most Curious Case of the Runaway Spoon, by Tony Flannagan


Amelia wakes to find a note behind the little green door.




What could it mean? Amelia had received hundreds of fairy letters over the years - but not recently - and this note hasn't even been signed.


Amelia has been summoned to Fursairyland: a magical place where the childhood worlds of Fairyland and Land of Nursery Rhymes have merged due to Government cuts and a lack of interest in such things.


Fursairyland is in crisis: the Spoon has run away and the Dish is ‘un-missing'.


Amelia is tasked to solve The Most Curious Case of the Runaway Spoon and the Fairy Queen is expecting her to bring about a swift resolution to the matter.


With Pippa at her side, Amelia searches for clues and meets a whole host of fantastical characters along the way.


But Amelia struggles to make any sense of what the Fursairyland folk are telling her. Why do they keep saying to each other: ‘Mind You Remember Dorothy'? And what is the ‘smell akin to bacon' which they constantly refer to?


As she travels through a kingdom of nonsense can Amelia ever hope to solve... The Most Curious Case of the Runaway Spoon?


A book for older children, but enjoyable for an adult as well, Tony Flannagan has penned a brilliant children's story that not only pulls together all of the beloved childhood characters, but also cleverly incorporates nursery rhyme characters as well. Definitely one to pick up!


2. Molly Warner: School Reporter, by Dan Kilday


Molly Warner, a sixth-grade student at Robert K. Howard Middle School, had a wide reputation for being a gossip. If something was happening, she knew all about it and would share it with anybody who was within earshot of her. It even led to a new school policy that the teachers privately referred to as ‘The Molly Warner Rule'.


Rather than punishing her, the school principal places her on the newspaper staff where she puts her skills to good use.


With her journalism teacher's help, she learns the importance of a free press and strives to be a great reporter. When strange things start happening at school, Molly resolves to find the real story behind what is going on and who is to blame. Little did she know what she would uncover and the journey it would take her on.


Another book for older readers, Molly Warner: School Reporter is not only fun for children, it also holds a very clever and subtle message about freedom of the press. Your kids can follow Molly's adventures and learn a thing or two along the way.


3. The Adventures of Arrek the Dragon, by R.J. Barnes


Alex is one day given a magical lamp by her father. Unbeknown to Alex and her parents, the beautiful marbled lamp is really an egg, and one day it hatches and reveals a baby dragon called Arrek. Arrek is not just any dragon but a descendant from a long line of dragon nobility in Poland where he originally comes from. Alex has been specially chosen as Dragon Keeper, and it is now up to her to ensure that Arrek grows up a happy and contented dragon. Although an adorable little charmer, Arrek has - like all toddlers - a tendency to get up to all kinds of mischief as he explores the world around him, such as getting in to the washing machine on laundry day.


This book is one for the little ones. With adorable illustrations and a charming storyline, your children will love Arrek and all of the mischief that he gets up to. From getting into the laundry to discovering lemonade for the first time, this book will entertain the little tykes for a long time. Just don't let them copy Arrek's shenanigans!


4. Camu the Camel and His Big Dream, by Lea Koivisto


Little Camu is a very happy camel with just two questions: why is he brown and who is his father?


Ever since he learned of his mother's racing past, he longs to try out the racetrack for himself. Her stories of the faraway village and the exciting races leave him longing for a life outside the desert, and one day he decides to find out for himself. What follows is a daring and dangerous adventure to find the village his mother left behind, and the father he has never met.


By befriending other animals along the way, he finally makes it to the village, but will his dreams of being a racing camel become a reality?


And will his dad turn out to be the racing legend Camu imagines him to be?


Camu the Camel is an inspiring little children's book about following your dreams. When Camu decides that he needs to know who is father is and aspires to be a famous racing camel, nothing is going to stop him! Beautifully illustrated with a delightful main character, Camu is one you shouldn't miss!


5. The Tales of The Little Five, by Jo Sargent


A great deal is known about the ‘Big Five' game animals of the African continent. However, the ‘Little Five' creatures are often overlooked.


In this charming collection of moral tales, we meet Evan the Antlion, Nelson the Elephant Shrew, Max the Rhino Beetle, Shellby the Leopard Tortoise and Abbey the Buffalo Weaver.


Join their adventures as they face danger, help to solve problems, and learn lessons about the world, and themselves.


Reminiscent of Aesop's Fables, Jo Sargent's The Tales of The Little Five is a charming collection of moral tales about five little animals from the African continent. Designed to be enjoyable whilst also teaching your children a lesson about the world (and themselves), this book is wonderfully illustrated and beautifully written.


Honourable Mention also goes to:


Does Butter Fly?, by Flick Jones


The Foundling Fairy, by Flick Jones


999, What is Your Emergency?, by Maria Sare


Stolen Secrets, by Rachael Lindsay


The Bucket, by D.J. Cattrell


The Adventures of Tattie and Neeps, by Stewart Cranfield and Mark Bollard



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