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Interesting Facts You Might Not Have Known About J.K. Rowling

Interesting Facts You Might Not Have Known About J.K. Rowling

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By now, everyone has at least heard of the amazing author, J.K. Rowling. And if you haven’t, we suggest you quickly start getting back in touch with the world! Much of Rowling’s life has been splashed across the media, and many Potterhead’s probably feel like they know her intimately. But even if you’re a die-hard fan, you might not have known these interesting little facts.


There is a reason that King’s Cross station holds such a special place in this author’s heart. Not only did dear old J.K. get the idea of the infamous Potter while sitting on a crowded train, Kings Cross Station is actually where her mother and father met! They were married within a year and stayed together until Rowling’s mother died at age 45 from MS. Maybe this is why Harry meets Dumbledore at Kings Cross in the seventh book?


Her name is constantly mispronounced! There’s often a debate about how you pronounce Rowling. Do you say it to rhyme with ‘bowling’ or is it supposed to rhyme with ‘howling’? As it turns out, it’s the former. However, J.K. is so used to people mispronouncing her name, she doesn’t bother correcting people anymore.


She wrote her first book at the age of 6! It was about a rabbit, and the book was called…Rabbit. Very, um, inventive there, don’t you think? Then again, it’s pretty impressive that a 6-year-old could write a book, so we’ll let her off for the title.


Her literary heroine is Jo March from Little Women.


She had a wear a disguise once. Our favourite author has only had to resort to a disguise once, and do you know when that was? When she had to go and get her wedding dress! Not wanting the press and public to get involved on the happiest day of her life, she bought the dress in secret. We can’t blame her either!


The inspiration for the name ‘Potter’ came from a childhood friend. Having been teased for her own name, J.K. Rowling chose to name her main character after a brother and sister she met in Winterbourne.


The ‘K’ in her name is a tribute to her grandmother. When Rowling first signed the dotted line, and was about to publish Philosopher’s Stone, the publisher suggested that she used her initials instead of her real name to attract male readers. So, she adopted the ‘K’ for her grandmother, Kathleen.


Certain aspects of the book are based on real life. For example, Gilderoy Lockhart and Severus Snape are exaggerated versions of people the author knows; Hermione is based on an 11-year-old version of J.K. herself, and the Dementors were created through the author’s personal battle with clinical depression.


The original Harry Potter was rejected 12 times before Bloomsbury picked it up.


In 2013, the author released a crime novel under the pen name “Robert Galbraith”



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