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8 Reasons Why Bookstores Are Better Than Online Shopping

8 Reasons Why Bookstores Are Better Than Online Shopping

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We live in a more and more online world – we get just about anything with a click of a button, including books. But does that mean that shopping online is better? Well, we don’t think so! So here are 8 things we like about bookstores and why they’re better than online shopping.


The staff.

The staff in bookstores are knowledgeable and friendly. They’re working in that store because they have an interest in books as well. They’re great for giving recommendations or even getting into a debate with over novels and plot lines. That sure beats a computer that just gives you a blurb and not much else.


They embrace diversity.

If you’ve used Amazon or any other online retailer, then you will have seen the ‘Recommended for You’ section or the ‘what other customers bought’ area. The website figures out what you’re looking at and recommends similar genres, authors or ratings. Not in a bookshop! Bookstores encourage diversity and hold a wide range of stories under every genre. They encourage you to read widely and expand your book palate. You're less likely to find yourself reading the same things over and over that way.


Hidden gems.

When you’re browsing in a bookstore, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. Maybe a colourful spine, maybe it’s a particular title. But it’ll be a book that you weren’t looking for and now, it’s on the must-read list. There’s something about seeing the product in person that encourages you to pick it up.



Amazon, Book Depository, etc – they’re all online. They don’t hold events and signings or give you the chance to meet the author…but bookstores do! Bookstores are always holding cool events that you can tag along to – it might be a book signing or the launch for a debut novel, or even a reading of one of your favourite books. But there’s always different things to do and see.



Supporting your local bookstore is so important. With large corporations like Amazon, it’s easy to forget about the little independent bookstore down the road. But bookstores are a massive part of town culture and bringing a community together – plus, they have books! They deserve the local support.


You can test the product before buying.

True, online stores tend to have a ‘look-inside’ section but you can’t really get a feel for the book before you buy it. But in bookstores, if you want to sit down and read the first chapter before you buy the book, no one is going to mind. You get to feel the paper, the weight of the book and get a taste for the story.


They’re shops…full of books!

Everyone loves shopping – it’s just a fact. And what could be better than a shop full of books. True, you might end up spending more than you meant to, but it’ll be worth it. That book could be with you the rest of your life. So, go down to the store and get one!


The smell and ambience of a bookstore.

Every booklover has to admit, there’s something about the smell of a bookstore that you just can’t resist. Old books, new books, used books; all piled together under one roof and yours for the browsing. They’re generally quiet and a good retreat from the outside world when you want to lose yourself.



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