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5 Epic Fantasy Books to Read

5 Epic Fantasy Books to Read

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From vampires to ghosts to angels to beasts, ‘epic fantasy books’ pull the reader along on the greatest adventures. If you’re looking to absorb your mind into a whole other world while escaping from reality then ‘fantasy’ genre is the one for you!



Journey into other worlds with Pegasus top 5 fantasy books…








Moon-Angel: The People of the Lakes

Roisin McCrink


"The truth waits within the worlds; a daughter
To shine for those in the darkest water."

Elsie Angelos, a supernatural Moon Angel - part angel, part vampire - is desperately in love with Franklin. But Franklin has just murdered her husband, Liam, and they must now go on the run, guided by a mystical satellite, to escape the order and their view of justice. When Elsie and Franklin unwittingly create Enda Larkin by reviving a young dead boy, they must make sacrifices to keep him safe - but is Enda all he seems?




The Bloodline - Forbidden Hunger

Craig J. Black


Finding herself homeless and orphaned by a plague, French peasant-girl Zanette thought she'd had her share of tragedy. Given an idyllic girlhood by her grandparents, surely her troubles are behind her.

Yet tragedy strikes afresh in a way that changes her forever; changes she cannot forever ignore and can only begin to explore.

Victim after victim soon finds out what she is. Zanette cuts a wake of fear and suspicion as rumours of a new curse spread fear and suspicion throughout the French countryside until, once again, she finds herself homeless and alone.

Zanette takes ship to Dover where she meets Jonathan Walker, a charming gentleman. In Britain she hopes to bury her past and live a normal life as a wife, even a mother.

Will those who live or travel within stalking distance of her new home find that their innocence can end in bloody death, too?




The Sound of Your Soul

Anna Cookson


There are no fish, in the future. We killed them. But it's not just the ghosts of the shoals making artist Cally Dune unhappy.

Her husband has gone. Vanished, after being called up for the President's new ‘Training Scheme'.

"No body ever comes back the same." Worried whispers drift through the pubs, gathering like rainclouds to drip their paranoia into Cally's mind, which is already marinaded in grief for Simon and fear about being called to Training herself.

Letting the wine flow into the places where it hurts, Cally stumbles into the arms of a clammy banker and unwittingly discovers a disturbing and painful secret. She is propelled on a journey through the dust of Africa and the hidden tunnels deep below London...unravelling the fading scrolls of the ancient Egyptians and illuminating their lurid hieroglyphics.

And ultimately towards a heartbreaking save her marriage or save her soul.

Because now there's something else at stake.

They are coming for it.





Beige Angels

Michael Bolger


Ever wondered how angels are chosen? Ever wondered how they are trained and tested? Even more interesting - ever wondered what they do after they have been trained? Well, they don't sit on a cloud playing a harp! Their 'lives' are much more exciting.

Beige Angels lifts the lid on the life of angels and lets you inside their fascinating world.

Mo Mitchell's day started as mundanely as ever, and he wasn't looking forward to it. If only he knew that by the end of the day, his life would be over and his training as a Beige Angel would begin.






Half Light of the Magic Eye

Jack Lahmodes


Half Light of the Magic Eye revolves around the adventure of four friends, Rachael, Mike, Charlie and Tom, who while enjoying a nice picnic on a sunny afternoon are distracted by a shimmering bright light, which appears to be emanating towards a particular rock.

Charlie, who is not afraid of exploring, decides to investigate, and disappears as soon as he touches the rock.

What else can Rachael, Mike and Tom do but try and follow him?

Where they are transported to, they do not know.

It is dark and silent.

That is until they encounter the ‘Interpreter', who takes them on a journey they will never forget; encountering an array of creatures, and making some lovely friends along the way.













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