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5 books to read if you’re a teen

5 books to read if you’re a teen

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Reading as a teenager really shapes who you’re as an adult. Remember reading Harry Potter for the first time and realising which Hogwarts house you belonged to?



We’ve picked out our favourites at Pegasus that will make you reach your true potential as an adult!



The Written Stars

Hannah Carstens



There are certain things they don't teach you in school: 1) evolution messes up sometimes; 2) jumping off high buildings can be hazardous to your health; and 3) familiars - as in the seemingly normal animals that grant superhuman abilities - are real, just not in the way you think.

Parker King is dropped into a world he didn't know existed, filled with people who can do impossible things, and passing algebra suddenly becomes his second priority. Eighth grade is pretty bad, but life really begins to spiral when people start trying to kill him and monsters turn out to be more than just fantasy. Now there is only one thing on Earth that could possibly save his life, and Parker and his friends have to find it before time catches up. It all comes down to a boy with mismatched eyes, a pink haired girl, a quick-witted friend, a killer dog, and a pocket sized dragon.

The only question is, is there something much bigger than the five of them at play?

What if Parker's destiny was intertwined from the beginning with the Silent Public, which hides beneath the surface of our own civilisation?





The Native Girl

Maria Porfiri



The forest was Aylen's playground, her grandmother and an eagle were her playmates. Leonard replaced them during the harsh winter and brought different interest into her life. This is the story of a very particular girl.







Connor Jackson and the Memory Thieves

Nick B. Ponter


Connor Jackson lives a quiet life in Lower Molehampton. He lives in the house he was born and brought up in and, apart from his secretive job as a civil servant, he pretty much lives an ordinary life.
That is until one morning, when Connor is woken up by something, so he decides to investigate. He notices a massive molehill in the middle of his back garden; molehills have always been a feature in Lower Molehampton, but there appear to be more than ever now, and this one is huge. Upon closer inspection of this mountain molehill which has appeared during the night, Connor discovers a glass jar sitting in the centre of the mound. Thinking nothing more than this being a strange occurrence, Connor hides the jar away and forgets about it altogether. That is until a few months later when, late one evening, Connor is ambushed in his home by two sets of intruders. Attempting to flee, he is eventually captured. Fearing for his life and not knowing what these kidnappers want, Connor is thrown into a world which he never would have expected: into a world where he discovers the truth about life and death.





Nancy Bo and Ergonwold's Nest

Paul Scales


On the eve of her eleventh birthday, Nancy Bo Jones is forced to move from her happy home. As she struggles to adjust to her new life, a chance encounter leads her to The Home for the Incurably Curious - a library within a library.

Could a peculiar book cure her sadness?

Nancy Bo and her friends are guided into a strange, parallel universe where thoughts and feelings dramatically impact the environment. But something sinister is attempting to manipulate the atmosphere. The children must find Ergonwold, the only creature capable of restoring harmony in this kaleidoscopic world.

A gripping adventure of dark magic, weird creatures, enchanted landscapes, and frantic pursuits...





D.I.S.C. - Direct Interface Shadow Control

Colin R. Parsons


Joseph Lanes is lying on the ground, in the mud, battered and bruised from another encounter with the bullying McKenzie brothers. A fairly normal occurrence for fifteen-year-old Joseph. Being skinny and ginger makes him a frequent target and Joseph has given up trying to fight back.

Little does Joseph know that his life is about to change forever. As he painfully starts to get up he notices, in the undergrowth, a small disc with a flashing light that he cannot resist the overwhelming urge to press. He is immediately transformed into a soldier, complete with a sophisticated full body protective suit, and powers he had never imagined. But he does not appear to be on Earth. He is not alone. There are four other teenagers, two boys and two girls, who seem to have been transported in a similar manner to himself.

They soon discover they are not who they think they are and they have a terrible mission to fulfil.



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