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5 Books to Read if you Love Roald Dahl

5 Books to Read if you Love Roald Dahl

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Roald Dahl day is here! Today he would have been 103 years old, even to this day, he continues to grab children’s imaginations around the world with his amazing stories and characters we learn to love.


From a giant peach to creepy terrifying witches, to a big friendly giant and chocolate rivers. In a bizarre way behind Roald Dahl's work, there is always a lesson we learn in every story that prepares us for adulthood!


Matilda teaches us that people can use books as an escape route, as her own family never understands her, the BFG shows us that it’s important not to rule out friendships with people who are different from us, Charlie’s family are very poor, Matilda's family are cruel to her, and James' aunts barely feed him and keep him locked in his room all the time but they end up changing their lives for the better when they put their minds to it!


To celebrate Roald Dahl Day (13th September 2019), we’ve put together five books that you may enjoy if you love books by Roald Dahl!






Ane the Last Witch

Tony Bury


What would you do if your parents told you not to do something?

Growing up surrounded by magic, Ane cannot obey the one rule in the house as she performs spell after spell in an attempt to one day get it right. One day Ane gets her wish and believes she has finally created the ultimate spell: a never-ending supply of gummy bears. That is, until they start growing and multiplying...

Meanwhile, four of The Great Six Wizards - the greatest wizards in history - have been frozen for a hundred years. Now they have been unfrozen at the same time that magic mysteriously disappears from the kingdom. Is this a coincidence or is something more sinister going on? Who has unfrozen them and what will the outcome be?

Although everyone else has been stripped of their magical powers, Ane is the only person that can still perform magic. Does Ane possess superior powers or is there a simple explanation for this? If Ane is the last witch, what will be the fate of her and the kingdom?




The Day Aiden Lost His Ears

Meaghan Bennett

Meaghan Bennett has given us a charming tale which will appeal to both children and adults alike.


Aiden, a distracted young boy, unintentionally forgets to ‘switch on' his ears when communing with his family. This results in some dire, though comical and thankfully short lived, consequences. In the end, he appreciates the difficulty it is to go without hearing and takes the chance to learn sign language so that he can help those who need it to fit in.










Simon and The Little Green Man

Jean M. Akam



When Simon finds himself the victim of his sister's teasing and her boyfriend's bullying, he doesn't know what to do. His parents won't listen to him and if he complains, no one will listen.

Tark is a little green man from Mars, who's stranded on Earth after he forgot how to brake during a space expedition. Not wanting to be stuck on Earth forever, he needs to repair his spaceship before anyone notices he's there.

A chance meeting between the two leads to an unlikely friendship between the alien and the troubled boy. Can they help each other to fix their problems? Can Tark save Simon from his sister's teasing, and can Simon help to get Tark's ship repaired? Simon and the Little Green Man shows us that, sometimes, you just need a friend to give you a hand.





The Most Curious Case of the Runaway Spoon

Tony Flannagan


Amelia wakes to find a note behind the little green door.


What could it mean? Amelia had received hundreds of fairy letters over the years - but not recently - and this note hasn't even been signed.

Amelia has been summoned to Fursairyland: a magical place where the childhood worlds of Fairyland and Land of Nursery Rhymes have merged due to Government cuts and a lack of interest in such things.


Fursairyland is in crisis: the Spoon has run away and the Dish is ‘un-missing'.


Amelia is tasked to solve The Most Curious Case of the Runaway Spoon and the Fairy Queen is expecting her to bring about a swift resolution to the matter.


With Pippa at her side, Amelia searches for clues and meets a whole host of fantastical characters along the way.


But Amelia struggles to make any sense of what the Fursairyland folk are telling her. Why do they keep saying to each other: ‘Mind You Remember Dorothy'? And what is the ‘smell akin to bacon' which they constantly refer to?


As she travels through a kingdom of nonsense can Amelia ever hope to solve... The Most Curious Case of the Runaway Spoon?




The Scritch

Gigga Black


Christmas is supposed to be a mystical time of year but Mr Trott never quite realised just how magical it was.

During a walk out in the woods on Boxing Day, Mr Trott suddenly finds himself in an other-worldly adventure when he falls into a gully and meets the Scritch, a strange creature with green, warty skin and burps of purple mist. 


Will Mr Trott be able to make it back home with the help of some new friends and his trusty dog, Barney? The journey won't be easy but it will be out of this world...











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