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Danelle Chapman

Hello, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with
a private practice in Parker, CO. I have worked with
children, adults, and parents in a School Counselor
or Therapist role since 2004. My go to resource has
always been picture books when working with children
and parents in my practice or with my son. Seeing
the characters in books wrestle with a difficult social
emotional moment helps myself, my son, and my
clients feel less alone and gives us the motivation and
tools to work through the situations. My hope is these
books are resources to parents and children.


  • Hank and Frank Shake off a Case of the Grumpies


    Dedicated to the real Hank and Frank, Henry and Frankie, my dear son and our dog. As Henry grows up, together we work to move through challenges with a mindset of learning. When we face a hard moment, we think about what coping tools we need to practice to get through this moment.

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