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Then Start Again

Gibson Dickie

"Seven... Eight... Nine..."

Whatever happens, don't let it get to ten. That could spell the end.

The police are on to her, but she is covering her tracks well. Cleaning up each murder scene has become second nature, her clinical actions at odds with the passion and violence of her killings.

Don't let me count to ten...

Thankfully, the police are also preoccupied with a local gangster, The Mancunian, who runs drug and massage businesses, but she's still not safe. Especially when she meets one of The Mancunian's contacts, who upsets her a little too much.

I told you not to let me count to...

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Gibson Dickie is a latecomer to writing, completing his first novel in his late fifties. Having studied physics in his Scottish homeland, he spent a large portion of his career working in the offshore oil industry before graduating into business sales. His career has involved substantial international travel, and residential periods in Bahrain, Dubai and Western Australia. Inconsistent hobbies include golf, cycling, swimming, football, rugby and progressive rock music, the latter frustrated by a complete lack of musical ability. Oh, and he really likes to cook and spend time with his granddaughters. A continuation of Count to Ten is in process.