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Gibson Dickie

Gibson Dickie is a latecomer to writing, completing his first novel in his late fifties. Having studied physics in his Scottish homeland, he spent a large portion of his career working in the offshore oil industry before graduating into business sales. His career has involved substantial international travel, and residential periods in Bahrain, Dubai and Western Australia. Inconsistent hobbies include golf, cycling, swimming, football, rugby and progressive rock music, the latter frustrated by a complete lack of musical ability. Oh, and he really likes to cook and spend time with his granddaughters. A continuation of Count to Ten is in process.


  • Until It Ends


    The criminal underworld clashes head on with the forces of law and order in this warts and all account of greed, vice, drugs and violence. In a police safe house in peaceful North Wales, Boris the Orange, informant and one-time translator for a criminal prostitution ring, is in hiding.

  • Then Start Again


    "Seven... Eight... Nine..." Whatever happens, don't let it get to ten. That could spell the end.

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