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Mafia Target

Richard Harris

Mike Driscoll has seen it all with the LAPD and life should be slowing down for him after he retires to Montana, but when he finds the Mafia there, of all places, his life takes a very unpleasant turn for the worse. His testimony can put the mob away, so he must die. But he can play just as dirty as the contract killers sent to kill him. And he has something up his sleeve – help from ‘the other side’.Just before Sal Massac pulled the trigger it got cold, so very cold... Something hit his arm. There was no-one there. And somehow the glasses were switched at Curly’s bar. The killer died but, Mike didn’t. And now a third killer is looking for him.A violent showdown between Mike and his would-be assassin awaits... Mafia Target is a classic thriller, twisting at every turn, and bursting with raw energy, colour and the wry, cynical, often drunken take on life of a lawman who thinks he’s seen it all. There are no holds barred here, both sides are fighting for survival and neither can afford one second’s hesitation. Blood will flow..!

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Richard Harris has argued before the United States Supreme Court, been a judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court and for thirteen years was on the faculty of the California Judicial College in Berkeley, where he taught Civil Settlement Techniques.