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Richard Harris

Richard Harris has argued before the United States Supreme Court, been a judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court and for thirteen years was on the faculty of the California Judicial College in Berkeley, where he taught Civil Settlement Techniques.


  • Murder in Malibu


    The CIA want Mike Driscoll to go into the witness protection program as he is a key witness against the Mob, but he has other ideas and a chance accident allows him to falsify his identity and get away from the CIA.

  • The Capo's Mistress


    Introducing Mike Driscoll, hard-nosed ex-cop, ex-drunk and a pushover for a beautiful woman. Car trouble strands him in Virginia City, Montana, a ghost town of the Old West, where Mary Carter, ex-Las Vegas showgirl, blackjack dealer and part-time hooker is hiding out from the police and the mob.

  • Mafia Target


    Mike Driscoll has seen it all with the LAPD and life should be slowing down for him after he retires to Montana, but when he finds the Mafia there, of all places, his life takes a very unpleasant turn for the worse. His testimony can put the mob away, so he must die.

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