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Shadi Halliwell

Step into the captivating world of Shadi Halliwell-a spirited New Yorker turned global adventurer. From the bustling streets of her hometown to the picturesque landscapes of the UK, Shadi's journey has taken her across the romantic backdrops of Italy, the vibrant streets of South Korea, and the charming canals of Amsterdam. In the dynamic realm of marketing, Shadi has left her creative mark on iconic brands like O2, Harvey Nichols, and Three. But beyond the boardrooms, Shadi's heart beats for thrilling adventures-be it conquering snow-covered slopes, gracefully riding racehorses, or nurturing a deep passion for wild life. However, it was beneath the vast African skies of Zambia that Shadi's literary journey truly began. A chance encounter with an enchanting tailless elephant, now known as The Tailless Prince, sparked the magic that inspired her first children's book. Join Shadi on this charming literary voyage, where passion, adventure, and the spirit of The Tailless Prince converge to create a tale as vibrant and diverse as the extraordinary life that shaped it.


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