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Rebecka Andersson

Rebecka Andersson is a Swede who writes stories in English (don't ask why). Writing is her life basically, as her day job is as a Medical Secretary and her hobby is writing stories. This book you're holding is a result of that hobby, and it's Rebecka's first published work. She has plans to keep on writing stories set in this universe.



  • It's A Challenging Thing


    What do you do when your witch apprentice goes missing? Well, if you're Tanya you reunite with your estranged cousin and set out to find her. You also sort out your issues in the process. What do you do when a magical object starts transporting you all over the world? Well, if you're Sarah, you eventually team up with a younger child, run into a dangerous forest and become friends with several creatures. This is a short, but intriguing b...

  • It's A Powerful Thing


    It's A Powerful Thing is a short book with a lot of content. There's adventure, some mystery, a dash or two of humour, friendship and love.

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