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Olga Latanova and Manoj Kumar Mandelia

An Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur graduate and a McKinsey & Co. alum, Manoj Kumar Mandelia writes & tells stories every day at work. He was born and raised in India, and currently resides in Switzerland. Manoj teamed up with Olga Latanova to summarize their wish for Polina, Olga's daughter. Through this book, he wants to share the journey ahead for any child and the wish of a parent for the endless possibilities that it can present over the years.


Olga Latanova has a passion for telling stories. She lives in Moscow, Russia with her daughter Polina. She likes to spend time inventing, creating and enacting stories whenever she gets a chance. She enjoys music, photography, art & travel, when she has time from solving complex problems at work. She is a believer that raising kids requires conscious and focused effort.

"Mothers are superstars", is something that both Olga & Manoj strongly believe in! Olga & Manoj are devoted parents and their goal is to help parents around the world fulfil the dreams for their children.


  • Bubo and the Little Stone


    Her mother opened a box and gave her a tiny, blue-green colored stone. Polina had everything. She was at peace. She knew that somewhere, in some forest, there was an Owl waiting for her. She knew there was magic out in the world if she wanted to seek it.

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