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Octavius Longcroft-Wheaton

Octavius started his career in science, obtaining a BSc in chemistry and a PGCE in secondary education and taught in a secondary school for over twelve years. In 2013, he chose to focus on music after discovering the Grateful Dead and returned to the University of Surrey to obtain a BMus in 2016 and a doctorate in 2020. He now splits his time between continuing his musical research and writing stories. He lives in the Hampshire countryside with his family of cats, Puss Puss, Miss Mittens, Bow-Tie, Junior and Scratchy.


  • Hello Mr Bow Tie, Who are your new Friends


    Puss Puss and his family have a new life as pets following the hardships and traumatic events they experienced when living as strays in 'Hello Mr Bow Tie'. In this new instalment we follow the adventures of Bow Tie and his brothers Junior, and Scratchy as they improve their feline skills.

  • Hello Mr Bow Tie


    In the depths of the open country, Puss Puss and his wife, Miss Mittens, struggle to survive in the wild after being thrown out of their homes and abandoned by the roadside in a black plastic bin liner.

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