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Nicholette De’Lac

Born in Tonawanda New York, grew up in a small little village called Wilson, New York right on Lake Ontario. I have always loved to read and writing is a passion. In ninth grade my love of writing exploded and I was placed in charge of the school's literary magazine, which for a freshman is a huge deal. I have many different jobs but none as amazing as becoming an author, except for the one I carry every day which of course is being a mother of five amazing kids and a grandmother to two going on three granddaughters.


  • The Story of Faline


    Faline was just a normal child living on a small farm unaware that she was destined for a great journey that would change her life forever. Faline began to see that she was not like everyone else, she had gifts such as hearing animals thoughts as well as getting them to do as she asked.

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