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Maureen McDermott

Maureen, although a mother of three and grandmother of seven, maintains that she is really just a kid at heart and so it is easy for her to enter into, and create, a child's world! Her writing is motivated by a desire to entertain young people while at the same time injecting into her stories elements of philosophy to promote thought and reflection. Maureen's teaching career, spanning many years, has included the teaching of philosophy, English, history and teaching children with special needs. She holds two masters' degrees and a doctorate in education.


  • The Sorcerer's Gifts


    Within medieval Balkonia lives an evil king who rules with fear and ferocity. Meanwhile, unbeknown to Garth (a young boy living with his kindly grandparents), a magical sorcerer has imbued his sister with a great gift: the ability to read people's minds and hearts. One day the king's soldiers visit the home of Garth's grandparents, demanding they pay the king's tax. While searching for money, Garth stumbles across an old letter ...

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