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Lesley Docksey

I've always been interested in prehistory, nature and wildlife. I studied art then worked in London, making historic costumes for TV, films and stage. Travelled a lot. I became freelance and returned to the countryside. Working from home meant a good career plus a rural life: animals, walking, and riding horses while surrounded by prehistoric ruins and legends. Still working, I became involved in climate change and peace activism, I edited a peace newsletter, wrote articles for web sites and The Ecologist, fought against badger culling. For my own pleasure, I wrote stories, poems. And I wondered how Neolithic people lived.


  • Tales from the Tribe


    Agriculture and its subsequent damage started 11,000 years ago in the Mesolithic Age. In the Neolithic Age men saw themselves as owners of the land. They felled our woods for more grazing land. They traded - in flint, salt, cattle and grain

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