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Kerrie J. Hughes

Kerrie (Sam) Hughes was born in Arkansas and later moved to Minnesota. Kerrie has been married to her husband Dean for forty years. They have two children and two grandchildren. Her love of music and baking nurtured her creativity balancing her full-time role in the business world. Kerrie is a health advocate who enjoys travel, reading, and playing piano.



  • Joy, Heartache and a Flash Mob


    In late October, amidst the cool Minnesota breeze, Hayley eagerly anticipates her annual Christmas shopping trip. The day begins with her cherished breakfast at Perkins, where she delights in "Asian" waffles. Hayley's questions and routine are a constant, a reminder of her unique world, filled with wonder, curiosity, giggles, and love. Navigating the physical, medical, and emotional journey of raising a child, especially a special ...

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