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Katy A. Mitchell

Katy A. Mitchell grew up in a small seaside town in Lancashire, England. Katy has always had an interest in travel and she has lived and worked in various countries around the world. She is a teacher and has been working in education for the past eleven years.

Katy got the idea for Blackout and the character of Cecily Stalks while at university. It took her eight years to complete the first book of The Light and Dark Narratives and different parts of the story have been imagined and written in several countries across the world.


  • The Light and Dark Narratives: Blackout


    Cecily Stalks is an eighteen-year-old girl trying to cope with the stress of her father's suicide. She hates her job at the local tourist spot, the infamous Bramble Hall, she has a terrible relationship with her mother and she feels like her childhood friends are leaving her behind.

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