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Josephine Martin

I have never imagined myself as an author. Neither had I ever planned on writing a book, especially not something I have grown to love so much. Vilas began as a nameless story and a means of entertainment while in college, it quickly turned into a full-blown pastime and infatuation that continued to grow. It became something I find so special. I didn't think I would be published like this, but I am so excited to share this story with you.



  • Vilas


    "It is not for boredom that I tell you this story. It is through a hope that one day, you will recognise it." The most minuscule change marks the beginning of the total reconstruction of their reality. Had it not been seen, the occurrences of the future may have been different entirely. She would say it's what his stars predicted. He would say it was pure luck and chance. From the start he had been controlled by curiosity, his wa...

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