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Jonathan Tromane

Jonathan Tromane developed a passion for creative writing whilst working as an Advertising Manager for a major automotive company. Starting with promotional bulletins, he progressively honed his craft until he was writing advertising copy in lieu of the ad agency. This led to dabbling in poetry, short stories and his first novel, Mandate*, an international thriller, set mainly in Melbourne, about an extremist group plot to carry out a terrorist act during a major government conference.


Jonathan's work as a caregiver in the Healthcare system inspired him to take a break from thrillers when he saw that there was a great story to be written about the fascinating and wonderful people spending their twilight years being cared for in their own homes.

*Mandate is available as an E book from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


  • The Twilight Years


    The World's population is aging and thanks to advances in medicine, people are living longer; many however still contract various major medical conditions in different stages of their lives.

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