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Jolanta Olchowicz

Jolanta Olchowicz born in Poland. Living in the UK since 2003.
I've always been interested in creative things. I like to write books with messages that could help and inspire others and that could change the outlook on the world. My daughter and my two doggies are my biggest inspirations at the moment. I also enjoy traveling, cooking, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.
I'm very happy to be able to share my book with you.
I also created another book "Learn to love our planet" which will be available soon


  • The Little girl Who Wanted to Stay at Home


    Do you feel like your child believes that they've seen everything that's out there already and nothing is more interesting than being at home in front of the screen? Little girl Joylisa is about to be reminded that the outside world is full of wonders and excitement in many different ways

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