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Janice Kingsbury

Janice is a former Public-School employee. She worked for approximately 20 years as a teacher
and School Psychologist before beginning her private practice. Currently she provides consulting,
specialized reading instruction, and psychological evaluations to public schools, private firms, and
families. She especially enjoys working with special needs children.
Janice's work, interests and hobbies have often revolved around her passion for working with
students and her love of animals.
Janice's passion for animals, especially her dogs, has gained her notoriety and she has been
reviewed in a number of newspapers and publications, including the Philadelphia Inquirer. Her
picture of her former dog, Beau, won a spot on Workman's Publishers, Dogs 2017 calendar. Her
current pack consists of five dogs of varying sizes and breeds that she has adopted.


  • Clouds in my Eyes


    Lexi, a beautiful sheltie with a red mane and a kind spirit finds that getting to the rainbow bridge is not as easy as he thought. When Lexi arrives at the gates of the rainbow bridge, he meets his old friends and a formidable pit bull that will ultimately decide his fate.   ...

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