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James Fitzmaurice

James Fitzmaurice has written a number of award-winning screenplays. They include an imagined tale of a dream Barack Obama experiences in which he is plagued by the beat poet Charles Bukowski. In another screenplay, the novelist Raymond Carver navigates a love story while living in 1960s Iowa City, a place populated by Theory Zombies. In yet another script which is set in the 1660s, Margaret Cavendish (who lived in what became the Sheffield postal code area) tries to convince a famous religious writer that witches and devils do not exist. An ex-pat American himself, Jim taught at Northern Arizona University for many years before retiring to the UK, where has been associated with the University of Sheffield. The children he raised in Sheffield are now grown and have flown the nest. This is his first novel.


  • Hobgoblin Gennel


    In this off-beat tale of adventure, Irie and Fred, both sixteen, are fast friends. She, of Afro-Caribbean heritage, was born in Sheffield where they both live. 

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