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Iryna Filontseva

Meet Iryna, the creative mind behind the kids' book you are holding. Iryna is not just an author; she's also a teacher who worked in Montessori schools, where kids' imaginations run wild. But what makes Iryna even cooler is that she's taught kids all around the world - in Europe, China, and Australia! Imagine learning from a teacher who knows about different cultures and places. In Europe, Iryna learned about all sorts of ways to teach and connect with kids. In China, she saw how ancient traditions mix with new ideas. And in Australia, she discovered how diverse and exciting education can be. Now, Iryna is sharing her adventures and knowledge in her very first book, which happens to be her favourite. Get ready to join her on a thrilling journey filled with wonder, discovery and love!


  • The Cuddliest Kumquat


    "The Cuddliest Kumquat" is a story about a little puppy's big adventure! When Kumquat misses his mommy and daddy, he sets out on a journey to find the ultimate cuddles. Along the way, he meets lots of new animal friends, but he soon discovers that no cuddle can replace the love of his family.

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