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Geoff Hunter with Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor grew up in urban Kent and was educated at Erith Grammar School. Having obtained an LLB(Hons) at Manchester University, he worked for British Antarctic Survey from 1967-1970; the closing years of the dog transport era. He then gained a PGCE at Nottingham University and subsequently pursued a career in outdoor education. Bill is a Fellow of the Institute for Outdoor Learning. His working life has always been interspersed by numerous mountaineering, kayak, canoe and horseback expeditions - as far afield as the Yukon and Borneo - and including the first circumnavigation of Britain and Ireland by kayak, a story told in his book Commitment and Open Crossings.


  • The Sea-paddler's Tale


    Set in 1970, "The Sea-paddlers Tale" tells the true story of how, against all the odds and the accepted norms of the canoeing establishment, a young man gave up his job, built an Eskimo kayak and set out to fulfil a personal dream of making the first kayak circumnavigation of mainland Britain.

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