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Cátia Batalha

Cátia is a psychotherapist, Yoga paradigm teacher, traveller, mystic and healer. She spent a substantial part of her life learning Eastern and Indigenous philosophies and spiritualities, as well as Western psychologies and sciences. Cátia is passionate about empowering people to awaken their consciousness, discover who they are, access unconditional love and step into their holistic potential. She draws on teachings from various paths, such as Yoga, Buddhism, Shamanism, Sufism, Gnosticism, Indigenous cultures, and other esoteric traditions, to serve those seeking a more peaceful, loving, compassionate, joyful and fulfilling life.


  • Echoes of the Timeless


    This novel depicts a journey of awakening and self-discovery. Emerging from a traumatic past, Sofia is unexpectedly chosen to embark on an epic one-year adventure from a mystery school, where she goes through life-changing realisations.

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