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Brandon Crawford

Brandon lives in the sunny state of Arizona. He holds a MS in Marketing and Public Relations from West Virginia University and is a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. As a mental health advocate and parent of four wonderful children, Brandon's ultimate goal is to guide kids in a fun, positive, direction, and hopes his children's books will be a tool that does just that. His inspiration comes from his children, personal experiences, and understanding there are joyful lessons in everyday struggles.


  • Ted the Tortoise Comes Out of His Shell


    Ted the Tortoise is a loving tortoise with a big heart and a deep connection with his family. He has anxiety when in social situations, which often makes everyday life difficult for him. Ted the Tortoise Comes Out of His Shell portrays Ted's dedication, even as a short and slow-moving tortoise, of becoming a basketball player. Like anything else, it takes a lot of practice and hard work. He soon develops a support system that he leans on for...

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