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Benjamin Clayton

The author has worked with young people throughout his life. Whether in his professional career as a high school counselor or his religious calling as a youth specialist, he has taken on the role of protector and advocate for thousands of adolescents. As a novice in writing fictional literature, he wanted his first book to address a topic not fully understood by the general population, as it affects every community. He hopes to continue writing for many years with the zeal of youth pushing him along.



  • Live Long Days


    Middle-aged, stuck-in-the-cold-war, Frank Richins has recently retired from the railroad. Having raised three daughters, and being a problem solver, he has a blind spot for the inefficiency of civil justice when it comes to the protection of young women. His adventure begins with a phone call yanking him from his slumber, followed by an audacious deposit into his gym bag, falsely connecting him to a human-sex-trafficking operation. Never quite s...

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